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  1. Not sure much optimism was ever their to be honest, and that started to dwindle as soon as the lack of incoming defenders became apparent. Of course, the window isnt closed yet but to rely on the same defensive unit will only give us the same results as last year. Extending Colo's contract is a little baffling as he should probably be one of the ones we looked to clear out, and I'm taking that as a sign the club won't be addressing the centre of defence any time soon.
  2. I buy the boxed version every year, going back to Champ 01/02. No doubt I will do the same this time around, I guess I'm an old fashioned gamer who like the physical media.
  3. Considering you can currently pick up FM13 for £19.99, how much cheaper can they get that's its worth being a year behind?
  4. For what I am saving I don't mind if I have to wait an extra day or two, of course, its easy to say that now!
  5. Was hoping for some sort of offer on a boxed version. Have boxed versions going back to 01/02 and was hoping to keep it going
  6. Doonhamer

    Who are you playing as?

    As much as I would love it to last I just dont see it. :(
  7. Doonhamer

    Who are you playing as?

    Decided I would start with Newcastle for my first game. A solid mid table premiership team while I get to grips with things.
  8. Doonhamer

    Round of 16 - USA v Ghana, ITV, 7.30pm

    Whats with the USA players weird stance for the anthem?
  9. Doonhamer

    Jim Bristow/Serpico has died

    I think its fair to say anybody who spent time in otf will notice Serps missing from the place for a while. Was a great mod who handled all the "special" kids and grumpy old users well. take it easy Serps
  10. Doonhamer

    Commercial linkage

    Not really getting the off topic part of this forum are you.
  11. Only come in here when I have run out of stuff to read elsewhere so its a 0 for me.
  12. I like the sound of that. Be handy to at least occasionally have them ask about a specific player they are interested in taking.
  13. I think its a harmless idea which could be good as a Christmas gift for some. Sure you can get the normal version and skin it up etc but giving them this would be much nicer.