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  1. I really hope you haven't been waiting 15 seasons for a sell on clause...
  2. My bad then - I should have got him to just lie on the pitch for two minutes until the game ended and we could have legitimately subbed him.
  3. Hopefully FM22 will not have the issue I've just had in my FA Trophy game. In injury time and a player goes off injured, I've used all 3 subs so can't replace him, but we can make a 4th sub in extra time. However come extra time I can't bring on a sub to get us back to 11 players, I have to replace an existing player. Unless that is actually the rule, which seems pretty stupid, can they fix this?
  4. Not sure about my Performance Analyst if he thinks my mid table National League side are evenly matched with top of the Premiership Man City?
  5. I've only been at the club for 6 months December - end of May (season started in early April) and as you can see, he has got a load worse. As the "total collapse as a footballer" did suggest. I will take over training, but tbf I'm not sure what two days training a week is going to change?
  6. I've recently started a new save in the lower reaches of Swedish football, looking to build up a club by only developing youth and signing 18 year olds or younger. I quickly got the sack from my first role and started the second season at Assyriska BK in Second Division West. I'm struggling again, but the biggest issue is that all my players are having serious drop offs in their stats. Not just the oldest, but all the team that I inherited and even some of the young ones I've just picked up. This guy is my best player and I've never seen this ('total collapse as a footballer') of someone who is only 27?! He's had no injuries or anything Obviously our coaching is poor, but it's half way through the season and part time players shouldn't be tanking like this. He is an extreme example but all my players are getting worse, from the back up guys who never play to the ever present players. More worrying is the new signings who I'm banking on improving over the next few seasons who are getting worse not better. Anybody any ideas to halt this?
  7. Bored now. Just seems I have to work so much harder to score a goal then my opponents. Surely the if you build a side and tactics to dominate games, out-pass, out-possession, out-create, out-xG you expect to do well. I don't expect to win every game, but this season has just been too annoying. Just finished 4th in the EPL 4 points off top. Had a goal difference of +31 (81/50), but if I'd been up with my xG I'd have had +44.32 (85.49/41.17). Arsenal, who won the league, scored 68 (xG 65.52) and conceded 43 (xG 40.44). So we should have scored 20 goals more than them and conceded 1 more; unlikely to lead to finishing below them. I created 53 CCC, Arsenal were second with 40 and the third placed team only got 33. Oh Arsenal beat me 2-0 in FA Cup Final (xG 1.92 / 1.02 in our favour). And I lost on pens in CL Final v Zebre after drawing 0-0 aet (xG 1.66 / 1.00 in our favour). Now I know I can't rely on that for each game, but when it seems so arbitrary, what's the point??
  8. Really annoying transfer dealings coming up at the moment. I'm Southampton, it's about 2038 and we've won the League 4 of the last 5 seasons and the Champions League once and are 5th in World Rep. Bought a top English keeper for £85m four years ago (think my DoF overpaid a bit) but he's now 25 and England's number one and voted second best keeper in the world last season. Over 4 years left on his contract and Chelsea (not ranked above me) offer £52m for him. I turn it down and he throws his toys out the pram, loses all his morale and agitates the squad! When irl would this happen? At the beginning of the season I had similar with my best striker who was 22 and listed in game as the top player in the league. I turned down an offer from Tottenham (won nothing of note for years and ranked way below me) and he got upset as well. I decided to name a price which they met (£87m) and he duly signed for them. When the time came to say goodbye I tried to patch things up by saying "you've earned this chance" but he got angry and said "I didn't even want to leave"!!
  9. My DoF making a contract offer for a striker. We are Southampton fresh from a third consecutive Premier League title. The striker is a 20 year old regen who spent 3 seasons at Hyde Utd (Vanarama North) and two seasons at Mansfield (League 1) before being released. He has never played a game but apparently 'he could be a player to keep an eye on in the future'?!
  10. Both my full backs have complained that they aren't getting enough game time, even though I rotate and start them both probably 75% of all games. Simultaneously I get messages to say they are tired and should be rested. I don't always do it but when I approach them about it they're fine, but then two weeks later they're kicking off as I haven't kept my promise to give them 'fair' game time?!
  11. How many times can do I need to say it's cool to see a player score for their country?!
  12. My Under 23s manager playing one of my reserve goalkeepers outfield in a lot of games when we have perfectly good outfield players (often in that position) sat on the bench.
  13. Don't know if anything has changed in the game, but I've played 3 games this morning and had two goals confirmed by VAR which looked offside and previously would have been disallowed every time?
  14. In my game it's June 2033; Ole is still manager of Man Utd. Lampard was sacked by Chelsea in Feb 2032. He has been manager of Milan since 2032. Pep was manager of Man C until 2026 (sacked), at Spurs 2026-2030 (sacked) and has been Spain manager since 2030. Pochettino was Man City manager for nearly 4 years before getting the boot and Tuchel has been in charge since June 2030. Klopp was sacked by Liverpool in May 2028 and went on to be France manager for 2 years before retiring totally. After sacking Klopp, Liverpool had Allegri for nearly 3 years (resigned) and then Unai Emery has been there since July 2031.
  15. I've noticed that defenders are definitely in the 'if in doubt, get it out' camp. Often they just blaze the ball into Row Z behind the goal under little or no pressure. Indeed in my Champions League game against Real Madrid yesterday, my goalie rolled it out to my CB (I have play out of defence set) about 10 yards out from goal; he took two touches then turned round and smashed it into the crowd behind the goal! Now this is very unusual, but often the defenders make no attempt to clear for a throw in, or keep it in play, rather they choose to just hoof it behind for a corner.
  16. Not sure what I pay my performance analyst for. I'm Southampton, and finished a fortunate 3rd in the Premiership last season. Playing home v Real Madrid in the Champions League - "This should be a close contest between two evenly matched teams". Playing away in the Carabao Cup v Ipswich (7th in League 1) - "This should be a close contest between two evenly matched teams". In fact it is the same for every single team I play; it's not the biggest thing but just one of the little annoyances that I find in the game. It's lucky the ME is so good...
  17. First game after update and we had 6 bookings (only 36 in previous 25 league games this season) but the crazy thing was a VAR check for a penalty that decided it was not a penalty!!! It wasn't even one of those "in or out the box?" ones, just a 'foul' that went to VAR and just wasn't given. Never seen it before. Luckily I still won else I'd be raging!
  18. No worries, luckily I have a 16 year old daughter and she was happy to help me as she is getting my old laptop!
  19. I've got a new laptop and have loaded Steam on and have loaded FM21. I thought that I could load up my previous save (saved to the cloud) but it seems to be not there and it's treating me like a completely new player. What am I doing wrong?
  20. When I have attacking corners, I like to leave two players on the edge of the box to try and pick up any headers out and stop breakaways. The trouble is you can only put them next to each other at the nearer side to where the corner is taken from, not one either side like I'd prefer. When the oppo leave one in the middle of the 'D', 90% of the time headers out drop straight to him and he runs off with it anyway. Is there any way of changing it or is leaving two next to each other pointless?
  21. Mine did that last game of the season - down as distribute short to FBs or CBs so he aims a quick kick down the middle and it rebounds off their striker's head and bounces back into the net...
  22. Not sure I've ever had a shot (on target!) with an xG of zero!
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