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  1. FM18 future transfers issue??

    yes agreed as I have simmed a few tests and you do end up in the poo financially and the board lets you
  2. *Official* Editor Feature Requests

    the sad thing as @krlenjushka says is correct and the product does improve however the editor's community do feel a bit ignored and there is very little feedback and we see the same issues year on year there should be transparency and I have asked a few times for a public poll to be added to these requests threads with input from SI re a cut off date for consideration so we can see what thee community wants (say a top 10 list) and then feedback as to what will be considered/worked on for the next version. This way we know any requests after a certain date are pointless and we can see what is likely to be added to the next editor, no need for dramas/cloak and dagger stuff ....the community ask for say 10 things SI report back saying we can only take on 4 at this stage at least we know it is being addressed and its requests the community have made not something they think we want as regards the IGE the issue for me is this potentially could be a gem of a product it does a few things and really well however it sums it up that a non SI product which is basically a one man band can do about 40 different things more so how can this be the case if SI took the editor/s seriously it should blow the opposition out of the water
  3. I dont think it is I stand to be corrected but I have not seen it would like something like that added in future along with a type of all star set of rules so you could create comps for all star teams from EPL/Serie A/Bundesliga etc etc made up of players of any nationality playing in those leagues
  4. FM18 future transfers issue??

    was hoping from some input from SI re the OP I appreciate they are busy with game launch but this was a heads up for them too as those 2 future transfers need addressing even its just spreading payments over 4 years at least that way clubs are spending/receiving money if it isnt resolved when full DB game comes out I will either edit myself pre game or purchase the IGE and manually transfer the players for cash on the correct dates(not perfect at the moment as the IGE only allows the sum to be paid in full no monthly payment options hopefully that is addressed in FM18 too) to the users stating the transfer spend ''cheeat'' is a game breaker re overspending it is to an extent and always has been available however should you keep on doing this you will be hit with FFP and push the club to bankruptcy etc etc. The flexibility of allowing budget adjustments/ monthly payments options I find is a very good and realistic option eg should I spend my budget and then a player I didnt expect to be available is put up for sale who I would love to sign, I can compete for him and reign in the spending over the next window or 2
  5. FM18 future transfers issue??

    Yep as you say above Also these deals will be over several years irl so why not structure it like that as a future transfer so clubs will therefore have to pay those amounts over say a 4 year period so it will be fair on transfer budgets etc and ffp
  6. Just wondering how the issue of transfer fees are going to be resolved in the upcoming next version especially as there are 2 massive transfers already set up for next summer with- mbappe -£166m+ Keita £50m+ as things stand now and has been in previous versions of the game if a transfer like this is set as a future event no money actually changes hands between clubs(as the deals seem to be a one off fee paid up front) and due to FFP etc etc this will have massive implications for clubs and the game as a whole in that PSG will have an over inflated transfer budget come 2018(the mbappe fee will not be coming out of it ) and vice versa Monaca will not receive that huge income coming in just to show you exactly what I mean if you agree a transfer in game the fees are removed/added from clubs at the time of the deal being agreed not at transfer date so a pre set ''future'' transfer no money exchanges hands Here is an example I set Danny Rose to join Man Utd for £58M as a future transfer on 2/7/16 and started a new game the first 2 screenshots are without the Rose transfer file loaded a normal DB the later ones are with his transfer loaded and taken place so this is what will happen for the mbappe/keita trandfers too Below with the future transfer added and taken place this can be addressed by using monthly payments in future transfer clauses but in previous versions future transfers are usually set as a one off fee and so we get as outlined above no cash changing hands. Just wondering if this will be resolved in the examples above, and on the same point in future transfers I am hoping as part of the clause section we will be able to add/exchange players as part of a future transfer deal either as a full transfer or loan cheers
  7. League structures advanced editor

    I have given the editor a long break hoping to come back to it fresh for FM18 got a bit fed up hitting buffers especially with files created early on and then not working due to not being usable with updates to game/editor and finding issues/bugs with heavily edited files later in a saved game made major projects pointless fingers crossed lots of those issues are resolved this time around
  8. via advanced rules no need to rebuild comp will take seconds to do edit fixture rules for the comp concerned as below this has been asked many times use search function to find the answer mate
  9. League doesn't finish in time

    you need to change this date here it usually defaults to 1 january when you edit a comp its a bug there was a sticky here on it with a workaround I posted screenshots etc etc if you search should find info...change the update date accordingly to resolve
  10. FM2018 In-game Editor?

    there never is mate we get little feedback when game actually comes out usually.....hoping for more info this year
  11. League structures advanced editor

    yes I know about xml exporting been using it for years...yes its much more stable this editor is still very buggy hoping for a much better version next time around but wont hold my breath doubt we will get any info pre game release on any new features etc etc happy editing by the way
  12. League structures advanced editor

    explain this?? so you are saying you can edit the league rules for say the EPL/La Liga/Serie A/Bundesliga in one advanced rule file without having to recreate every competition?? as it is if you want to edit the EPL you start a set of nation rules for England then via advanced rules edit it and save you cannot then access the advanced rules for a competition in another country from that file. you can merge files but that always causes issues in game so if you know something different please share cheers
  13. Hope we get some news on things that are being added as per the feature request thread for both game /editor as there are some super ideas/requests in those would love to see in those threads a poll with top 10 requests so we/you can see what the users want to be added addressed in ascending order. if it hasnt been mentioned earlier hope the add the pic option is back for your own manager
  14. I have got the IGE to keep up with real transfers/loans manager sackings/finances if I want to etc etc however I also use it to give opposition teams better fitness/no injuries a sort of reverse cheat if you will hoping this year we can have an unsackable option for AI managers .....so you can give Klopp several years to develop the club