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  1. Won't need to replace the GPU, you'll be able to keep that if you're happy with it
  2. You can get a significantly newer and better CPU than a 3770K for the price it'd cost you to buy one and you'd likely have a much easier time finding a compatible motherboard for something newer too
  3. Apologies as I assume this has been answered somewhere, but I could just not find anything, since the results were always too broad. I know when you download logo packs for entire nations and stuff, its always just a case of unzipping files to the right folders and stuff, but I just want to add one badge for one team, and I'm not sure how to do it. I've started a save where I put Camberely Town into the Blue Square South, and I have found a badge for them on google images, I am just not sure how I go about adding it?
  4. Exactly. I'm aware you can pick a second nationality, but that's not the same thing really, and like people have demonstrated, is not accurate and is limited in scope. The exploitation excuse is nonsense too. By that logic we should take out the editor, and disable savegame editors and stop the ability to reload, or add in new managers, etc.
  5. I did look for a thread on this but couldn't find one, so apologies if this has been done to death, but this has always confused me - When creating yourself as a manager at the start of your save, why do you not have any options to list languages that you speak? It seems bizarre that as time has gone on, players/staff's ability to speak a nation's language has become more and more of a factor in the game, with players struggling to fit in, players not communicating on the pitch, a manager not having a good enough command of his players, etc, but the game never gives you an option in the first place to list languages you can actually speak. Surely this would be relatively easy to implement?
  6. http://i.imgur.com/SqhjqUc.jpg heres a screenshot of one of my FMC saves, shows its possible
  7. Yeah but it's pretty complicated (on the surface anyway, its not that difficult) basically you go onto the tools section in your steam library and download the resource archiver for FM 2013, 1. extract the "FMC2013" folder from skins.fmf file, using the Resource Archiver. 2. change the folder name to something like "FMC2013b", as well as the file names "fmc.xml" and "fmc settings.xml" (in the folder "Settings") to "fmc2013b.xml" and "fmc2013b settings.xml". 3. edit the "fmc2013b settings.xml" file changing the colours you want - there are 2 sets of values, the first set are the text colour for the actual numbers on the attriubutes, the second are the squares in the background (which is what I usually change) just find an RGB colour chart on google images and use the values there. 4. move the whole "FMC" folder to My Documents > Sports Interactive > football manager 2013 > skins 5. open the game and 2 skins should be avaliable for FMC mode. You must choose FMCb skin. You might need to mess around reloading the skin, etc but this should work
  8. I'm sure this is one thats been said loads, but why can't we change attribute colours in FMC like in normal FM? I find the default colours really weird and the 2 greens hard to distinguish. I always used to have the attribute ranges set up a certain way where it was much easier to glance at a player and get a basic idea of ability, which I find more difficult with the default colours. I did find a way to edit them via the skins XML file, which was a bit long winded but I only had to do it the once. Now I've come back to FMC after a while of not playing, and editing the skin causes my own players attributes to be masked and not display properly, meaning I have to go back to the default skin. Is there no way around this? Seems like it would be an easy thing to add in
  9. Sorry for answering peoples repeated questions that would rectify the 'wish' that they made. Utterly ridiculous of me
  10. For the guys that don't like the colour coding of the attribute boxes, it is possible to change them by downloading the resource archiver and editing the relevant xml file. There is a thread I started about it in the skinning forum asking the exact question and I now have those boxes in a far more instantly obvious (to me at least) colour coding (grey for poor, black for normal, yellow for good and red for excellent) so it is possible to make it a little better. I don't get why people are asking for Team Talks and having more leagues, go and play the full version? As someone mentioned, I would like the Scouting to be a tiny bit more involved. Obviously I appreciate it being stripped down from the full game, but I feel like it's TOO basic, a little more control over what and where is being scouted would be nice. Also I would love a way for tabs to be integrated into the game, so you could maybe have a few players open when looking at potential transfers or something. Even if tabs weren't possible, if there could be a condensed version of a players attributes (kinda like how if you mouse over them) but you could get them to stick on the screen, sort of like how you can have the different panels showing ratings, league, match stats, etc on a match day
  11. Random hijack because I don't want to start a whole new thread, are unlockables unlocked forever? or do you have to unlock them again after using them once?
  12. It isn't saved that closely though, it has to generate through a day or 2 first. Even if that is true though, that IS ridiculous if it's predetermining results before you've actually played them? That basically means you couldn be unknowingly going into a loss unless you did something like made a cursory substitution to change it up?
  13. I am in my 5th season of a save with Rangers. I am top of the SPL 4 points clear and haven't lost in 22 games. I had a game against 5th placed St Mirren, I won 4-1, but then the game froze. "No problem" I thought to myself, "I'll just use the fantastic new instant result feature so I can quickly just get my win back and then just move on!" However, after losing the same fixture 2 or 3 times and by ridiculous margins (like 6-0, 7-1, etc), I started to keep track and do an experiment and have re-played the same fixture 60 times so far. I have not won a single one of these games. In every game, I either get absolutely, resoundingly gubbed (in more than 50% of these games I have lost by more than 4 goals) or I will take a decent lead, only for a bizarre sequence of events to let St Mirren back into the game, such as multiple penalties, ultra convenient own goals, multiple goals in injury time, or a combination of these things and more. So yeah, despite me being top and on a massive winning streak, despite me having only conceded 13 goals in 23 games, I now apparently have a fixture that is impossible to win. You'd think that over 60 times I'd have had a 'fluke' win (barely a fluke since I'm massive favourites). The only conclusion I can draw is that there is an element of random seeding being locked in by a certain point - similar to how if you reload your save just before a shot on Xcom, you'll have the same miss/hit result no matter how many times you try. I am now totally convinced the game is basically predetermining results of games to keep leagues closer or something, im not sure really, I guess I am just speculating. I just find it bizarre that replaying the same fixture over and over yields the same overall result and also shows patterns of games being totally and improbably thrown away over and over again. Anybody else experienced this? What gives
  14. I appear to have gotten it working, thanks brother!
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