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  1. My magical mystery tour of european half marathons continues next weekend as following Rome, Gothenberg, Luxembourg (hardly counts as I live here) and Zurich last year I am off to Lisbon. Did go to Marrakech for a race in January as well but illness prevented me from running. Hardly done any training whatsoever, although thanks to about 3hrs of football a week and regular gyms visits I am probably fitter than I previously was. Just the whole running thing needs perfecting. Got a 10km race on Sunday as a warm up, apparently torrential rain is forecast :/. Previous efforts were: Rome - 2h07,
  2. oh yeah, and the friend who encouraged me to start last year has moved himself casually to a new level. he has joined a running club (actually basically the only running club here) and is doing 10km every thursday and saturday and 25km+ at 9am every sunday! and he now never goes out. he is the one i am going to zurich with, wondering just how much slower i will be...
  3. time for a running update. since that 10km on july 1st, basically did absolutely no jogging (just played football regularly) until about 2 weeks ago. 3 days before doing a 10mile race. could have a 10km one instead but male pride persuaded me to do the longer one. did an acceptable time of around 1h35 i think but walked loads and just couldn't really be bothered tbh. the fact it was a similar time to my 10mile races last year despite the walking etc. was encouraging i suppose. anyway, have done no training since and i have a half marathon near zurich in 12 days. hmmm. a good thing is at leas
  4. well, yeah, since the last h-t in may, have basically been jogging about 3 times :/. admittedly one was a free 10km race so that was ok, although the second half of that was like a tour de france mountain stage so was not exactly caning it. am playing regularly football instead, am a reserve for a team in the corporate summer league here so have been to a few training sessions. but no jogging and no swimming either. weekends are my main problem, always end up going out to 3am+ and being too knackered to do anything. next week i am in finland which will basically just be an 8 day drinking bin
  5. since my last post in here which i think must have been around january i have done (my first ever) 3 half marathons: roma - ostia in february - did 2h07 which i was happy enough with, only really cracked in the last 3km, disappointing that my slowest km was the last one though. also the fact it started at 9h30 on a sunday morning hardly helped matters, trying to force myself to go to bed at 11 on a saturday night in a city i had never visited before was not easy, nor successful. goteborgs varvet on may 12th - 2h03 this time which when i finished i was not over the moon at, objective had been
  6. just got back from the pool, 1000m. felt full of energy, could have done a bit more maybe, but it was the first time for about 6 weeks so thought better of it. in theory, jogging tomorrow, football thursday and swimming again on friday. also as i work a 5 minute bus journey from the pool, there is always the possibility of me going at lunchtime. tbf there has been that same possibility for the 2.5 years i have worked there and it has yet to materialise so i am not exactly holding out much hope of it happening tbh we shall see...
  7. so everyone gave up then? well, i am definitely do this half-marathon now. have bought the ryanair flights and now need to sign up for the race (20Eur I think), will be going with Italian friends from Rome so that should be accomodation sorted. training kind of ground to a halt over the last few weeks, just played football twice a week and dismissed running. did do some over Christmas though at my mum's, she lives at the bottom of a 500m drive which must go down about 75-100m in total, so was running up and down that a few evenings, jeez it was hard work and the obvious problem was that a
  8. did a 10km race yesterday, just over 52mins, pretty pleased with that, was aiming for 55mins at best. the difference between that and the first one 4 weeks previous was huge. gonna carry jogging at least once a week during winter if i can, as well as swimming once and football twice a week. current aim is a half marathon in rome in february and doing it under 2hrs which should be perfectly possible if i carry on training. hope to do some weights at some stage but really don't have the time atm...
  9. been getting into a bit of jogging recently. got a bit carried away by doing a 10 mile race after about 3 weeks off doing 4-5km around a track. not a good idea at all and neither was doing it w/o a stop watch, hared off at the same pace as my friend who was aiming for around 5'30 each km. he went off too fast so i discovered at the end that i did the 1st km in 5'15 . nearly died soon after. for the last 10km basically a combination of walking and painful running. but in the 2 weeks since, each week have run 6-7km twice along with 1hr of indoor football twice. did another 10 mile race today (
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