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  1. it is easy to do now, don't think it could be any easier to be honest updated your thread on how to do this for you
  2. you can modify the EPL and any other league by accessing the advanced rules of that nation so then you can edit the TV money to be the same/prize money or do whatever you want CL money??? not sure what that is if you mean European Cup etc take a read of the FAQs and stickies above its all there and easy to do Firstly, you will need to add nation rules, select the nation England and select the option 'add lower divisions and cups to existing structure'. Next, you need to switch to advanced rules. You do this by going to the Rules menu and selection 'Convert to advanced rules.' find the comp/s you want to edit some comps might have 2 or more sets due to rule changes in the future etc so edit all to be sure screenshots show where the parts are you need to edit re tv money/prize money/individual games on tv I have tried making a level playing field setting up top leagues with same prize money etc in FM15 however even editing sponsorship too, the big teams in game generate new sponsors and still end up with a much bigger income. you could use the IGE to reduce balances etc if you want to try that too
  3. yes you can you need to read the FAQS/Stickies here also use search function all what you want to to do as been explained before
  4. cheers lucas is that a new patch? or one thats been out for a bit?
  5. Hi all has there been an update for fm touch I have had to re format PC and I am sure version I have now is not the same as before cheers
  6. No to all with in game editor
  7. I use my own file for any missing wonderkids and to replace any pics I want to like your situation so that is an option
  8. Only league you cant add cup ones im afraid
  9. no problem in fairness the creator of the file/s has done a lot of great work and given the user several options should be what you want
  10. there is a thread in download section with several options similar to your needs old european cups etc
  11. no probs
  12. contact the person who uploaded the file directly is the best option
  13. no probs, its a shame it doesnt do as you want it to, but I am still just trying a few thing out so wont be starting my real save until May so will have the real finished tables champion league teams etc etc for the 2017 season
  14. no problem glad to help
  15. As cougar states it most probably is ffp related