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  1. cyclonus1010

    Match 2: Egypt v Uruguay, Group A 13:00BST

    Shhhhh....... Ronaldo might hear you
  2. cyclonus1010

    Match 2: Egypt v Uruguay, Group A 13:00BST

    International football so strange, Godin, one of the best defenders in the world and Caceres, couldn't get in Southampton's squad
  3. cyclonus1010

    2018 World Cup squads

    Say what you want about Sane's form for the NT not being anything like his form was for City but him being left out of the squad is still a huge shock. Stories about his attitude being a bit too laid back and not having a great relationship with the other players in the NT too. Was one of the players I fancied to announce himself on the world stage and was a big reason why I have been saying Germany to win the whole thing when asked.
  4. cyclonus1010

    Pre-World Cup friendlies

    That's worse than french league defending
  5. cyclonus1010

    England's World Cup 23

    I see Alli more in the David Platt mould, he isn't really that creative but as a midfielder who gets beyond the striker he is one of the best. And his technique at times is superb. Sterling could be the "ace in the hole" but he is gonna find the quality of ball from the players behind him very different to the quality he is used to at club level.
  6. cyclonus1010

    2018 World Cup squads

    Won't get the best out of him playing him anywhere other than centrally. Which won't happen for the NT.
  7. cyclonus1010

    Beyoncé's 2018 F1 Thread

  8. cyclonus1010

    Beyoncé's 2018 F1 Thread

    Wtf? Crashed behind the safety car??
  9. cyclonus1010

    Beyoncé's 2018 F1 Thread

    Great for fans this RB battle, not so great for the team itself
  10. cyclonus1010

    The Playstation 4 Thread

    Forgot i had £27 on my PS+ account, threw another £26 at it and grabbed God of War DD version, would have dropped £40+ on it friday anyway
  11. cyclonus1010

    The Masters 2018

    Fowler not out of it yet !!
  12. cyclonus1010

    The Masters 2018

    Reed And Spieth isn't missing anything
  13. cyclonus1010

    The Masters 2018

    Sky's red button service stopped working, tries loading but goes back to normal screen
  14. cyclonus1010

    Controversial Topman shirt

    Topman seem to have their "excuses" all worded up ready for the "backlash". Canned response anyone?