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  1. OlukitzFudgey

    Hidden Attributes panel

    There is space below the Physical part of the table, so yes you can copy and paste the code. There might be some tweaks required to get the information to display on screen properly, but it should be pretty easy.
  2. OlukitzFudgey

    Small Icons (Injured, Wanted, Unhappy etc)

    I had to recreate my skin as I lost all my information due to a hard drive failure and I can't remember how to include home grown status and other pieces of information in the "player status information" column. So first in the table is "Position Selected". I am talking about the next column which says "INF". Furthermore, you can see 26px boxes/buttons which say things like wnt, int, trv, tut etc. Can someone please tell me which panel would allow me to add, modify, delete entries in that particular column?. Thanks.
  3. OlukitzFudgey

    Regen Facepacks

    The following is mine: <record from="43318498" to="graphics/pictures/person/43318498/portrait"/> I have assigned an image to the ID but it just doesn't seem to be working. I'll try emptying cache etc manually and force the skin to recognise the changes again. Tried on the base skin, the beautiful Andromeda skin and my personal skin as well. Not sure why this is not working. It's also occurring for other people as well because people keep asking me about it. Yep it's not working. I will have to change the images the hard way.
  4. OlukitzFudgey

    Regen Facepacks

    I have been trying to add images to players, staffs, or regens manually but it is not working for some reason. Has there been any changes specifically for Football Manager 2018? The method I am talking about is when you add images in the graphics folder and input the ID of the entry you want to assign an image too. There are quite a few things that are not working for me in this version of the game.
  5. OlukitzFudgey

    FM17: Rate My Newgen Thread

  6. Apologies for the stupid question, but do you think the gradient issue would be fixed anytime soon? I did not play Football Manager for a month after reporting the gradient issue, as I continuously change my skin, and a major part of how I play is by changing colours and graphics to highlight certain elements in game. I actually mod more than I play games and that applies to every game that I own. I have not even hit the continue button on a serious save.
  7. OlukitzFudgey

    FM 18 Fonts/Gradients

    Thanks for the confirmation michaeltmurrayuk. I was going insane trying to change the gradient colours. I must have created the panels 50 different times from scratch. Cheers
  8. OlukitzFudgey

    FM 18 Fonts/Gradients

    - Apologies. I didn’t copy and paste correctly the full code. I have manually changed the values intentionally to RGB white. - I wanted to change the values to a combination of gold. So, I inputted one gold colour in the top part of the code and a different second gold colour on the second part of the code. Whenever I use anything other than basic RGB values the colour changes to blue. Please see the screenshot down below. This is supposed to be two different gold colours. - When I used basic RGB values or a colour that is the same on both parts of the gradient then it works. Please see the screenshot down below. This is a solid silver colour that works. This means both parts of the gradients have the same RGB values. This is a black and white gradient that works. This is a green and blue gradient that works. However, my combination of gold is not working. - The colours seem to be the right way round for me.
  9. OlukitzFudgey

    FM 18 Fonts/Gradients

    Hello, Has the way in which we apply gradients to fonts changed for Football Manager 2018? This is what I am familiar with: <integer id="gradient_lower_margin" value="0"/> <integer id="gradient_curve" value="0"/> <integer id="gradient_upper_colour_red" value="255"/> <integer id="gradient_upper_colour_green" value="255"/> <integer id="gradient_upper_colour_blue" value="255"/> <integer id="gradient_upper_colour_alpha" value="255"/> <integer id="gradient_lower_colour_red" value="255"/> <integer id="gradient_lower_colour_green" value="255"/> <integer id="gradient_lower_colour_blue" value="255"/> <integer id="gradient_lower_colour_alpha" value="255"/> I’m trying to change the media description (Midfield entertainer) to a gradient, but it keeps rejecting it. Other screens and panels are also rejecting gradients. Also, can anyone tell me how to locate and get rid of that awful blue line in the client object browser section? Thank you
  10. OlukitzFudgey

    [FM18][SKIN] Football Manager 2018 Base Skins

    Go to Steam, then library, then click tools and check if you can see Football Manager 2018 Resource Archiver. You would need to extract the files and search for any files if you want to make changes to the vanilla game.
  11. OlukitzFudgey

    [FM18][SKIN] Football Manager 2018 Base Skins

    Locate sidebar menu table.xml change appearance: appearance="boxes/custom/interface/sidebar/paper" then change the paper image to a colour of your choice. I think that's what I did yesterday.
  12. OlukitzFudgey

    FM18 Regens

    I am not too sure if I would be utilising the vanilla regens for this version of the game based on the images shown. Perhaps I need to encounter them on one of my long term saves to form an opinion. I would most probably be utilising my own custom regens again this year. I do mod my games (other games) to the max, especially character textures, textures in general so perhaps that is influencing my opinion. I do think the regens look much better than FM17 regens. I couldn’t even look at the FM17 regens and try and change them manually by giving them beards, and hair and stuff.
  13. OlukitzFudgey

    FM17: Rate My Newgen Thread

    Thank you very much
  14. OlukitzFudgey

    FM17: Rate My Newgen Thread

    The skin does not have a public name.
  15. OlukitzFudgey

    Custom Squad View in Skin

    Thank you very much michaeltmurrayuk. Aware of changing flags to record. Cheers. I will attempt to modify the screen for Football Manager 2018. I've got this vision in my head that I really want to try out, and spice up that screen a bit more.