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  1. Thanks - I've uploaded (I think!) and the save is called FM20 Europe
  2. So I'm Hoffenheim, it's the mid 2040s and we're firmly entrenched as one of the "best of the rest" behind Bayern who appear untouchable even 25 years in the future. We've finished between 2nd and 5th for the past 6 seasons but can't kick on. I am just getting so frustrated with our league form, specifically the away games. Our last seven home league games have finished 2-1, 3-0, 4-0, 5-2, 4-0, 9-0, and 1-0. So we have scored 28 and conceded 3 and picked up 21 points. The 9-0 I actually holidayed through as I had previously won the game 4-0 but it then crashed. Our goals in this game were 2 penalties, 6 goals from corners, free kicks or throw ins, and one from open play. Our last seven away league games have finished 2-4, 1-2, 0-1, 1-3, 2-2, 0-1 1-2. So we have scored 7 and conceded 15 and picked up 1 point. It's been a run of fairly easy games, the only one that I expected to lose was the second away game (v Dortmund) and they outplayed us, fair enough. For the 7 home games it's been shots 179 - 43, shots on target 94 - 21, CCC 18 - 2, HC 26 - 7 For the 7 away games it's been shots 121 - 111, shots on target 61 - 47, CCC 10 - 10, HC 14 - 12 (my numbers first) I just can't fathom how the same tactic works so well at home, and then even when we dominate most away games, we just seem to lose. I'm sure we don't create the 'wrong type of clear cut chance' in away games, but for five out of the seven games we were comfortably the better side but ended up losing. Ironically, the one point we did get was a game that looking at the stats we should have lost. I could well end up being sacked due to this as I'm expected to qualify for the Champions League but am 7th with 5 games to go I am sick of watching us play some great stuff, create a brilliant chance for my player to gently chip it into the keepers hands, then their right back scores a worldy from 25 yards for his first ever goal for the club in his 50th game. Also I'm sure the analysis screen doesn't register all the goals properly as more seem to come from set pieces than it credits. I think unless it's a straight header in, rather than a knock down or follow up it doesn't count as being scored from the set piece which is crazy. My centre backs go up for all corners, free kicks and throw ins; one of them has the third most attempts on goal in the league - 116 in 27 games so far. Has anyone else really struggled with losing away games when they think they shouldn't?
  3. Don't know if anyone has noticed it before or it's just me, but when I try and set up attacking throw ins from the right the RB shows twice but when I set them up from the left my RB doesn't show up at all?
  4. ...and how did you get through half a season in a couple of hours?!
  5. I joined a team in the Danish league 2.Division, not knowing it was just as their mid-season break started so I had a gap of 100 odd days before my first league match. About two weeks before the first game, my squad came to me saying they needed a team meeting as they weren't happy with my managing of the team! I hadn't signed anyone or got rid of anyone, I just don't think they liked me because I had a low (Sunday League) reputation. Luckily I avoided getting sacked before I'd played a game but it could have gone either way.
  6. Got to say that's a bit daft if so. Collect £500k and save £42k per week on wages or pay £58k per week on wages for 6 months for someone who isn't going to play.
  7. I've got a 32 yo CM who is past his best and isn't getting any games. It's December and his contract runs out the following June and I want to get rid as he's on £58k per week. One team is willing to pay £500k for him which is great, but it keeps saying "TSG Hoffenheim have rejected this transfer bid on behalf of the management due to the offer compelling the club to continue to contribute to the player's wage". This is true, they want me to keep paying £16k per week which I am happy to do. I am down as having full control over all sales and negotiations for first team squad transfers out, so I really don't know why I can't sell this guy? Anyone else had similar?
  8. My team seem to be worse over the last couple of days. Finished 3rd in Bundesliga last season so a decent team but we haven't scored a goal in our last 5 away league games and not even against the top teams. We seem to go through spells of being unable to play any kind of football. A couple of games ago my keeper made a save, then waited a few seconds and rolled it out to my CB on the edge of the box. He waited 5 seconds until he was closed down a little bit and just turned around and smashed the ball into the stand for a corner! Couldn't believe it.
  9. I like when there is an attack, the ball is saved or cleared from on the line but it then put in the net anyway from the rebound. Cue a VAR decision on whether the original shot went in or not?! It always didn't but was a goal a few seconds later anyway!
  10. As per @Travis Bickle above. That first game after a successful transfer window...made even worse as I decided to watch on full match. Obviously I'm Hoffenheim.
  11. So I am Karlsruhe and am in the Bundesliga in 2031. We stayed up last year in our first year up, actually finishing about 11th in the end which was a good overachievement. This season we kept most of our decent players; one loan didn't renew but we got a better loan striker. Started off hopeless and had 2 points after 9 games before a great run of 17 points in the next 7 games put us right up to mid-table. Since then, 17 games later we not won at all and only picked up 4 draws. Honestly, we look like we have never played the game; we rarely get thrashed just play poorly and lose 1-0 or 2-0. I'm just gone down to "insecure" as I was so well thought of before for getting promotion. It is embarrassing, it's like watching a cup game between teams two divisions apart, and that's just the normal teams, not Bayern etc. We can't pass, shoot, do any of the basics. If we tackle someone we just wait while they go back and get the ball, we trip over it coming out of defence, or just stop the ball for the opposition to run off with it. I've tried mixing the tactics up, but we play half a dozen games then get the old "seems to not want to change tactics" headlines. Umpteen squad meetings make no difference, it's ridiculous. Has anyone else gone more than 17 games (and counting) without a win. That's just league games, we also lost to a lower division side in the middle of that in the cup.# Arrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
  12. Still morale seems overpowered; Start badly and get 2 points in the first 9 games. Get a good cup win then 17 points from the next 7 games. Then look like we've never played together before and 2 points from the next 9 games so far. Next game is Bayern Munich, wish me luck...
  13. What is the point of the end of season meeting with the squad to discuss next season? I just finished 11th in the Bundesliga after we were predicted to finish second bottom. When asked about next season I told the squad I thought we could avoid relegation, whereupon every single one of them thought I was being too optimistic. Despite the fact we'd just stayed up by 8 points...
  14. As much as the ME bugs me I find the morale has too much sway on games. I've been overachieving in Bundesliga 2, sitting just over halfway, but come the transfer window and a couple of my players (6/7th choice CMs) moan about playing time. I can't even give them away on free transfers or loan for no wages so they, and then the squad, get arsey. Morale drops, 3 defeats in a row prompts my ass man to suggest a team meeting. That goes ok but then we lose again (3 headers from free kicks) and the old "manager refuses to change his tactics" line comes up. After another defeat against a very ordinary side I get another of the DXI(?) crashes that seem to be creeping in, despite my drivers being all up to date. Happy Days.
  15. Only played a couple of games so far (and scored no goals) but can't notice a massive difference. A couple of things I noticed - first game I played the opposition keeper was wearing tracksuit trousers which I don't remember ever seeing before; and this is Germany in August! Also it seems that my laptop fan is going much more than I ever noticed before, I'm assuming it's the game as I'm only doing a bit of internet otherwise.
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