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  1. just got this tonight at start of 2nd season in game. can anyone help me
  2. Just purchased game on voidu with code, what do i do now on steam to get the keys for the game?
  3. Hi when playing during a game after 3 games it crashes and pc turns off. Any ideas what could be wrong? No message comes up the pc just turns off.
  4. Once the message came up the game closed and never saved it so i had to start where i left off from before.So i went back in and played it again till i got to bradford game and it worked fine, i played game few hours last night and message never came back up.When it got to full time the message came up first time when i clicked continue at full time. Thanks
  5. No it never happened the 2nd time i played the same match.
  6. Cheers FM 2018 v18.2.1.1051982 (2018.01.09 13.56.49).dmp
  7. Hi i got this crash dump today managing one team, message came up at full time and the game closed.
  8. I was only managing one team if that helps you Neil.
  9. Hi i got the same crash dump today playing the game, mine happened at end of game at full time.Any idea Neil when this will be sorted? Thanks
  10. When i load a new game i cant select the Germany nation it says there is only 16 teams in second division and there should be 18. Any help would be greatful thanks.
  11. This page is deadline day transfers in scotland that might need done forbsie. http://spfl.co.uk/news/article/deadline-day-round-up/
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