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  1. There are so many people out there like this, not quite your average person but not far off.
  2. Bet the people who use these cages thought the same thing
  3. They didn't really say that did they?
  4. I thought Scotland was on full lockdown? We sent three 40 foot trailers of furniture up there last week
  5. Just got back from work just now and i find a taxi-card sized advertising Sweet Shop that is over 4 miles away. Typing this while Hancock is saying people are obeying the rules
  6. The guy in question lives close to 40 miles away and the area he lives was one of the lowest risk areas and he travels to work to an area that is Tier 4, highest in Wales. Two lines of workers have had to isolate twice on two different occasions, plus another 3 lines across two buildings had to isolate once due to confirmed cases. One of the people who got tested was told by the testers that they were amazed our place wasn't at least investigated. One of the sewers was collecting money for charity from those who didn't wear a Xmas jumper on a Thursday, she was sent home Monday a
  7. Yep, there's about 200+ people working in our furniture factory, numerous cases of covid over the months, people off right now but we(workers) have no idea of these people off have it as the company is not legally required to tell anyone who is not directly affected. 60 yr old guy with previous health issues had a letter telling him to shield, company told him they won't furlough him so if he wants to shield he can only claim sick pay. So he is in work at a place where there's a clear history of covid cases right now. Told him he needs to take it further. 200 workers traveling in a 5
  8. What's the point if we can't deliver them to anyone
  9. Meanwhile in Wales, i will be working as normal to go and make "essential sofas"
  10. Its the nature of politics i love. One party could be directly responsible for curing cancer and the response from the other side would be asking "why did it take so long?"
  11. My postcode in Wales is Tier 4 (Stay at Home) according to the Covid App. So, tomorrow i will be going to work, as normal to a place that has confirmed cases of Covid from last Thursday. Pretty much all the orders are going to DFS warehouses all over the UK.
  12. Another 2 lines of workers sent home with me in work. Another firebreak lockdown in Wales. Not convinced it helped that much the last time we had one. Seemed like very few people were unable to work and that is just going by the amount of traffic on the roads. Would love to know the actual percentage of people who were unable to work last time around.
  13. Never really had a Star Wars revenge movie, except in name And lets be honest, seeing a Jedi turn to the Dark Side to exact their revenge would more than likely make a great movie.
  14. For some fans it was the best part of the episode but i agree, it was a great cameo. It didn't take away the spotlight from Mando and Grogu and that was great. And i say this as a massive Luke fan. Obviously Grogu survives the downfall of Luke/Jake's failed Jedi Order and gets some serious movie screen time 500 years into the future.
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