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  1. My other half is a big fan of using a small frozen bottle of water for the same purpose.
  2. Our council provide iPads to all but the youngest of primary aged children. They were rewarded at the time with a ridiculous amount of grief about every aspect of the roll out. It’s funny, you don’t hear anybody complaining about it now. The UK government should be striving to get every child a standard issue device to allow for remote learning.
  3. We still have New Year to go, which I do wonder if it might cause even more of a surge than Christmas.
  4. You don’t need them, have Boris make me a bigger offer than Nicola and I’ll bring my team down and handle that.
  5. The Glasgow Nightingale is partly being used by the Scottish Ambulance Service. They are in charge of most testing in Scotland and have been based out of their since the summer. so it is getting use, just not directly by admitting patients.
  6. Its a combination of new people, who are under pressure from above to not be seen to making the service look bad and attract the wrong type of political attention, and the constant filming and baiting of people looking for a rise. When somebody wants to walk and throw balls for their dog in a live COVID testing site a certain level of biting your tongue and sticking to procedures is required.
  7. If its any consolation I have been doing drive through testing for three months now, and I am not aware of anybody who has caught it in the work place from any of the teams I interact with.
  8. I don't yet have a date for the vaccine but the Ambulance Service have been taking names and making plans, so I wouldn't be shocked to get it soon as I believe Scotland start rolling it out next week.
  9. I would imagine due to my job (covid testing) the Ambulance Service will push for us to have it and I don’t have an issue with that to be honest.
  10. I turned rumble off on my pad after it ate through the included batteries in no time.
  11. So my console from Amazon did arrive in the end. At 6pm I got a second dispatch notification and when I checked the console was two courier stops away. However it was delivered to a different address so I will have to wait until tomorrow to pick it up. No points for style but Amazon did deliver on launch day as promised.
  12. Add me to the list who go stiffed by Amazon. It has said Tuesday for a couple of weeks, and then once they have taken my cash they have changed it to a Thursday delivery without any warning. Not impressed.
  13. It could be the fencing wasn't to keep the students in, but to keep randoms out. At Glasgow Uni halls a big issue was students having random people over to the halls for parties, helping turning it into cesspit of STD's and COVID-19. We only tested for Covid but I reckon plenty of other infections went on as well.
  14. You could wait a year to buy a new console, but it would cost you the same price as it does on day one and then you have missed out on a years worth of quicker loading and shiny graphics. I was a late adopter of the One X and regretted not just stumping up the cash on day one to get maximum use from it because the price drop was minimal.
  15. Various unboxing videos hitting YouTube now.
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