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  1. Looking on the history of the Series X on stockinformer and websites selling out of recent stock within a minute. Don't fancy my chances, hopefully this stock shortage starts resolving itself soon.
  2. Enjoying the Winter Warmer livestream on Hospital youtube today
  3. Picked the right year to decide I wanted to start following baseball
  4. Am also on Zandalari Tribe although Horde. 3 Hour queue last night and the same tonight Got on straight away at 6.30am though
  5. Cool thank you. I've seen offers with micro SD cards, are these a necessity? Or really only needed if buying digitally?
  6. Thinking of picking up a Switch, I like the look of some of the exclusives, is there anything I'd need in addition to the basic bundle? Already thinking about the controller, didn't get on too great with the 3DS.
  7. Series to date: 5 The ABC Murders Titans ER Season 3 Murder Mountain Mayans M.C. In Progress Bones Season 3 Murder Mountain was an interesting show about a guy that goes missing in Northern California among the weed growing farms. Only six episodes and I found it an easy watch. Mayans M.C. is a spin off from Sons of Anarchy which I was a big fan of. Was always going to enjoy this and burned through the ten episodes in a day.
  8. Series to date: 3 The ABC Murders Titans ER Season 3 In Progress Bones Season 3
  9. Series to date: 2 The ABC Murders Titans In Progress ER Season 3 Bones Season 3 Enjoyed The ABC Murders, I've seen various David Suchet Poirot's through the years but was unfamiliar with this story. Thought Malkovich and Grint were decent enough though. Am a sucker for superhero stuff especially DC but wasn't expecting much from Titans. Really enjoyed it though and am looking forward to season 2 and Doom Patrol.
  10. Was gifted this, am terrible at these games even if I enjoy playing them. Looking forward to sinking a few hours in over the festive period.
  11. I did it with one other friend and randoms who quit part way through. I still have it credited as completed even though I'm fairly certain we lost.
  12. Have this pre-ordered for the Xbox. Not seen any footage that's not been on PS4 though. Not played anything like this before so looking forward to it.
  13. Am going to watch on the 24th, looking forward to it even with the duff review scores. I've seemingly enjoyed all the other DC movies more than most people so am hoping this will be the same.
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