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  1. Have this pre-ordered for the Xbox. Not seen any footage that's not been on PS4 though. Not played anything like this before so looking forward to it.
  2. Am going to watch on the 24th, looking forward to it even with the duff review scores. I've seemingly enjoyed all the other DC movies more than most people so am hoping this will be the same.
  3. aj2k

    The PC Gaming Thread

    Looking for some advice if possible, my PC is dying so am on the look out for a new one but I have no idea where best to start. I mainly play FM and surf the web so that'd be the main uses for it. I do have some older games such as Borderlands 2 and Xcom 2 that still get played relatively often, so would like an element of future proofing/flexibility if possible. I already have a monitor I'm happy with (BENQ GL2450H) and would be happy to spend anywhere around £1k Any advice is appreciated.
  4. Looking forward to some info on this, not expecting anything drastic though.
  5. aj2k

    Destiny 2 Thread (XB, PS, PC)

    Have finally now managed to get up to 268 power. I'm guessing the best way too push past this would be my weekly powerful engrams? Been enjoying playing a little of everything so far, hopefully attempt the nightfall this week too.
  6. aj2k

    Destiny 2 Thread (XB, PS, PC)

    Your not the only one chugging along. I play with another friend who only really gets on about twice a week so we're about level 14 at the moment. We have alts that we level separately but are looking to do the story together, will still be awhile before we hit 20 I'm sure. Find it a shame that all the clan rewards, for doing the Crucible, Nightfall etc are only available to max level characters.
  7. aj2k

    Destiny 2 Thread (XB, PS, PC)

    Will be getting this on Xbox, only really played the first as a solo player, didn't see any of the raids. Gamertag: Cowmooooflage
  8. I hadn't seen the trailer till then either, looking forward to it. Was hoping to see it before WonderWoman but they didn't show it Enjoyed WonderWoman, as someone who had zero interest in her origins before BvS I thought this was excellent.
  9. @matsnor21Congratulations on the first season title win. What skin are you using?
  10. aj2k

    Car Battery

    Where are you Bestbrother? And do you know what type battery you have? Independent battery dealers will almost always be cheaper than Halfords. A fully charged battery will rest, after about 30mins, at 12.5-12.8volts. It should only ever be above 13v while charging. A 5 year old battery is about average for the aftermarket, original fits tend to last anywhere between 5-10 depending on usage. Depleting the battery as low as it has been might mean it needs a bench charge though as the alternator is only a maintenance charger and might not replenish the battery sufficiently. Again independents should happily test the battery and advise you, usually free of charge.
  11. aj2k

    The Hearthstone Thread

    Is anyone using a deck tracker like I have seen some streamers use? If so what and where from? Looking forward to trying some of this tonight I'm not very good but I've got about 10 packs to open
  12. Hi, I'm looking for some assistance. Relative hockey noob having watched the game for awhile without getting into the intricacies of the financial side. I have started a game with the Blackhawks and have a few players whose contracts are up at the end of the season. At what point should I be handing new ones out? Now or closer to when my cap gets evaluated? (If that's even a thing ) Speaking of which on the finance screen Salary Cap is at $69mill and my player salary is at $79mill when does this become an issue? Hope I've made sense, thanks in advance.
  13. Does the fix you guys are using fix Schalke mine does the German NT but I'm stuck with Gelsenkirchen. Also would this fix require a new game?
  14. Struggled while attempting the Delta co-op. Do people just go straight to the marker? Or do you get on the road at some point? Tried a couple of times and seemed a way off the pace.