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  1. F.T. in the editor??

    yes its great once I got the resource archiver to open correctly I am using it too
  2. I have been running lots of tests on this and the issue seems to be with a files created on the original FM18 DB its a pain as I will have to redo all my original editing with the winter DB as this is causing the conflict just for you to be aware
  3. Will do the last one was just real fixtures and results with custom start date of 26 March 2018
  4. European league system [Project][WIP]

    issue is file created before last patch I have had to go back and redo lots of my files as they are buggy after the winter update losing interest though as still finding issue like this when you use files created in advanced rules
  5. @Ed Hewison check out this thread it will show other issue I am getting thanks for your reply
  6. it is happening if I use any nation rules files so getting lots of these bugs eg AI not picking best players/full squads if I use files created in editor esp using advanced rules so pointless editing the AI issue has been happening for years mate I will see if I have a save game but it is reproducing for me with any nation rule edited file for your info these issues seem to be worse if you use a custom start date(eg real fixture result files, or a country like sweden to start game in march 2018)
  7. European league system [Project][WIP]

    hey mate great work once again I have my own project on the go trying to make all top leagues the same in term so f transfer windows/prize money/sub rules/loan rules etc etc however finding issues once again with coefficients after a couple of seasons are you getting any joy with this
  8. still happening for me and if you use a late start say sweden or a custom start with any edited nation rules file there are issues with managers picking their better players for squads/games surely its not impossible to have a code where AI pick this best players can we also have a section added as per bans tab for a player, that a player has to be registered in a squad this way you can force AI to select players
  9. I Like to use the IGE to keep up with transfer and for clubs to spend/receive the funds at the time of the transfer pre 18.3 patch this worked correctly eg club A buys a player from club B for £30m club A's balance/transfer budget went down accordingly and club B's up(so if club A transfer budget was 50m than would go down and show £20m left) now I am seeing the overall balance adjusts but the transfer budget remains unchanged so club A still had £50m left after this transfer. I moved the game on a few days to see if this effected it but no change, prior to the latest patch the balances were adjusted correctly and instantly
  10. Found an interesting great workaround to keep players at their current clubs for those that want to keep say Kane at Spurs, I posted earlier in thread if you set up a future transfer that will work, but if that is not for you , it also looks if you edit the date the player joined the club to be several years ahead/and same for date contract signed he will even if his club accept bids for him not agree to join other clubs even if they are bigger ones as he will say he has only just joined his current one I am also using an in game editor to keep changing those dates when a transfer window is coming up, so just experimenting with this,the results are great so far ...even young/old players at lower clubs refuse contracts at big clubs can others try this and post updates on it as its 100% working for me
  11. tried several times and same result liverpool always go 1 GK etc will clear cache and do full reinstall
  12. here is some feedback more issues found Alli and Kane not played a game for spurs not injured or banned?? ditto re Sane and sterling liverpool have a 25 man squad picked but only 1 GK which is impossible to do bayern only have a 19 man squad but with just 1 GK again impossible to submit a squad without the required min 2 GKs??
  13. just ran a the latest patch and just those real result files mendy still not getting picked there are 4 empty slots in city squad, they are 1 short of meeting HG quota and Mendy isnt/wasnt long term injured for squad submission so that doesnt look right I have checked other leagues a lot better with latest patch will run tests adding files and report back also several of my edited files were made in earlier version of editor so will redo and verify, a pain in the bum but might cure it
  14. did the trick many thanks