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  1. kingrobbo

    FM18 graphics in FM19

    as Michael says most things are working with the default skins the other stuff will once other skins come out
  2. anyone simmed for a few seasons ?? I have ran 5 separate tests so far for 2 years and still finding Man Utd doing overly well again(won a treble and 2 doubles so far, 4 out of 5 times won the title) and City Liverpool not so good
  3. kingrobbo

    FM19: Hidden Gems

    2 Irish strikers with great potential
  4. kingrobbo

    FM19: Hidden Gems

  5. kingrobbo

    [Germany] (Official) League Specific Issues

    use until january/usually last patch
  6. kingrobbo

    [Germany] (Official) League Specific Issues

    good spot sir wouldnt have seen that and peed me off big time when he moves half way through season
  7. my times went down processing after the firmware update not by much but they did get better are you getting slower times?? I cant go back and show the times prior to the update as I didnt record them after firmware update I get - A- 3.33 mins B- 4.19 mins C- 5.43 mins
  8. as you know I have the same system as you even not overclocked it is brilliant at processing FYI I am sure you are aware but when I ran the Samsung SSD magacian it updated the firmware to the M.2 SSD NVMe Samsung EVO 960 I went for the 500GB well worth the investment it eats everything FM throws at it and even faster times since the firmware update cheers mate for your advice re this anyone looking for a mid range price set up for FM use cant beat this easy to build too I had spent more previously and got nowhere near the speeds this gives me I
  9. lol you shouldnt have posted that some are now refreshing steam thinking its out
  10. agreed there will be issues its to be expected and some bugs do not effect everyone thats why the alpha/beta testing option to the whole community IMO would be the way to go as you I havent watched any of this stuff it just sounds like some people wanting to show off(not all mind you and I am sure most are doing a good job in working with SI to get a good product available for full game release) and be drama queens looking for attention, I believe the modern vernacular is click bait
  11. agreed 100 % bit like those who have an opinion without having tried it either
  12. kingrobbo


    I am pretty sure it came out with beta last year and there were issues purchasing it in game resulting in refunds being given was hoping for some input from a mod etc who knows what is happening
  13. kingrobbo


    IGE - Pre game editor comes out with full game release as normal the IGE came out early last time around
  14. kingrobbo

    FM19 IGE

    @KUBI is there any info if the IGE is available to purchase with the beta or does it come out with full game only there were issues last year with purchasing it via the in game option if I remember correctly many of us who did were refunded and had to purchase directly from our steam account, any news on this would be appreciated I am sure the pre game editor will come out as usual with the full game release on 2/11/18 but if I remember correctly the IGE came out with the beta?
  15. kingrobbo


    is there any info if the IGE is available to purchase with the beta or does it come out with full game only