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  1. I set new rules for both overall squad and match day for china and it shows in game correctly
  2. how did you save changes to override rules in code???
  3. this is for the EPL to make max squad size max99/min40 (to counter a bug if you set up future transfers eg I have set up lots to reflect this window to start game in 2016 and the bug is clubs randomly dont select these transferred players, this seems to counter that having a massive minimum squad) be careful you are using right set of rules ie overall squad/match squad/starting eleven its easy to do
  4. Hi Pro thanks for the time effort and quality of your work what sort of time scale are you looking at releasing the final update will be within a couple of hours or later today thanks again in advance
  5. I have updated your club captains file for EPL Bundesliga La Liga Serie A Ligue1 to reflect current club captains/vice captains some V.C. are blank as they are not stated by club or in some instances a club has nominated 2-3 V.C. so users can add this as they wish, the file is still a work in progress but it does resolve many of the issues such as Zlatan still showing to be V.C. at PSG if you dont want this posted here just let me know and I will remove link for users info you can amend file as you see fit but check with TheMinsterman before reposting
  6. no probs thats why kubi put my tip thread as a sticky as there were getting lost over time its a shame to take time to do things like this and users who it could help wont see it
  7. post in your sticky thread thats whats is there for mate so anything like this doesnt get lost keep it all in one place
  8. its opening fine for me
  9. soritoutsi have files with it done dowload data update pack all there
  10. no that doesnt work it has to be via that folder for pre existing transfer bans
  11. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2016\data\db\1630\edt\permanent you have to edit the EDT file as per above, you might have to edit all the DB versions 1600/1601/1630 but 1630 might suffice
  12. not possible it would relate to english players as they play in EPL
  13. the most comprehensive is sortitoutsi along with correct promotions, UEFA comps too