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  1. 39 caps, 3 goals and gets picked to play up front. I know he is a winger but those are crap figures for a winger too, even if you include his 4 assists Only averages 54 minutes a game though.
  2. I miss watching La Liga, barely know anything about Isak but he looks like a great player to watch.
  3. First time i knew anything about Red Bull was in Wipeout 2097 on the PS1. It was an inspired move to be fair.
  4. Dutch Gini turned into LFC Gini in the 94th minute
  5. Bounced high enough for him to use his head so yeah, he does score that.
  6. Biggest miss of the tournament so far?
  7. Its taken a few years to get my nearly 70 yr old father up to speed on the latest technology. I have visions of the refs in England struggling in a similar way when trying to get to grips with VAR.
  8. Commentary: "Might be a worry for Belgium as the back up keeper is Mignolet"
  9. So the only team Lukaku has ever looked average/below average for is.................Man Utd
  10. Subbed him out of my FF team after missing the last game and didn't put him back in
  11. One unfit and one really unfit subs coming on, you decide which is which
  12. IF you are his team mate, you are lifted, if you see him lining up against you, there is fear. Talking about KDB of course
  13. Getting a Liverpool-esque vibe from Italy, especially with their pressing.
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