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  1. It's ok, the hypocrisy on this forum has me done for good, good bye all.
  2. Consistent at least, Kieffer Moore got booked twice for using his elbows.
  3. How often does Jorginho put the penalty to the right after that annoying hop and skip?
  4. Barca being Barca will probably over play him over the coming seasons and turn him into an injury ravaged wreck by the time he is 24. Which no one wants to happen to any player at any level.
  5. Dani Olmo reminds of the actor who played Spud in Trainspotting
  6. I imagine Barca have more than a few players they would be willing to sell but he is nowhere near that list.
  7. Seen a lot of Laporte and not a lot of Kimpembe to be fair but i have seen nothing from the PSG man to warrant ever being picked ahead of Laporte.
  8. I was lightning quick so i played half a season as striker but i was like the Welsh version of Ronny Rosenthal. Not sure i was even that good of a tackler at FB but my pace was a great leveller
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