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  1. [Exeter City] (Official) Data Issues

    Always good to hear feedback. @D_LO_ You have to remember the players were rated back at the end of December/early January and whereas your assessing him up to the last match. Up until the 31st December he was on 6 goals from 19 games this season. It will be interesting to see if he can maintain this form and the article in the Grecian a few matches ago was interesting to read that he felt he was more confident on the ball now and did not panic and just let things flow and played more naturally then when he first arrived. Harley Again you have to remember this was done back at the turn of the year. Researchers do have CA guides given to them at the start of each research period informing them of the CA average the squad should be at. Ofcourse this is flexible to a degree but its there to ensure there is a degree of consistency between teams throughout the league. Exeter because of their early season form and position in December were rated as a lower to mid table team. From memory i rated the team slightly higher then that but justified it due to the injuries that we had suffered. Harley again was one of those players who was injured and up until Dec 31st had only played 10 games so I think it was fair to rate him as he is. Coincidentally his rating would still see him as a first team player at the likes of Doncaster/Plymouth according the CA average guidance researchers were given. My thoughts on him is that he does not get wide enough and therefore dont offer enough protection to Woodman. I quite often feel that we become a 3 man central midfield with Harley/James/Taylor with Wheeler on the right hand wing! I agree with you regarding him not being the same player as when he left, we built the team around him and i think that highlighted his strengths and dismissed his weaknesses, something that we did with Grimes before he left. Ampadu In case others dont wish to know
  2. [Exeter City] (Official) Data Issues

    Not at all just like you I am trying to explain my reasoning behind the assessment of the players in question. We both clearly have different thoughts on the squad but that the good thing about opinions. Regardless of this I have noted your thoughts and will revisit these posts and take note of them in the next research phase. So please do not think that you are flogging a dead horse because you are not wasting your time. Well no the current ability of a player does not take into account the hidden mental stats and things like consistency. I could give Grant a lower CA and increase his consistency however I believe that would not reflect him accurately. I have seen him look like a world beater and likewise I have seen him play poorly The thing is on the other hand I've seen Pym get dropped mid-season (when in the England set up) and I have held back on reducing his CA which in the end turned out to be a good thing. I also think it's important to be cautious when dropping CA's. Bobby has had a decrease and this will be reassessed at the end of the season and he could easily have another.drop then. Mentally I don't think Bobby is in a great place at the minute and it will be interesting to see what happens next weeks – months, watching him in pre- match training on Saturday it was noteworthy how much he got beaten at his near post. To be fair looking at the list of midfielders I would argue that James is not among the best midfielders however I will accept that is in upper part of that list. The reduction he received in January will have further reduced that. It is fair points regarding McAlinden what I will emphasise is that it has taken a long time to settle into the club and get used to not being at Wolves. This is something that even Tisdale highlighted at the end of November, recently we have seen how useful he can be and I will feel in a stronger and more confident position to reassess him in the next research phase but yes I have been cautious with him. What I do not want to do is to reduce players and then have to increase them in the next phase. Experience has taught me to air on the side of caution. For example although this was slightly different I remember Chris Shepherd several years ago breaking into the team and have a series of good games and getting an increase. But then he struggled and had to be decreased in the next phase and look where he is now. Yes I fully accept that you have no issue with his CA. Even at his PA in the last phase he would according to the guidelines be a squad player in most league one sides. His PA in the upcoming update further strengthens this. At 26 David should be reaching his peak soon and this gives him room to grow. I think to further emphasise this I am in agreement with you on most of this. In the January update both JMT and Brown are the highest rated CB's in the squad, the one exception is Sweeney who is at a similar level and as already noted has been reduced and will be reassessed in the summer. I agree our form has been a aided by the fact that we have been able to field these two regularly, I also believe Troy could be at a similar level if he can overcome his difficulties. I feel agree that Brown is a good league two centre back who along with JMT is consistent. However my thoughts with Brown is that he is too one-dimensional (for want of a better word) and would get found out at a higher level. His CA as it is in January is enough for him to be a player in any league two squad as well as the lower clubs in league one. If anything I feel I may have underrated JMT and it will be interesting to see how he performs in the next few months. TBF the Pym example of him having a trial at Melwood was tongue in cheek to highlight the reasoning that we cannot give high PAs on the basis that they have trials at top clubs. I know you didn't necessary mean this but I have seen many people use this as evidence. I am of course fully aware of the potential that certainly Ampadu has and I have been working on Sparkes profile since last season when he first played for the under 18's so I certainly do appreciate the potential he has too. I Exeter have been blessed recently with several top talents something that I hope will last. I think it's natural that top clubs will have more players with higher PAs due to the increase in the pool of players they have access to, the money and equipment they have as well as the staff abilities. To be fair Goss if he has stayed with Exeter city he would have had a high PA too. Likewise it is always good when someone posts critique and is good to see how other people feel about the ratings, I do apologise if this feels insular but I can assure you that other people's opinions are not put aside and are considered when I am researching.
  3. [Exeter City] (Official) Data Issues

    Firstly thank you for your time to write such a thoughtful post regarding the ratings is good to know that there is someone out there that is interested in the team! This is a problem when people get fixated on the CA alone. The CA is one dimension of the player and other factors come into play to decide how to perform in game for example the mental attributes as well as consistency and concentration are all important. Now regards to Joel Grant these factors are important Last year I was happy with Bobby's performance and rating and I believe and maintain that it was his performances that that was keeping us in games. Obviously since 1 October Pym has been first choice goalkeeper however in my eyes Bobby is a better out and out goalkeeper but there are other skills that Pym has that Bobby does not. For example I believe Pym's technical and ball distribution is better. I also believe that Tisdale sees Pym has more potential and his distribution is important to the team set up. To be honest I expect Bobby to leave by the end of the season. Firstly like all players that arrive at a new club at the start of a new season will have been rated in the summer by the previous assistant researcher, therefore James would have been rated by the Leyton Orient AR and it would have been wholly unjust and unfair on their efforts if I changed his profile and CA on the back of 6 to 10 appearances. I also believe that James has been made a bit of a scapegoat, and it has taken him a long time to settle into the team. He brings something different to the rest of the midfield and I in fact believe that his form has improved to where it should be and is one of the reasons why we have turned our season around ( I actually think he was one of our best players against Colchester). Obviously the squad as a whole has been re-rated for the January update and he has been reduced slightly however not by the standards you suggest. again I think the arguments regarding Reid and McAlinden is too too much CA focused. Reuben Reid was of course rated by the Plymouth Argyle AR and has taken him time to gain match fitness as well get used to the way that is required to play. At Plymouth he used up have more support support with a striking partner, however with Exeter he is having to do a lot of the hold up play and donkey work. A strikers scoring rate and prolificness is just one facet that any player is rated on. Liam is a different kind of player as we would all agree and again like James is taking him a long time to settle into the team. His profile would have had work done by the Crawley, Wolves, Shrewsbury and Fleetwood AR's who have all seen him in the past several seasons. I do believe that it has taken him a while to find his feet but is only now that we are starting see his ability and I am prepared to see how the second half of the season goes before I make any drastic changes. I think with Liam pace and spatial awareness Tisdale see's him as a great weapon off the bench when teams are tireing which we have seen in many recent games. It reminds me of the conference days. It makes it very difficult when people disagree with just the CA ratings and I believe that it's too easy to get hung up on them. Taylor has been a consistent performer throughout the season. I would argue the midfield axis of him and James has been critical as has even pushed Harley out on the left on his return and I would argue that he has shown a lot of energy in the centre on the field. I do agree that Pierce Sweeney was high and this has being amended for the coming update with him being reduced slightly. It has taken Ollie a while to to make me believe that he can reach a higher level then a 5.5 for too long he was to be blinkered and inconsistent and I had my doubts. Even with his rich vein of form in March and April there was enough doubts whether this was due to form or class. Undoubtedly he has kept this up and I will figure it will be gone in the summer and his PA will be updated for the next update. I would also add that his positions has been updated although I have seen him many times in his younger days play in midfield. remember that players are rated on the last years performance and not this year's performance. Therefore he will have been reassessed in January and his PA has been increased I really think you're focusing too much on the CA of players one or two points is not gonna make hardly any difference to their performance. I actually think our defenders are all at a very similar level. Of course Troy was rated by the Carlisle AR and has hardly played due to injury this is reflected on he's profile. I actually do rate Brown highly and the fact that he is rated highly in strength, heading and positioning as well as a decent tackling rating does reflect that however I do feel he is solid but will never set the world on fire and will not improve greatly beyond his current ability. If we are going to consider that because players had trials and visited Carrington etc then we should give Pym a higher rating as he visited Melwood etc in his youth. Saying that I do know how highly rated Jack Sparkes is as well as Ethan Ampadu. Because of his age at the game start Ethan is ofcourse not in the game however I do feel we have to be cautious with just branding out high negatives to our youth's and it is too easy to get swept away in excitement. He has a profile on standby for whoever has him next seaon and I wont give away his PA but it is similar to what you suggest.
  4. [Exeter City] (Official) Data Issues

    Hi I'm AlphaDevil2, the Exeter City researcher, I hope you all enjoy the game. Please feel free to report any database errors concerning the Exeter squad or provide any feedback on the data. All input is greatly appreciated, but please do take note of the above post. Known Data errors will be provided below Up the Grecians! A quick note about Ethan Ampadu: Ethan is too young to be included in this edition of FM, Players have to be 16 by the 1st September and of course his birthday was after this date. In addition to his exclusion, because he is not in the game the record that he broke as youngest Exeter City player has not been updated. Known Database Errors Nick Grimes no longer at the club, as he left for Hartpury College. Physio's incorrectly set up wrong. Adey Sauderson should be set as head physio. Andy Tilson is missing as a coach
  5. Realistic away crowds please

    Actually they did. Although it was a good few years ago. In 1914 Exeter did a tour of South America and on 21st July 1914 Exeter played Brazil in what was the country's first ever international match. Ofcourse 90 years later Brazil did a rematch and sent the "Brazilian Masters" to play Exeter at St James Park.
  6. Oops, try this one.. http://twitter.com/sampatricklyon
  7. It is not on the BBC website anymore: http://twitter.com/sampatricklyon
  8. Competition time!

    "Please pick me! Please pick me!"
  9. Jim Bristow/Serpico has died

    Forgot it was his posts that made me buy the complete Buffy collection
  10. Jim Bristow/Serpico has died

    I just opened my emails amd recieved an email regarding this. I can't believe it, such sad news, eventhough I don't post much on the forums, one of the posters and mod who I first remember years ago, when I first joined. Sincere condolences to everyone who knew him personally. RIP Serps, you will be sadly missed
  11. Female Coaches

    And now is plymouth's youth team physio.
  12. Mine was a few years ago. I was Newcastle and I was able to sign Zidane, when he was at the peak of his game. He came on a free, with a massive wage and I spent millions on his signing on fee. It was great, thought the Newcastle would love me with one of the worlds finest at the club for at least a year. However where I thought I had offered him a year contract (after many offers), my joy went to despair when I found out once he joined that I had not. it was a month contract and the very next day, Zidane left me and I was several millions down.
  13. League 2 Thread 2008/2009

    Well what a weekend! There was some eyebrows raised when we saw that Tisdale had once again changed a winning side with a new formation and was quite a defensive first XI. But then his two subs in the second half completely changed the game and City stepped up several gears. That Logan goal took so long to hit the net. If only we had scored that penalty, would have made the last 20 minutes much more bearable. This is way beyond what any City fan expected this year and I only hope that we can keep Paul Tisdale for as long as possible. The dark days of hoofball is in the past and with him we play neat passing football which is a joy to watch.
  14. League 2 Thread 2008/2009

    So off to Rotherham tomorrow by train, getting pretty nervous here now. Its going to be a tense afternoon, and will hopefully be a good game. Would never have expected this 12 months ago.
  15. League 2 Thread 2008/2009

    I was hoping for a nice quiet season this year after the last two! Envisaged us getting mid table security, perhaps sneaking into the last playoff place if we had an exemplary season, but with what ever happens in the next 2 games this is beyond mine and other fans wildest dreams. Just a shame that I will be missing the next and possibly most important game against Morecambe, duty calls for me to be in Rugby next weekend Still depending on finances and arrangements will be off to Rotherham on the last day.