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  1. kingrobbo

    FM19: Managers Background Pack

    Its spot on mate sums him up perfectly makes me chuckle too
  2. kingrobbo

    FM19: Managers Background Pack

    @handy500 forgot to say adding the manager folder from this file to the mega pack will also work just make sure to clear cache and reload skin(not teaching you to suck eggs) as I use my own files too for missing players/staff/wonderkids and I have been banging my head on the wall when they dont work...only to remember I havent ....
  3. kingrobbo

    FM19: Managers Background Pack

    I am using both packs and get this as @wkdsoul says mate go to say @stevemc I love this one it totally sums him up its perfect mate I can hear him saying ''I am very very happy''
  4. kingrobbo

    FM19: Managers Background Pack

    lovely stuff TY and @handy500 I use the mega pack too there was no issue with a clash using this file too hope it works for you
  5. kingrobbo

    FM19: Managers Background Pack

    Many thanks once again Great addition to the game
  6. kingrobbo

    FM19: Managers Background Pack

    Why should he do that for you he has done enough already the entitlement of some people here is totally unxxxxxxx believable
  7. kingrobbo

    fm19 database

    your best option is to go to sortitoutsi and use their files that keep FM18 up to date as much as possible
  8. right whose hacked DD's account
  9. no problem and the FMI file is the data update file from FM Scout as long as that hasnt got any real fixtures then you are fine and I checked Franks file here and as I thought has results up to 11/11/18 but all the correct fixtures until the end of the season
  10. kingrobbo

    Reworked UCL

    look on the download forums files like this have been done over the past several years take a look download and see how its done
  11. yip the old continental rules is still bugged
  12. IGE has nothing to do with it mate put the files you want in your editor data folder(not the text files) they will be in .xml format initially (unless you want to change other rules etc to that nation then you can save as a fmf format file) if you want to start as real as possible ie todays date you need a custom start date file to run alongside the real fixtures or use a nation that has a suitable start date NB if using a custom start date you cannot select MLS for some reason always has been the case
  13. go for it mate you will save a lot of cash and get the system you want its the 5th build I have done and it was pretty easy with that part checker site you cant go wrong as it tells you if parts are not compatible and gives you options if there are issues
  14. I would go down the m.2 route but its your choice