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  1. Not sure about English law but is it not the case that to hold him two days they would need to provide evidence to do so rather than the usual limit of 24 hours?
  2. I think their was also threats of a DDOS attack on Live yesterday. No idea if that occurred or not though but could have been a factor on performance.
  3. Doonhamer

    Child Abuse in sport

    Something to keep in mind is the checks are limited in scope, they only cover what happens within the confines of the UK. So they offer no protection against outsiders coming into the country to take up a position.
  4. Doonhamer

    Brexit "defeated" in the High Court

    The referendum was nothing more than an opinion poll. So yes they could stop it, unfortunately they almost certainly won't.
  5. Doonhamer

    'Honey G' on X Factor

    She's a character right? Fairly sure this is going to turn out to be Ali G's crappier third cousin or something.
  6. Doonhamer

    Tom Clancy's The Division

    Not tonight, going to run a challenging Lexington with ransoms and then log off as I have an early start. I'm always worth a try if your looking for folk to make up a group though.
  7. Doonhamer

    Tom Clancy's The Division

    Has anything been said about the dailys not resetting for everybody? I don't have any today ☹️
  8. Doonhamer

    Tom Clancy's The Division

    I caved and bought it digitally via Argentina as a lot of others seem to have done. By coincidence I also have the week off work so I really hope it doesn't disappoint.
  9. I was trying to get it direct from the console as I don't have a credit card attached to my account and not sure I want to add one either. However the link on the console doesn't do anything useful unfortunately.
  10. Has anybody been able to download the Witcher freebie? I keep getting an error. ☹
  11. I'm in the same situation, so was hoping for some initial feedback out of curiosity.
  12. Doonhamer

    OTF Football Manager 2016 Thread

    Anybody found a good deal on the physical version for this yet?
  13. Doonhamer

    Broadband thread v1000 - BT or Sky (or other)

    There can be so much variance between each exchange never mind each provider, sometimes you just have to give them a try and hope!
  14. Not sure much optimism was ever their to be honest, and that started to dwindle as soon as the lack of incoming defenders became apparent. Of course, the window isnt closed yet but to rely on the same defensive unit will only give us the same results as last year. Extending Colo's contract is a little baffling as he should probably be one of the ones we looked to clear out, and I'm taking that as a sign the club won't be addressing the centre of defence any time soon.