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  1. Has anyone managed to apply an outline to fonts? I have tried several variations and they all cause the game to crash. I would like to apply an outline to certain text, but the outline colour must be the clubs primary or secondary colour. The text itself will need to be the clubs primary or secondary colour too. Both will be the opposite of each other.
  2. I always do a single save whilst managing multiple teams using the (add manager) option in order to increase difficulty and to ensure I don’t sign the same players for every team that I manage. This way I can adopt different strategies and play styles for different clubs.
  3. Excellent work. Really like the sidebar.
  4. Use Shift and R to refresh skin to speed things up after you've forced a refresh.
  5. C:\Users\OlukitzFudgey\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\skins\Draconis\fonts If you follow the path above you will find a text.xml file in the fonts folder. This will change most of the text on screen to a font of your choosing. There are other font files in there also which could be changed to a different font too. Change a few and reload skin to test against whatever your heart desires. This should give you a start hopefully You will need a text editor in order to apply the changes: Notepad++ is a good basic editor
  6. You need to use a program such as WinRAR in order to extract the contents from the file in order to view its content as a folder. Google WinRAR and download the appropriate file suitable for your operating system. Whenever you then download files from the internet that are in such format, all you need to do is right click and you will see the option to extract the files here.
  7. You could add buttons to the sidebar so that the background of each selection is filled with a different color. I would not advise mixing it up with primary and secondary colors though as it can look hideous with teams that have white as their secondary or primary color. Experiment with a color in Photoshop and create the graphic and keep changing the color until you are satisfied with the way it looks. I've changed transparency in order to ensure white text is reasonabl to look at on a whitish background. Maybe you can do the same. Or you can just do what I've done and change the background of the button to a dark color and then change the hover and selected graphics to the clubs primary or secondary color. The background of the buttons are a little hard to see but they are slightly darker than the background of the entire panel. See pic below: The buttons are on the sidebar menu table.xml and the transparency is in the club overview details panel.xml P.S. Ignore the tab bar I'm still working on the sidebar and titlebar/header as not satisfied with the way it looks.
  8. Thanks for the confirmation I'm going to use the settings methods for now until I figure out what is wrong with the graphics.
  9. I'm having a brain freeze. I can't seem to remember how to change the color of the drop down bar(Comparison)? Does this also affect the drop down for when clicking on the FM button on the right next to the continue.xml? It was working before. I have confused myself.
  10. I know it's a game but I could never sell David De Gea. Well I would never sell Pogba, Mata or Shaw either and many people are selling some of those players too. Joel Pereira looks decent tbh.
  11. Is it possible to unretire squad numbers that have been retired by a selected club? It has always bugged me that Inter Milan has retired the shirt number 4 and 3 and I really would like to be able to assign my players with those respective numbers. I can’t find anything in the editor to unretire the shirt numbers. I’m probably just not looking in the right place. Can someone please direct me to the correct location so that I can change it so that all squad numbers are able to be assigned to players. Thank you.
  12. Happy to help If anyone finds anyone else that they are able to sell for a decent sum post them up. This United team is one of the worst teams I have ever seen and I am a fan. I rate Jose Mourinho as one of the best managers in the world who is doing wonders with what he has been given. If anyone actually pays attention to what he says during press conferences and in the past they would know that Victor Lindelof and Eric Bailly were not his signings. They were the club signings. He said after Lindelof was purchased that he has never seen him play and gave the board the green light after the scouting department recommended him. He also had a recent dig at the scouting department at Manchester United and he is right. The club have been making awful signing for so long. Javier Ribalta also wanted to sign Leon Goretzka on a free transfer and he left after one year. Why didn't we sign Aymeric Laporte one of the best ball playing defenders in the world who was available for £56 million. Rant over.
  13. Step by step guide to sell Lingard for £50 million. Offer to club for unspecified amount. Arsenal will bid something stupid. Counter the offer with exactly £50 million up front. Arsenal will accept. That's what I did.
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