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  1. I have been trying to add this and thought, a simple EDT file would work but no joy, obviously there is nothing specific regarding this in the general editor and with teams like Milan it has been hardcoded however in advanced rules I have found I can exclude city but this would be permanent as there are no date ranges(eg like the points deduction in advanced rules for leagues etc) anyone with input on this please IMO it cant be done as its hardcoded by SI
  2. right got some joy in advanced rules can exclude City from the UCL however the kicker is it is permanent as there are no date fields etc any input mate?
  3. chelsea was just a transfer ban ? not a competition ban so that is very straightforward via finances section of the club banning a club from a comp though is different and I would suggest could be done with an EDT file I have banned players before but havent tried this hopefully we can get some input on this, it may well be added to the game in winter patch will be interested to see hoe SI do it...if it is indeed added
  4. years since I 'played' with using EDT files anyone know if it possible to add Man City's ban this way? I can remember adding players to be banned but not adding a club ban also seem to remember you accessed the extra files in preferences- and then into extra files there was a list of EDT files I am unable to locate these now any input is appreciated cheers
  5. close the thread please no explanation why a non edited league shows errors not even a response from the staff here
  6. I think so I havent tried mate in this version was finding similar issues with AI not registering players with nation rule changes too come to think of it previously
  7. been there done it mate had feedback from SI going back over 5 years ago...the same issues are still there mate myself and @krlenjushka worked on a few issues and put a lot of time in trying to assist with issues he can tell you the outcome
  8. Some have been reporting the same bugs for years mate And it's just groundhog Day Good luck to you
  9. Thanks @grade for tagging me But I have totally lost interest mate it's a joke see lots of same bugs year in year out
  10. Lol getting errors with just testing Nation rule changes /advanced rules to Portugal havent done a thing just opened to advanced rules, saved file and run test(as issues like have been happening for several versions, so not going to waste time editing Portugal if its bugged, so just ran a test to check and same as before this.....)
  11. that may be a fair point there well made my assumption was the current contract would be his last so this in effect is better (the spell being open ended )
  12. in my test he got a new contract so another thing that doesnt work as intended
  13. Just tried to see if this option means a player will in theory stay at his current club for the rest of his career(obviously with younger players you would need to make the end date of contract longer) in game nothing shows up in his info section ? would have thought there would be something along the lines he will stay at current club etc interested to see if anyone has used this and found it working as expected does the info page update nearer the end of the contract?
  14. and if I check in task manager it doesnt show as not responding I can minimize the editor it isnt frozen
  15. yip I am trying to mass edit only 439 players to add a language it has been stuck on the add for 20 mins just to compare I have a high end build that mass edited all clubs in DB with a transfer ban in FM19 in under a couple of mins
  16. cant see the option for these anymore? also anyone know where the directory is for this - the greyed out file ita cheers
  17. has to be the stadium overview panel I will have a play around many thanks
  18. Ignore the above found the bug report link below for anyone who wants to see/add to it lets hope SI fix it soon
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