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  1. Hits long free kicks nowhere near team mates (GK) Watches rebounded shots/passes a yard away from him as opposition run in and score. Delays crossing until full back arrives to block. Tries to score one on ones by kicking the ball at the goalkeeper. Runs back from offside position to give away free kick. Hits back passes harder than shots. Plays in a way that doesn't match his attributes.
  2. Just to say I've had some success with a variant of this formation in the Vanorama South and National. I found that having no striker meant I was giving the ball away too easily by just punting it forward, so I kept one central midfielder as CMsup and moved the other to aPFsup. I use Very Attacking and get the odd heavy defeat but I do love to see my team sweep forward and get goals from all sources. It is surprisingly solid as the IWB both get forward and back through the centre of midfield so lend extra bodies there.
  3. Has this improved in the last couple of months?
  4. Just a quick silly question. As I'm in Vanorama South League money is a big issue. I pick up half a dozen free loans each season where I don't pay anything towards wages which really helps, but I was wondering if I pay appearance/goal money etc for these players as they do have it in their contracts?
  5. I've been sacked 3 times in 5 seasons. Once I lose the dressing room (which I find VERY easy to do) it's just a matter of time.
  6. So I have a save going on on FM19, lower league in England. Started off unemployed and am 5 years in and on my fourth club. I tend to start off okayish but never really do anything great. Sooner or later though I hit a slump and that's it - I can barely get a point for love nor money. I'm torn between tweaking the tactics to see if anything will help and leaving things to let my players get more used to things. Nothing seems to work and I've just lost my last two games 2-5 and 0-6 home to ordinary teams and I can see the process starting all over again. What I'm trying to say I think is that should I have a go on FMT for a bit and what are the major differences? I get the terrible feeling with FM that I'm always missing something and that is why my seemingly decent players go terrible and morale hits the floor. Mentoring? Should I spend hours on that? Leave the training to my Ass Man then get told during games we need to focus on this, that and the other? Analysis? Still doesn't tell me why the opposition can produce passages of play or 30 yard screamers that have no place in Vanarama League South. If any of you good people could suggest why FMT is the thing for me or should I just suck up the defeats and keep an eye out on the Job Security page then I'd be very grateful...
  7. On the slippery slope to the sack. Again. Won 4 of first 5 league games when I took over (Basingstoke in Van South) now have lost the last 6 only scoring one goal. Including one when they only had two shots, none on target! Whatever I try tactics-wise or formation-wise it makes no difference. I'm already wondering where I might end up next....
  8. I got sacked four games later after 4 points in 17 games. My last game was a 1-0 home defeat against 9 men. They won the next game 3-0 including a goal for my striker who'd gone 22 games without scoring...
  9. I too feel that once you start losing it's incredibly difficult to pull out of it. I should have realised there was a problem after I lost the first 10 games I played on FM19! Obviously now they're my ex-club. In my latest match, after I went behind in the 20th minute at home to Southport the match commentary said "Nuneaton seem to have absolutely no answers to their current predicament". That 'current predicament' is 13 games without winning (D2 L11) and a drop from 9th to 19th in VNN. I've tweaked and overhauled the tactics and tbh the only two draws I got were after replaying following defeats. I'm expecting the sack now but I don't really care any more. Three seasons in and I've converted decent players in my team to donkeys and allowed other teams to score worldies past me for fun.
  10. I wasn't really asking for tactics advice, just wondering if others had noticed similar issues. update - next 4 games scored 6 (5 first half, 1 second half) and concede 5 (all second half)...
  11. Nearly always sub a player who has been booked. If I'm having a bad run I change the camera view to try and change my fortunes. Number my goalies 1, 13, 23 etc where possible. Also I don't like having asymmetrical line ups. FB, WB, Wide midfielders and wingers always have the same role left and right. Just looks wrong otherwise! Sure there's more when I can remember them...
  12. I have a problem with my team (Nuneaton in VNL) going to bits in the second half of games. I rotate my team enough so they aren't really less condition-wise than the opposition, only have 'slightly higher tempo' in possession and 'slightly more urgent' in pressing intensity but often find my team torn apart in the second half of games. In the last 20 matches, I've won twice. I have lost leads to end up drawing or losing in 12 of these games. I've concede 35 goals, of which 27 have been after half time. I watch on extended highlights and often I barely seem to have a shot after half time after 8-10 in the first half. The oppo don't seem to alter their tactics massively against me, but come the second half it seems that there is only one team who is ever going to score. I know I haven't got a great side, but I'm sick of being decent for 45 minutes before turning hopeless.
  13. This worked for me on the Steam website: https://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/2/1752358461533835098/
  14. I have the same issue with FM16 - any ideas as I can't see an FM16.exe to press following this?
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