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  1. Hi, playing the Demo as Exeter City. Had a loan offer for a youngster, Harry Kite. Little memo said he scored his first goal in the Papa Johns Trophy on 6th October 2020. Trouble is this came up in August 2020 game time so was actually the future?!
  2. Not convinced about the board, their club vision and manager performance. I'm currently Chelsea, got to the end of the first season and the board were very unhappy with the sale of Alvaro Morata, which of course wasn't my fault as he was out on loan and the transfer organised before I got there. This season the board are also "concerned that the club looks unlikely to challenge for silverware as expected". We are top of the table after two games.
  3. The same tactics and players scoring twice as many goals and gaining twice as many points in the first half of the season compared to the second is completely understandable.
  4. I've just started a save with Chelsea and found I have Marco van Ginkel. I might as well not have him though as it's currently 11/08/19 and apparently he was injured on 28/06/18 (so a real life injury) so he's been out 14 months so far and is expected to be out for another 6-7 months.
  5. Played away to the team that had already won the league on the last match of the season. I was a bit unlucky to lose 3-2 and that meant I finished 4th. The board then sacked me as they wanted me to win the league which I was half expecting - it is a bit galling as before that game I had only lost 1 of my previous 32 competitive games!
  6. Watching my CD/CM Ball Winning Midfielder score another scorcher from distance - his 6th in 15 games and think "Wow what a great decision to play him there, his Long Shots must be superb for these bonus goals, as no other BWM has scored close to that many". Check it out and he has 4 for Long Shots
  7. Getting into ruts when you can't win a game. Last 4 games, 3 1-1 draws and a 2-0 defeat. Every game I have had more shots (total 76-39), more shots on target (39-20), more CCC (7-0) and more HC (12-3). Two of my 3 goals were penalties. Despite being told just because you have a lot of shots etc you shouldnt expect to win, I'm ticked off at my oppo not having to create anything but being able to score, whereas my 1 on 1s or free headers 6 yds out are constantly hopeless. IRL I'd be pleased if my players and tactics combined to statistically outplay teams this way. It just gets bor
  8. Missing a penalty won't have helped, but it does seem very low.
  9. I may be going mad but I'm sure the games have slightly changed in the last few days with different plays appearing. Nothing major but I'm noticing slight changes, with players putting short balls into channels more for players to run onto and various other things. Yesterday my opposition scored from a corner, but the ref made the VAR sign and went to look at the pitchside monitor before disallowing the goal; I'm sure I've never seen that before. And I might be dreaming it but I'm almost sure the ref went to the VAR monitor and then DIDN'T give a penalty the other day, not even a foul o
  10. Bought wonderkid striker for £7m, 10 days later he says he wants to leave as apparently I promised to strengthen the midfield and failed to do that in the transfer window?!
  11. 5th favourites for the title pre-season, finished second - only being out of the running for the title after the penultimate match. End of season round up has our season as 'largely dismal' and 'toiling in the relegation zone' when we never dropped out of the top 4 from about week 6. The board wanted us to challenge for the title, but we got 16 points more than the previous season, so I'm not quite sure what this review is all about?
  12. 5 times Brighton have hit it so far and there's still 10 minutes left! Unfortunately, this game will be brought up every time someone complains about number of times the woodwork is hit.
  13. Conceding a 92nd minute goal (header from a set piece obviously) to lose a fourth consecutive away league game 1-0.
  14. 2-1 down with a minute of injury time left and you are on 'attacking' or higher. CD has the ball on the half way line and decides that passing back to the goalie is the best thing to do.
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