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  1. ...and now a crash a week later during a match. Switched back (cmd-tab) from Firefox to see the yellow triangle warning notice to say 'unexpected error'
  2. This game is seriously ticking me off now. Not only, as a Mac owner, do I have to make the choice between massively slow and laggy game (normal setting), or one that crashes every 1-2 game weeks (public beta), but I have the vagaries of the ME to wind me up. Just played a game in League One as Northampton home v Doncaster. It's something like 8th v 7th with a few games left in the season. Playing the game, fairly even, we end up the game with more shots than them (21/20). But they win 5-2. "Oh but look at WHERE you're shooting from" is the normal response. "Can they be considered PROPER shots if you're just pinging them from 30 yards and they aren't in any danger of going in". You can't just go on number of shots etc. Trouble is, of our 21 shots, 6 were long shots, of which we scored 1. Of their 20 shots, 16 were long shots, of which they scored 5! Now if I play a game and the opposition only manages 4 attempts on goal from inside my penalty area, I would consider that fairly successful defensively speaking. Looking at the last 20 games I've played, 50% of the 24 goals I've conceded are long shots, going to 30 games it's 16/35 and at 40 games it's 21/46. So it's not like I'm conceding loads of goals, but the ones I am conceding seem to be more difficult to guard against. Now unless I change my tactics and stick a DM or two in to try and stop all long shots I don't know what to do. My keeper is decent but it's like a goal of the month highlights reel watching a lot of these shots fly past him. I'm much more concerned if a CM picks up the ball 25 yards out in a bit of space than if a striker is running through one on one with my keeper. Also, do the players follow instructions more the higher you go (League 1 is the highest I've been at) because a lot of the time I have to check my tactics to see what I've told them to do, because it sure isn't obvious from watching the games...
  3. Bank Holiday choice of crashing beta or incredibly laggy normal game. I'm going to be forced to interact with my family if it doesn't get any better soon!
  4. Crashing when going between FM and Safari, couple of times moved to FM and found it crashed.
  5. Deleted cache and preferences and went back to public beta. Loaded up three times and crashed three times within a week of holidaying (I'm between seasons). Have gone back to normal now so hopefully that will work ok.
  6. Worked ok back in normal mode except for major lagging, but crashed within a week when I reverted to public beta again.
  7. Seemed random crashes, between 3 - 6 days of restarting the save. Sometimes played one game, sometimes not. Always in general processing not during games. As I said I played a short while (2 game weeks) back on 'normal' (non-beta) game and it didn't crash but haven't tried since this morning. My specs are: macOS Mojave - version 10.14.4 Macbook Pro 13 inch, Mid 2012 Processor 2.5GHz Intel Corei5 Memory 4GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB
  8. Couldn't get it to work this morning either but working so far after going back to normal from Beta...
  9. Deleted my Preferences and Caches folders as above yesterday before saving and now on loading up this evening the game crashes after playing the next match. Could there be a connection?
  10. Wouldn't mind a resolution to this now. Was thinking of treating myself to a new Mac as mine is about 6 years old now and slow. Or at least I assumed it was slow because it was old, perhaps it's because the game isn't configured to work properly ? Certainly won't be spending a large amount of cash until I can be sure that it will improve the game, because at the moment it's painful.
  11. Hits long free kicks nowhere near team mates (GK) Watches rebounded shots/passes a yard away from him as opposition run in and score. Delays crossing until full back arrives to block. Tries to score one on ones by kicking the ball at the goalkeeper. Runs back from offside position to give away free kick. Hits back passes harder than shots. Plays in a way that doesn't match his attributes.
  12. Just to say I've had some success with a variant of this formation in the Vanorama South and National. I found that having no striker meant I was giving the ball away too easily by just punting it forward, so I kept one central midfielder as CMsup and moved the other to aPFsup. I use Very Attacking and get the odd heavy defeat but I do love to see my team sweep forward and get goals from all sources. It is surprisingly solid as the IWB both get forward and back through the centre of midfield so lend extra bodies there.
  13. Has this improved in the last couple of months?
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