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  1. Nearly always sub a player who has been booked. If I'm having a bad run I change the camera view to try and change my fortunes. Number my goalies 1, 13, 23 etc where possible. Also I don't like having asymmetrical line ups. FB, WB, Wide midfielders and wingers always have the same role left and right. Just looks wrong otherwise! Sure there's more when I can remember them...
  2. I have a problem with my team (Nuneaton in VNL) going to bits in the second half of games. I rotate my team enough so they aren't really less condition-wise than the opposition, only have 'slightly higher tempo' in possession and 'slightly more urgent' in pressing intensity but often find my team torn apart in the second half of games. In the last 20 matches, I've won twice. I have lost leads to end up drawing or losing in 12 of these games. I've concede 35 goals, of which 27 have been after half time. I watch on extended highlights and often I barely seem to have a shot after half time after 8-10 in the first half. The oppo don't seem to alter their tactics massively against me, but come the second half it seems that there is only one team who is ever going to score. I know I haven't got a great side, but I'm sick of being decent for 45 minutes before turning hopeless.
  3. This worked for me on the Steam website: https://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/2/1752358461533835098/
  4. I have the same issue with FM16 - any ideas as I can't see an FM16.exe to press following this?
  5. Went to load FM16 this morning but just it just goes back to 'Ready to Play' after a few seconds. Worked fine last night but now ?? Tried FM14 as well even though haven't played that for ages and same result.
  6. Me too - FM16 though not working this morning?
  7. Cheers for the advice. Have a new HoYD this year anyway so hopefully that might help.
  8. It's FM16 so doesn't have that. Might go for the experienced players anyway, cheers.
  9. It doesn't specify which players it is causing the issue, just says the squad. If I got rid of all the youth players it affects I couldn't raise a team!
  10. Hi all, I'm playing FM16 and trying to develop an all youth career in Sweden with the wonderfully named Boo FK. Trouble is, all the youth players that come through seem to have my coach saying "...some of the squad's less desirable characteristics have unfortunately rubbed off on [player] lately" Any ideas how to rectify this as my players are ropey enough anyway without large drops in Determination? Ta
  11. Yes! I've just seen this and I play for HT Dons - league winners of Devon & Exeter Division Seven (Tier 19) for 2018/19!!
  12. Sorry if it's already been asked, but when tutoring, what is the difference between "I'd like you to tutor x as I feel you can help improve his game" and "I think it would be beneficial if you could take x under your wing and mentor him off the pitch" Is the second one more mental than skills based? I'm playing FM16. Cheers!
  13. ExeChris

    FM 2018 - York City

    Great work. 5-6 defeat against Portsmouth must have been a hell of a game!
  14. Thanks for the feedback guys. I've gone up to normal tempo, changed the BWM to a CM(d) and changed the Poacher to a CF. Lukaku was doing too well as a TM to change him, but then he got injured so ho-hum. This has prompted another question. I've been watching extended highlights and we seem to have improved our play, shots on and off target, and attacking threat, even if we're not always getting the results. My question is how much do you take notice of individual performances if the team is doing well/better? In the 8-10 games I've played since I've changed, we've done ok results-wise, but just about every game my CM(d) and my AM(s) have the lowest ratings. They are decent players and I have swapped others in to see if that makes a difference but it seems to always be the same two positions (plus my two CBs for some reason) who are bottom of the ratings. What do others do in this situation? Cheers
  15. OK, it's FM16 and I decided to start in the Premiership as opposed to the usual LLM saves that I do. It's the second season, I'm Everton, and they are a decent side without ever threatening to challenge for top 6 as we lose EVERY game against Arsenal, Man C, Spurs, Chelsea and Man Utd. I do tinker a bit with my side but have just about settled on the following. Trouble is, I'm decent for 4-5 games then go hopeless for the same period. I don't expect to win every game but to my untrained eye I play against a similar side, with a similar system and get totally different results. Can anyone please advise if I'm doing anything particularly stupid? GK WB(a) BPD(d) CD(c) WB(a) BWM(d) RPM(s) BBM(s) AM(s) TM(s) P(a) I play Structured and Counter. Lower tempo, more closing down, pass out of defence, more roaming, exploit the flanks and work ball into the box. Thanks!