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  1. Oops, try this one.. http://twitter.com/sampatricklyon
  2. It is not on the BBC website anymore: http://twitter.com/sampatricklyon
  3. AlphaDevil2

    Competition time!

    "Please pick me! Please pick me!"
  4. AlphaDevil2

    Jim Bristow/Serpico has died

    Forgot it was his posts that made me buy the complete Buffy collection
  5. AlphaDevil2

    Jim Bristow/Serpico has died

    I just opened my emails amd recieved an email regarding this. I can't believe it, such sad news, eventhough I don't post much on the forums, one of the posters and mod who I first remember years ago, when I first joined. Sincere condolences to everyone who knew him personally. RIP Serps, you will be sadly missed