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  1. Here you have for the same game and database I asked just to see how the changes you made showed in game so I do have the same game correct DB no as you are using your edited file and so different to what I will have good luck sure you will resolve it
  2. wont load as its 2 set of rules from same country probably
  3. take a screenshoot of the rules you get to see in game for that comp the prize money will show up there lets see what it says
  4. 2 things did you verify the changes and dont think you made changes in right section
  5. Si dont assist/give any guides for editor many requests made falls on deaf ears as you say starting out can be frustrating But there is lots of help in the editors forum many of us have been stuck into those rules for years pop over there if you need some help most issues are pretty easy once you know how Kubi is a good mod there too However i have had an issue going on 5 years now with continental fixture rules bugged to hell thought it was cracked last week but alas it isnt
  6. ignore the above editing fixture rules in continental comps is still bugged the rules appear in game as set up as per above screenshots but as a manager you get those 2 registration requests 1 with my rules other with old rules too been playing as a europa league team encountered this issue in season 2 so bottom line its still bugged to hell no point in editing these rules, it results in teams such as barca not picking any/ most first team players in squad to teams only submitting min number squads, been working ages on this time to give up again
  7. changing squad selection is not that hard to do now using advanced rules however having the option in game is essential especially as you say if you want play a long save and you want to make changes as they happen in real life to comps it should happen as per add nations/leagues so wont take immediate effect making db unstable
  8. me too thats how it works I have expiremented over the years made my head explode at times only SI can explain how things work....and good luck with that
  9. I think he gets it totally its you that isnt he wants to be able to have the option to pay of some of the debt getting a budget like that in the circumstances is unrealistic but hey ho its a game lets not get hung up on issues like this
  10. here is rules I am testing in game here is knockout round for 2017 with teams dropping down from UCL
  11. this is what you need to do the example I have is teams dropping from the Champions league into Europa after group stage is played first pic is what is needed in europa other 2 screenshots are the set up required in champions league it can get complicated if you are not familiar with the advanced rules good news is since last patch we are able to get to get fixture rules to work now in game and ffp rules in continental rules after they were bugged for several years up to my neck with requests etc guys here and on other sites so please dont get offended if I dont get back to you got a lot on at the mo and please be aware I dont do my own editing until last patch it out as there is no point due to possible conflict issues as happened in previous years
  12. wait until it happens in real life thats when we will see a European super league the perceived big English clubs wont tolerate not being allowed to sign lots of non UK players, so either the permits will remain as is to an extent or there will be major ramifications for the EPL
  13. what will happen is the club will take out loans to fund this so what you are saying is correct the club will allow you to mega overspend it is happening to me in a test save(but I removed FFP pre game and thought that was the reason ) just been given 420m transfer kitty but clubs' debts are soaring, it was 300m last year now 450m as you say there should be the option of discussing with board paying off some of the debts there is no business sense in it all ...if I win everything the money that would generate would come nowhere near covering the transfers let alone the debt, totally unrealistic and the future projection is for a transfer increase over the next 3 years nearly 500m any business would pay of the debts and this should be catered for in game
  14. that thread is interesting as ffp hasnt been removed there and mega overspends appearing perhaps another bug