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  1. you have edited the wrong section for prize money?? I have answered this issue before with screenshots have a search you will find it
  2. League structures advanced editor

    one nation rule per file nations have to be done individually
  3. Expert help required

    this has all been done take a look in the download forum
  4. and dembele so not much left
  5. there was a sticky here with the workaround I posted on it dont know why its been removed when you edit especially advanced rules it sometimes defaults to that 1/1/17 just change that date here you want to put something that suites the nation you are editing(check default date before you convert rules)
  6. its there if you set the UCL to that nation
  7. here you go yo I am PM you with a file to use it will do what you want re continetal rules and accessing ffp please dont pass it on
  8. Reducing or adding the number in a team

    no problem sir tom some people like you are a pleasure to try to help if only everyone here was as polite as you mate, its like the old days on the forum
  9. *Official* Editor Feature Requests

    IGE the ability to edit league tables/groups so you can edit world cup groups to get the real life situation if you want so the right team will go to world cup etc also the ability to swap/change players in a national squad so that too can follow real life if you want to the option to set a transfer to be at a future date as it is now it is instant ability to add injuries /bans to players all of these are to cover real life events if you wish to do so I know this can be done using non SI IGE so surely it can be added to the official IGE Would it be possible too for SI to give feedback as to what is going to be considered for the 2018 versions as it is now even when it comes out there is no full explanation what has been added etc could we please have a user poll here too to request what we want to see in the next version of both editors so you can see what the community wants,Perhaps it could be a sticky thread so we can see what has been voted for .A sort of top ten requests perhaps even added to this thread?? cheers
  10. Editing Rules

    its easy too do via advanced rules
  11. Reducing or adding the number in a team

    you reduce the size of your overall squad for season and a match squad but you cant get the 7/15 side teams its 11 a side but you stipulate the number of subs in a match squad if anyone knows different pls share with the class
  12. Changing Team Names

    you know this is all done over at sortitoutsi all real comps and club names
  13. editing prize money

    what the hell are you on about its me who put that exact issue inthe FAQs and helped lots of users here over the years showing how to do things like this I have had a guts full with people unable to even be bothered to read the faqs etc follow the simple instructions or even use the search function then.... PM me for help when its already been given this is easy to do and has been explained several times.... you do not have to recreate anything its done via the advanced rules and will take a couple of minutes to do .... so dont give advice to others if you do not know what you are talking about...this is an easy task and I stress has been explained many times, here is a link found using the search function..... guess who was the unhelpful person to assist someone in that thread too This used to be a great forum with really knowledgeable and helpful/respectful users who shared and helped one another And it was a pleasure to help out here some far more than me Most of these users are long gone the reasons for it are pretty clear
  14. its in the FAQs second paragraph
  15. you need to read the faqs and stickies here