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  1. Hi, Maybe I'm just missing something obvious, but, how do you recolour the source name and time in the inbox list... Thanks
  2. I've not had much chance to play since release of the beta, but from the few matches I've played, I am mightily impressed with the improvements to some of the animations in the ME, chipped goals, better looking placement of shots and some really beautiful looking passages of passing play....well done to the guys in this area, its night and day differences from last year. The UI for me is really good too, yes some things have been replaced or updated and won't suit everyone but I'm enjoying it, the gestures add to the way you can present yourself in press conferences and with players. Equally, the way responses are 'greyed out' if they conflict with the gestures is a handy addition. All in all, if this is the starting point for the game in the Beta stage for us then I am looking forward to the tweaks in time for release.
  3. are you sure that there isn't another folder within that folder? in the past i've had that problem with skins when unzipped
  4. Ah bugger, might need to re-think the colour scheme, or remove the graphic...thanks for looking 👍
  5. so i'm tweaking the base skins and im stuck. when you select a sidebar item, i.e. finances and it highlights the button - i can get the highlighted colour to change, but how can i then change the icon 'under' the highlighted colour to reverse the colours.... so on this image for instance the icon is orange, but when i 'highlight' in orange can the icon turn purple?
  6. I have the same CPU in a different laptop and it works fine for me, i usually start with all leagues from Eng/Sco/Italy/Germany/Spain/Portugal/Netherlands/France/Denmark/Belgium with about 70K players loaded and get 3 stars for speed.
  7. It has worked for me, but I had to do it twice, when I went back into steam to check it hadn't saved the location. Put it in again and now it works
  8. The challenge that SI face is the demand to be wanting a realistic match engine, realistic football VS the desire to want a quick sim match button and cut down version of the game that isn't FMT. If only life had a quick win, easy option. Do you know what, I dont fancy managing staff today, let me skip it please boss. Hey, there might be a kid in Brazil who's good at football, dont want to scout to see, just tell me he's the next Messi and I'll pay the 20 grand.
  9. played for a few hours last night but only one actual match.. spent far too much time looking at all the new screens, in particular i love the medical centre and the tactics analyser thing that highlights weak points. also noticed that there is a new coaching stat for GK coaches to worry about in the future! Scouting will also be 'interesting' when dropping down to lower leagues, but obviously much more realistic. The one match i did actually play was really slick, i have a GTX 960M and turned everything to the highest setting and there wasn't any stuttering or jerky animations. Had a couple of issues already mentioned in bugs forum, the pop up for players not displaying the contents on first click/hover. all in all very nice looking for a BETA version
  10. Its a U processor though so low power. for the same price you could get https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/ZX553VD-DM969T-ASUS-Gaming-ZX553VD-DM969T_2145527.html
  11. its like this every year.....straw clutching all over the barn!
  12. looks really good, really really good in fact. some of the finishes in that were excellent, stadiums look really well improved from last year.
  13. explains it better in the thread than I could, but essentially 2 different saved games with various details/leagues etc you can then time how long it takes to holiday for a week. It gives an idea of how fast different CPUs etc compared to each other. so in the tests I ran - benchmark A time was 4 min 56 seconds to run and B was 9 minutes 57 secs.
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