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  1. are you sure that there isn't another folder within that folder? in the past i've had that problem with skins when unzipped
  2. Started a game as Dartford FC as they have no manager and to be honest know absolutely nothing about them but, Luke Wanadio looks to have joined in June 2019 but has a contract that expires in 1900, so I'm guessing a mistake in the data as he should either have a contract or be set as non-contract? *Actually may not be accurate - in the contract screen it is set as non-contract which makes sense with the lack of expiry date - the skin i have downloaded has added info to the player screen which is nit present on default skins so may be an error with the coding in the skin
  3. Ah bugger, might need to re-think the colour scheme, or remove the graphic...thanks for looking 👍
  4. so i'm tweaking the base skins and im stuck. when you select a sidebar item, i.e. finances and it highlights the button - i can get the highlighted colour to change, but how can i then change the icon 'under' the highlighted colour to reverse the colours.... so on this image for instance the icon is orange, but when i 'highlight' in orange can the icon turn purple?
  5. Demetrio albertini was a brilliant player
  6. Or you could get good and not cheat
  7. think its on the panel -player scout reports for scouting centre card- there should be a link to the graphic in that file if that's where I think I remember it is!
  8. I have the same CPU in a different laptop and it works fine for me, i usually start with all leagues from Eng/Sco/Italy/Germany/Spain/Portugal/Netherlands/France/Denmark/Belgium with about 70K players loaded and get 3 stars for speed.
  9. Personally I'm a big fan of the scouting centre, scouts have found some really interesting young players for the level I'm at in game. Also the level of interest filter is a useful tool for loan players to lower leagues as well
  10. I have been able to find time, however, the guys at DF11 faces (https://df11faces.com/en/Aurum18/) have added support from the DF11 facepacks and as far as I know instant result also.
  11. Managed to finally have a look at Aurum for FM18 for the few who will use it! Its not perfect and I'm not sure I'll have the time to make any big changes, but please let me know if you spot anything major. Firstly the acknowledgments - Michael for the Base Skins, anyone who I've borrowed bits from (D_LO, CFM skin mainly) and to anyone answering questions on here giving support There are 2 options - Aurum18 made in 1920x1080 and Aurum18Low 1366x768 (I think!) http://www.mediafire.com/file/aai559wp8safkc6/Aurum18.7z http://www.mediafire.com/file/g1oe85z2nq8j7t2/Aurum18Low.7z
  12. nearly there (I think), i need to look at a few screens to sort out re-sizing, my laptop resolution is 1920x1080 so making sure it will scale for those who don't have this. will put the 1st version on here later tonight.
  13. thanks michael, will have a look when I get home!
  14. It's black because they are not scouted, I. E. No knowledge, I've tried but can't seem to find it either, pretty sure I managed to change it last year
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