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  1. I am currently in the summer (well, winter, managing in Sweden) end of season break and have just been looking at my Reserve squad to see what areas I need to strengthen. When I did this, an idea struck me - There are various options on the 'Filter' drop down, but it would be really handy to have another one for those players who I have marked as 'Set for release' not to be shown. This will make it easier to see exactly what sort of squad I will have next season, taking out those who I have already decided will not be part of it.
  2. Hi Mark; Text reads 'improved' when it should be 'improve' in the player negotiation comment (blue line is my shoddy attempt at highlighting with the snipping tool!)
  3. Edit; Apologies to anyone using; Found an error putting a salary cap of £0 on the squad registration rules. Can only assume I clicked this in error! Now corrected and reuploaded. I've also made a slight tweak to the dates, added to 'No Non-EU players' rule as per Division Two, and changed the subs rules for Division 3 to 5 from 7 as per Div 2.
  4. For FM21, I fancied managing IK Sleipner in Sweden after seeing a reference to them in Jonathan Wilson's excellent The Names Heard Long Ago . Unfortunately for me, they play in the Swedish Third Division, one lower than FM simulates, so I have added the third division as a manageable tier. Caveats; League sorting rules are as per Division Two, as I couldn't find an English reference to any specifics. I have not added any additional cups. Biggest change; There is no relegation from Division 3 - the sixth tier is not in the database, so I didn't want to add completely new co
  5. Llantwit Major (Cmryu South) manager Karl Lewis' surname is all in lower case (as can be seen from the first sentence and the tooltip).
  6. Have a look at Shaquille Leachman-Whittingham at Rushall Olympic Not sure if it's my eyes, but he seems to have an extra space between the hyphen and 'Whittington' which looks odd to me. Match screenshot shows what I mean
  7. Broadbridge Heath moved from Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre to High Wood Hill Sports Ground (Sponsor name; The Countryside Stadium) in 2019.
  8. Stevenage; Jamie Fielding; 31042310; Three loan appearances for Hailsham Town (on loan from Eastbourne Borough) 2016/17
  9. Some more Sussex ones; Matt Rodrigues-Barbosa; 31036054 FROM Saltdean United (possibly AFC Uckfield in game, wasn't there for very long) - TO Eastbourne Town Billy Crittenden; 89061624 FROM Free Agent TO Eastbourne Town Source; Squad listing on League Full-Time; https://fulltime-league.thefa.com/DisplayTeam4.do?divisionseason=38052326&id=25453835&seasonTeamID=854146587 Trevor McCreadie; 29074788 FROM Haywards Heath Town TO Saltdean United Source; https://fulltime-league.thefa.com/DisplayTeam4.do?divisionseason=38052326&id=342811626&seasonTeamID=9245707
  10. Adam Lovatt (31040353) joined Sutton United from Hastings United on 5/11/20 (too late for beta I suspect!) He also made 12 appearances on loan from Eastbourne Borough to Hailsham Town in 2016/17. Squad Number at Sutton; 18 Source; https://www.suttonunited.net/player-news-9/
  11. Level 10; Hailsham Town; Derek York (29144364) , in game as Chairman, sadly passed away a couple of years ago. New Chairman is me, can obviously provide details, but suspect you don't want to add non playing staff who cannot be hired to a non playable level
  12. An idea I've had for a while relates to Scouting; At present, scouts both in the game at the start and newly generated have regions and indeed countries that they know a lot about. Whilst this is fine, it is also a little unrealistic. If I am managing say, Torquay, and I sign a newly generated scout with an unknown reputation, straight away he will have extensive knowledge of the whole of England. It might be better if each country was split, using the regions already present in the game - so my hypothetical Torquay scout, born in Devon and who has lived there all his life, might have an exten
  13. Just a quick one; Please can we have the option to save our Screen Flow and Social Feed settings for loading in a different save? A new feature (I think) this year was to be able to customise the social feed and save it for future use within the same save - it would be really handy if we could save it once and be able to reload in the future (as you can do with tactics, shortlists, game setup etc). It would perhaps be even more useful for screenflow, as it would save the drudgery of making sure you see all the World Cup results for example.
  14. I'd be tempted to take off the ''Look for Overlap'. On that side you have an inside forward and an attacking wingback - the wingback will overlap naturally, without the instruction to force it.
  15. Photos are great. We've been in for nearly 2 weeks now, and soon after arriving had a card from the previous owner. Included were some old prints of photos from when her husband was alive, showing how nice the garden was with a bit of love and attention. We've also discovered, partially buried in the undergrowth, a well! This was surprisingly not mentioned on any searches, though it does show in an Ordnance Survey map I've found from 1877. We are in two minds as to whether to have it capped, or to have a pump installed so that we can extract water from it for the garden/washing the car e
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