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  1. Completely agree, Portugal in 2016 came third in their group after 3 draws against Iceland, Hungary and Austria. Wondered what ever happened to them!
  2. If you are doing this isnt it economical sense to purchase them in boxes of 100 packs. About £56 at Amazon Half tempted to do one, Havent done one since the early 200's and then I never completed it.
  3. We are in the review stage now, so I'm sure a this will be picked up. There has certainly been a lot going on at Bolton!
  4. Cheers Just as a follow up to this. I wasn't able to find concrete evidence on his height. As you say on the OS it says he is 183 cm. I have been looking at photos of the squad at pre season photocall and I in particular noted this on: Admittedly this is from 2018 however he shouldnt have grown any more. He looks shorter than Troy Brown (6"1) and Hiram Boateng (6'0) but without bringing up "VAR offside line" it will be difficult to precisely determine his exact height from this. However I have sent all the evidence to Dean to make a final decision
  5. Thats an interesting observation. Matt Jay has always been a thorn in my side because of his height. I havent got the game loaded up currently and the club website height has been wrong for years. Looking at the research database that we useds over the summer he should be listed in game as 5'7 which is the figure I got from another researcher who has met him. So once I have the BETA in front of me I will check and try to find out whats wrong. As for him being transfer listed that is not really a data issue par se. I think the issue is more that there are several players who can fit into each role i.e Nicky law for example. He definitely has the CA of a player who is a first teamer in an upper league 2 club. Ofcourse up until now he has always played second fiddle to Nicky Law and it will be interesting to see how he fit into the team now Law is more match fit. Although Taylor seems to now feel Law may be able to play a more deeper role allowing Jay the "hole" role. But thats more of a recent tactical development in the last couple of weeks and it will be interesting to see how that develops before the squad is rerated in January. I'm sure Pierce Sweeney was also listed in several sources as 5'9 I will check, I do take your point on the OS he is listed as 6 ft and will look to get it corrected if from what I can find backs up your comments Again thankyou for bringing this to our attention!
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