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  1. Sorry don't know how that came up as hidden...
  2. Does anyone else find that their opponents often seem to, without a noticeable change in tactics, become much better in the second half? I find in maybe 4 out of 5 games that if I am dominant / equal in the first half against a team, they suddenly outplay me in the second half. It's not my team tiring or getting ground down from 65-75 minutes but seems to be straight from the start of the second half until I try to change something to stop it. In my last game I had 10 shots in the first half and my opponents had 9. In the second half I had 2 shots and they had 22! Now that's an extreme example but I'm often overpowered a bit like this in the second half of games. Also, I can never cope if the AI teams go 3 up front towards the end of a game - I always concede one or two goals.
  3. I've just taken Exeter to the Championship (it's 2024), but I was sacked 3 times in the first four years of my previous save from Bath, Nuneaton and Eastbourne. I was terrible.
  4. One of these I remember recently in my favour in a PSF against a poor side. Striker shoots, their keeper makes a decent save onto the post and it dribbles back on the line. Keeper on the deck, none of my players anticipate, so their CD rushes back and lashes the stationary ball into the top corner! Made me chuckle.
  5. I've noticed that often when I watch my games (on comprehensive highlights), that the players that seem to be playing better (good dribbles, nice passes etc) often seem to have lower ratings than other players who haven't appeared to have done much in the highlights. Do you look to sub off the players depending on lowest ratings or give them a reprieve if they seem to have been playing well in the highlights? Also - a pet hate of mine; a throw in deep in opposition territory that is knocked straight back to the thrower who is then caught offside. That 10 seconds of play does not constitute a highlight!!
  6. Never had a son in all my time playing. My theory is that as the game can see the amount of time I spend playing it, it reckons (not without good reason), that as I spend so long playing a computer game I'm not likely to enter into an actual relationship with a real life other person and therefore am very unlikely to have a child.
  7. Can you load a full fat saved tactic into FMT?
  8. Muddled around Vanarama North and South for 6-8 seasons being sacked 3 times. Promoted to Vanarama National then took a job at League 2 Northampton and fluked a promotion via the play-offs. Had a safe season in League 1 then got offered the Italy job!! I have no links to Italy whatsoever nor have I got a high playing status... I turned it down by the way.
  9. Is it worth trying to find the "best" Head of Youth Development you can find? I always assumed he had a role in the quality of the Youth Intake?
  10. Ok so I'll admit I'm an old duffer doesn't know a lot about computers. My Macbook is 6/7 years old now and struggles especially as I like to tab between FM and Internet (Firefox). I tend to have a few tabs open, often including Youtube. Anyway, it's getting very slow now just playing the game, without the other distractions, so I'm looking at getting a new laptop. I like the Mac but I know that I could buy something equally good (FM-wise) for half the money. What am I looking at in the £750 range that'll be good for FM (my only real game), t'internet and the occasional bit of writing? Also (told you I'm dense), I'm assuming that I would have to buy FM19 again if I moved from Mac to Windows? Ta.
  11. ...and now a crash a week later during a match. Switched back (cmd-tab) from Firefox to see the yellow triangle warning notice to say 'unexpected error'
  12. This game is seriously ticking me off now. Not only, as a Mac owner, do I have to make the choice between massively slow and laggy game (normal setting), or one that crashes every 1-2 game weeks (public beta), but I have the vagaries of the ME to wind me up. Just played a game in League One as Northampton home v Doncaster. It's something like 8th v 7th with a few games left in the season. Playing the game, fairly even, we end up the game with more shots than them (21/20). But they win 5-2. "Oh but look at WHERE you're shooting from" is the normal response. "Can they be considered PROPER shots if you're just pinging them from 30 yards and they aren't in any danger of going in". You can't just go on number of shots etc. Trouble is, of our 21 shots, 6 were long shots, of which we scored 1. Of their 20 shots, 16 were long shots, of which they scored 5! Now if I play a game and the opposition only manages 4 attempts on goal from inside my penalty area, I would consider that fairly successful defensively speaking. Looking at the last 20 games I've played, 50% of the 24 goals I've conceded are long shots, going to 30 games it's 16/35 and at 40 games it's 21/46. So it's not like I'm conceding loads of goals, but the ones I am conceding seem to be more difficult to guard against. Now unless I change my tactics and stick a DM or two in to try and stop all long shots I don't know what to do. My keeper is decent but it's like a goal of the month highlights reel watching a lot of these shots fly past him. I'm much more concerned if a CM picks up the ball 25 yards out in a bit of space than if a striker is running through one on one with my keeper. Also, do the players follow instructions more the higher you go (League 1 is the highest I've been at) because a lot of the time I have to check my tactics to see what I've told them to do, because it sure isn't obvious from watching the games...
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