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  1. no that doesnt work it has to be via that folder for pre existing transfer bans
  2. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2016\data\db\1630\edt\permanent you have to edit the EDT file as per above, you might have to edit all the DB versions 1600/1601/1630 but 1630 might suffice
  3. not possible it would relate to english players as they play in EPL
  4. the most comprehensive is sortitoutsi along with correct promotions, UEFA comps too
  5. it is explained in useful tip sticky the ones mentioned above do not guarantee a player isnt transferred setting up a future transfer does read the thread fully explained there
  6. set the comp to a nation then access it via advanced rules for that nation
  7. why not use this can start any date and with real results in all major leagues
  8. you must be editing wrong section you need to edit this the stickies explain it
  9. there seems to be an issue with match tickets using the pre game editor I set up Madrid to have a match ticket of £196 and season ticket price of £2900 as you see the match ticket price isnt as set
  10. it has been all done at sortitoutsi as I stated above
  11. use sortitoutsi data updates they have it all done for you
  12. who said children this thread is totally demeaning towards women it is blatantly sexist end of story . I would love the fathers/husbands/brothers/boyfriends etc of these ''girls'' (as per title)to be made aware that some scum bags are posting pictures of their loved ones for other ''men'' to judge you sad individuals
  13. liverpool have just had one along those lines looks good to me
  14. I know there is some liberal moderation of the football forum, but this thread is totally unacceptable it is demeaning/derogatory to women and is a poor reflection on the site as a whole. Recently the football forum is becoming a refuge for insecure male bonding but this is totally out of order and needs addressing. If as a father of 3 girls people were posting their images on a site like this(without permission) I would want action taken against them and you as a site who are condoning it. There are sites of a more adult nature I suppose for those that way inclined I am amazed a site like you are allowing this to continue. If you endorse this type of post/thread can you just update me, I will just close my account and move on. kingrobbo
  15. is this what this site has come too total insecure male bonding at its best after all that's what women are for right??? to be rated by sad individuals here I cant believe that in 2016 this is allowed to happen totally demeaning towards women PATHETIC