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  1. Could someone explain the differences between 'Move into Channels' as a PI and 'Gets Further Forward' as a PI? I am playing a flat 4-5-1, with a BWM (D) in the centre and B2B (S) on either side in the centre of the park. One of the B2B midfielders is set with both PI's, the other with neither. Would I perhaps be better off splitting this, so one has 'Moves into Channels' and the other has 'Get Further Forward'? - in short, by giving one player both PI's, am I cancelling one or the other out? Cheers.
  2. Agreed - it was certainly required back in the early days of the TC!
  3. No, I'm not advocating infanticide, neither have I clicked on the wrong forum in my bookmarks. 'Kill your darlings' is a phrase I have come across a couple of times - and not just in the context of writing. So what does it mean? More importantly than that, why am I translating it into FM? I was looking something up when I came across the following link, discussing the principle. http://a-musedwriter.blogspot.co.uk/2011/09/what-does-kill-your-darlings-mean.html This helpfully splits the maxim into separate sections - and reasons - and made me think of my tactical approach to FM. Killing the Darlings Everyone Loves A classic. How many Tactical threads have there been over the years with 'Work Ball Into Box' as a TI, without so much as a mention in the write-up? We know what the instruction does - but why is it seen as almost as much a default as playing with a goalkeeper? Killing the Darlings the Writer Loves This is the part where things start to get a little reflective. Have a look back through your tactics. Do you use a certain role in all of them? - I know I did. The 'Central Winger' role - CM/A with lots of PI's to make him a vertical threat from deep. Looking back at various tactics I have tried (and failed) with over the last few versions - some of them chronicled in little-remembered threads on here - I can see that I have been shoehorning it in regularly. Why? Because ever since I discovered it (on the excellent Strikerless blog by MerryGuido) - I wanted it. Is this a problem? - Well, yes and no. To start with No - everyone has something in football they like to see. What pleases them can be very different from one person to another - some like the tika-taka, with it's inherent intricacies - others like to get the ball moving quickly to a big targetman. Putting in a role which you like in the real world is not a problem - it is, after all, your game, your call. However - it can be a problem when that role doesn't fit, whether that be because of other team instructions, interactions with other players, or just plain lacking someone with the ability to carry it out properly. It's fine saying "Oh I had that bloke when I was at x in a previous game who was brilliant", but what if you don't this time around? Are you putting someone there who can't do it? - and, as it is a 'favourite' role, subconsciously you may gloss over it when trying to work out why your tactic isn't working. Killing the Darlings Who Don't Belong The third tenet is one I have touched upon in the previous paragraph - those instructions, that role, that doesn't fit in. Deep Laying Playmaker in what is supposed to be a direct, high-tempo counter attacking 4-4-2 anyone? Poacher as a lone forward? You might like the role, you may have had great success with it in the past - but if you are trying to use it when what you have developed doesn't suit it, it could be recipe for frustration. That doesn't mean you can't do it - but you may need to be prepared to adapt other roles, other positions, to suit the one you want to use - in which case, is there a better option in the first place?. That midfield setup that works brilliantly in a tactic you downloaded? Just clicking the same roles and giving the same PI's might not make it the same in your tactic. The above probably sounds incredibly overbearing and pretentious and of course, feel free to completely ignore it - it's your game. But - just remember, when you are struggling and don't know why - take a look at all of your tactical elements - and don't just gloss over those which you think can't possibly be the 'problem'.
  4. info provided

    I have a theory on this. Loaded four or five new games, each of them it was defaulting. Decided to restart Steam (File - Go Offline, then reopen Steam and log back in). Started a new game again - worked first time. Could well be a coincidence, but worth a try
  5. You won't get a league invite until the second season (2017/18). This has always been the case.
  6. Thanks, I may well do that
  7. Solved my own question for 1 - it is the same, have set up England and Wales same as last year Didn't touch Scotland though so would still appreciate a hand with the Highland & Lowland Leagues.
  8. Evening all Idiot question coming up, plus one perhaps not so slightly idiotic. 1; Is the process for activating the English Feeder Leagues still the same as described for FM15 here?; https://footballmanagerhowto.wordpress.com/2014/11/09/how-to-add-english-regional-leagues/ I followed these instructions last year and got it working perfectly (and also activated the Welsh Second Tier divisions), so just want to make sure that this will work again. 2; I would also like to activate the Highland & Lowland Leagues in Scotland, but the playoff puts me off as I don't want to break it. Is there a quick 'how to' on that? - I don't want to make any structural changes or have a fantasy pyramid etc, just activate those two leagues so that they work. Cheers
  9. Crawley no longer train at Oakwood FC, they use Ardingly College; Proof http://www.crawleytownfc.com/news/article/crawley-town-2511827.aspx
  10. Sussex; AFC Uckfield - Home Kit Red & Black Vertical Stripes. Away kit Blue - Proof http://www.scfl.org.uk/pages/clubs.html?id=14807 - Full Club Name is AFC Uckfield Town Broadbridge Heath - Away Kit White Shirt, Red Shorts & Socks rather than Black as in DB - Proof http://www.scfl.org.uk/pages/clubs.html Hailsham Town; Registered player Alex Attrill now retired, Ryan Fletcher & Danny Leach released. Manager Kenny McCreadie no longer with club and has not been for several years. Should be set as unemployed. Horsham YMCA; Mick Browning, set as Chairman in DB, sadly passed away last year - http://www.wscountytimes.co.uk/news/tragic-passing-of-horsham-ymca-chairman-mick-browning-1-7080918 Lancing; Richard Whittington no longer manager (left in summer)
  11. Chris Agutter is set as Eastbourne Borough U23 Assistant Manager - he is actually their Academy Team Manager now rather than Assistant. http://www.ebfc.co.uk/a/club-information-47648.html (Scroll down to Football). Matthew Bubb, set as Manager in database, now works for Gillingham probably in a role not shown in game - http://www.northkent.ac.uk/documents/policies-and-procedures/football_academy_booklet.pdf My club (Hailsham Town) have 4 'Boro Youth Academy players (none of whom are on game) dual signed at the moment and we dealt with Chris for this process so I think he should probably be set as U23 Manager rather than Assistant.
  12. Langney Wanderers should be set as Groundsharing at The Oval, Eastbourne United, for the 2016/17 Season. They should be back at Shinewater Lane next season pending erection of floodlights and a stand.
  13. A media one; BBC Sussex have Farnborough listed as a club under Coverage, and BBC Surrey have Horsham. They are the wrong way round, Horsham is in Sussex, Farnborough in Surrey. Hastings United, Burgess Hill Town, Bognor Regis Town and Lewes could also be set as BBC Sussex.
  14. The victory had showed Connor Oliver in a very good light - his showing particularly bright in what both Robbie and I considered a very good performance. With three of the planned seven friendly matches now behind us, initial thoughts were beginning to form on some of the trialists - although others, such as Jack Blake , still were coming across as something of an enigma. The week would begin quietly, although Courtney Richards found himself in demand as we accepted a £10,000 bid from Accrington Stanley on Monday morning, although rejections from potential trialists Piero Mingoia and Jamie Turley would prove frustrating. By far the biggest news in the footballing world though would come from managerial changes on Tuesday, when Norwegian Åge Hareide was announced as Wales manager in succession to Chris Coleman . Whilst perhaps best known on these shores for a spell as a player with Manchester City and then Norwich in the early 80's, Harehide's coaching record includes domestic titles in Denmark, Norway and Sweden , as well as four years in charge of his native Norway , whilst Roberto Mancini would also return to English football, taking the Liverpool job to replace the Emirates-bound Jurgen Klopp . With Louis Briscoe passed as fit to resume full training by Gareth on Wednesday morning, there would be no injury concerns as training began in earnest ahead of the final two home friendlies, with Sherborne Town visiting on Saturday before Tiverton Town on Tuesday. There would also be a new face in the squad on Wednesday, with Ben Barclay , a young defender who had failed to make the cut at Brighton & Hove Albion arriving for a fortnight whilst we assessed his claims. He - as with the other trialists - would get another friendly, after Robbie pulled a few strings and managed to arrange us a final friendly, the Tuesday prior to the season's opener at home to Morecambe , away from home against Welsh Premier outfit Aberystwyth Town . Whilst trialist rejections had been something that Robbie and I had discussed over a curry at home on Thursday evening, as if to prove us wrong, by Friday morning there were two new faces in the camp, with midfielder Tom Koblenz arriving on trial until the end of preseason following his release by Derby County , and right back Sam Ling, let go by Leyton Orient, also making his arrival in Devon. The week would end with Michelle - now full-time after the completion of her college course - sending off the Squad Numbers list for the season. Not long now...
  15. Apologies for lack of updates - Non-League politics have left me feeling a little disillusioned with football of late and so have been concentrating on my other hobbies rather than coming online to play FM in the evenings As we boarded the coach to leave Twerton Park, I took a call from Martin Rowlands , who had taken an Under 18 side to Weymouth and was calling to report a 2-1 victory. It was a side mostly made up of players who Martin and Grant Marsh had recruited from local youth sides, with the aim of taking a look over the course of the season to see if they would be worth integrating into our setup, but Karl Cotterill , one of our first-year pros, would also net in a result which would have been more comfortable but for an 88th minute penalty. The following evening, 79,000 people would pack into the Stade De France for the conclusion of a memorable and entertaining Euro 2016 tournament which saw Belgium crowned Champions of Europe. Josip Drmic put Switzerland ahead in the 30th minute, before Eden Hazard equalised shortly afterwards. With the game going to extra time, Romelu Lukaku would prove the hero of the hour - first rising highest to head Kevin De Bruyne's corner against the bar, before reacting quickest to poke the ball over the line and seal the victory. Kevin De Bruyne would be awarded the Player of the Tournament trophy to go with his winners medal after the match, with Croatia's Mario Manzukic clinching the Golden Boot for his six goals over the course of the competition. Whilst for Marc Wilmots it would be a memorable weekend, for Chris Coleman it would be the complete opposite - a hero in Wales a few months ago having led the national team to their first tournament since 1958, his resignation on Monday after a dismal showing in France coming as little surprise. Closer to home there would be two more players rejecting trial offers, with defender Danny Kane and winger Billy Waters saying no to our approaches, but Robbie and I were in attendance - along with a crowd made up mostly of scouts from other clubs - as a Torquay XI , managed by Martin, again with plenty of local youth players, beat Exeter City 1-0 at the Cat & Fiddle Training Ground thanks to a late effort from Tyrone Marsh . His performance was enough that, when I got back to the office, two offers had been received to take the striker on loan for the season - Macclesfield Town and Barrow both interested. A brief discussion with Robbie saw the two offers accepted, with Tyrone given the opportunity to showcase his undoubted talents on a more regular basis than at Plainmoor. On Tuesday morning two more returned our calls - but this time, both would accept, with Aaron Downes , a 31-year old centre back who had played for - and indeed captained - Torquay before my arrival, and Martin Riley , another centre back, who had spent the season at Tranmere , joining us until the end of preseason. With two in, there would also be one departure - Liam Prynn sent off to affiliate club Curzon Ashton for the season to gain first team experience. Whilst victory was welcome, Benjamin Van den Broek turning down his trial offer on Wednesday morning was less so, the Kiwi midfielder, who had impressed both Robbie and I when playing for his former side, Barrow , last season, declaring - via his agent - that he felt his future lay at a higher level than we could offer. Someone else moving up to a higher level would be David Thompson , who had done a good job to keep a Forest Green Rovers side who had started terribly up last season, the job at Carlisle in League Two his reward. With Tyrone Marsh agreeing to join Barrow on loan for the season on Friday morning, the forward would be followed out of the exit door by trialist Aaron Downes , who was decent enough to admit that he felt that returning to his previous club would be a mistake for reasons which will remain personal. Downes' departure left us with a gap to fill, and trialist Connor Oliver certainly seemed keen to be the man to fill it - a versatile player, the former Blackpool man seemed very keen to get started, with his positive attitude impressing everyone, particularly Malcolm Naylor , in training.