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  1. ghosted and not fixed with latest update I appreciate not everything can be fixed thats all I have been asking for is an update I dont think that is much to ask for cheers
  2. same question as above no reply or input please can just let me know cheers
  3. That error is/was a random bug I first came across in FM22 to fix it I had to remove the fixture rules for the competition [copy the rules first] that is showing the error - see if the file tests now if it does then you can add several sets of extra fixture rules, leave them blank unused pick a higher number than the previous one that the comp used and paste the rules back in but do not use the same number as before eg if it was fixture rule 6 then use one of the higher blank ones you created, say fixture rule 10 this fixed the issue for me
  4. Hi you may be able to do this here-I have never tried it but by adding a specific division alongside the country it should then pull teams from that comp [note I use my own UEFA set up those number of teams 16 are to cover the 4 comps I use so 4 teams would enter each comp from eg england etc] but You should be able to do this by getting the last winner/runner up/3 rd placed team/random team/s from a specific competition/s however this has been buggy at times
  5. only just realised we can use an in game editor and remove the caps from the player's profile it shouldnt be happening with 'B' caps, but we can remove those caps as I use England B in my home nations tournament and it just doesnt look right so a workaround of sorts
  6. Hi Zach can you please close this thread now cheers
  7. Hi any update on this as you cant access advanced rules due to the error,if I could access advanced rules I could probably fix the bug
  8. yes you are right it happens with B teams too
  9. Hi all Today Wales C v England C https://faw.cymru/news/cymru-c-to-host-england-c-at-stebonheath-park/ This has become a yearly game now[there used to be a 'Home Nations' at this level] I have already brought back the full Home Nations Cup I am thinking of setting this up but can see issues with the squad selection as in theory this is basically an 'All Stars' game/comp as players are only selected from the - Wales- JD Prem/North + South England-Vanarama As I see it selecting squads via the All star route you can only select one comp to pick from so the Welsh team picks from 3? also the squad has to be obviously made up from that nation[not the best XI playing in that league as they could be overseas players/not from that country] so I can address this here, but international squad rules never seem to work when you try adding squad selection rules so any input on this would be great if someone has tried something like this before I know we can stipulate this if I set up a normal comp to generate C teams but how can I get the selection of players to follow the above criteria unless I go down the All star route cheers
  10. kudos to you I did something like this in FM21 so I know the effort you put in I have also tried a UK league to incorporate England to that didnt go as I planned and tried things like putting the Welsh teams back in the Welsh leagues and trying to get parity in the 'home nations' leagues with finances etc but this is something I will look at for sure it looks excellent cheers
  11. fixture rules in the nation mate your issue has been continental rules? if so as we know there can be issues there and international rules trying fixture rules either way doesnt seem to work I was trying to make international squads pick mostly players based in home country to see if this had a bearing on players staying in their country alas the rules do not register in game however I have changed min squad size and that does
  12. sometimes mate the obvious simple change is the one we all overlook
  13. good post what I will test hopefully next week is staggering the squad selection rules will try various combinations to find a sweet spot, brief test previously AI do start to sell foreign players
  14. some good points there what me me chuckle it must have been fm18 when the researcher was insisting Pogba's attributes- long shots was justified
  15. go to the list under nation change the team numbers here
  16. Hi Error in basic rules even with no changes made open nation rules-save file-press test- structure not set correctly
  17. Hi mate Ditto -Football itself is now a soulless exercise in corporate greed/avarice where teams arrange themselves in financial order and power where individual clubs are more powerful that their own FA who are too scared to use/enforce penalties in fear of reprisals from the corporate overlords For the game to reflect this too...kudos to SI
  18. for those not aware the bug with FFP still exists, so no point trying to use it for parity and feedback from SI it wont get fixed in FM24
  19. like real life football a total joke FFP is a waste of time mate even if the set up was working[a team would get punished/relegated etc] seen several 'big clubs' get huge new loans/new sponsorships deals a day before FFP would kick in and so they dont fail the test I have used the IGE in a test to load debt onto a club given them -x amount balance etc etc day before FFP would kick in...they get bailed out as above
  20. I wonder if moving all the league fixtures to the end of the list would work also...I wont be testing that now I have had enough
  21. Think I have fixed this eg you get the league rules and the separate league fixtures when you convert to advanced rules you have to put those league fixtures in the actual league rules so copy the fixtures and paste them here in the actual rules for each comp you also need to go through the list here and remove the league fixtures then the file will test never had this trouble before, what a bloody nuisance
  22. I have created a totally new file in the 24.3 DB and added the fixtures and results again- the outcome is the same I get the same error IMO its something to do with the fixtures and the new update, was/is totally fine in the original DB
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