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  1. Thanks for the detailed reply much appreciated I have my own build and need to upgrade the ram amazed at the cost The system is really good but what it will cost to get the ram I think I will be better off selling it and building a rig like yours as I load all leagues too I will probably end up spending £250 doing this so well worth it
  2. those are some good figures re benchtest I am just about to upgrade my system but may well go down your route can you give me an idea how much you spent I cant get over how expensive RAM is now seems everything else is reasonable but RAM has gone up?
  3. agreed really enjoyed that it was a good open game Golovin looked very good not just his general play his work rate on the press was up there there was/is a lot of interest in him sure teams will be kicking themselves if they havent got a deal in place pre WC as if he continues like this he is going to cost a lot more will be interesting to see how he/Russia go when up against the better teams very positive start to the tournament
  4. kingrobbo

    Pre-World Cup friendlies

    chiesa played really well
  5. kingrobbo

    Pre-World Cup friendlies

    France v Italy was a good watch thought both teams looked good Italy looked a lot fresher they can take some positives from the game
  6. saw him in the u20 world cup a few years ago he along with their GK-Predrag Rajković RW- Andrija Živković looked superb he has developed into a very good player I dont know how the other 2 are doing tho the no.9 role as you say I really enjoyed that type of player more or less gone now without 2 up top sure they will come back into fashion tho it will be a shame if Icardi doesnt make the squad(it is the 1 position argentina are stacked with options though) havent checked to see if he is in
  7. kingrobbo

    World Cup nostalgia thread

    1974 was first one I can really remember first time I really saw this man play.....what a player 1978 was my favourite one it was superb that ticker tape ...kempes that scotland kit what a superb team they had (apart from the GK)
  8. kingrobbo

    Who do you think will win the world cup?

    Hopeful it will be Germany France have a great squad but not the best manager otherwise I would put money on them
  9. Draxler would do a great job at 10 Allowing Reus and sane to play wide Ozil is class for us but I believe the team would be better this way and more dynamic
  10. kingrobbo

    England's World Cup 23

    wait until your my age
  11. kingrobbo

    England's World Cup 23

    sure you have asked this before and I told you I was born in Germany mate
  12. kingrobbo

    What will you be looking forward to?

    really looking forward to the Mexico game should be a super atmosphere they are great fans so much passion
  13. this 100% always advocated wanting to see Draxler get the ozil position in the team and in CM we are very strong its a shame this has happened and as someone else have said perhaps if they feel this strongly about Turkey perhaps they should have played for them a ban not for me, will leave a sour taste but if either bang the winning goal in I will be celebrating
  14. kingrobbo

    So, who’s going to Russia?

    got the Mexico and Korea games against Germany wanted the Sweden game in between but the travelling to Sochi was just too much why the hell couldnt they have put all our games close by or even in Moscow
  15. kingrobbo

    England's World Cup 23

    good luck to England I hope you have a good run if we dont win it I hope you do