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0 "What we've got here is a failure to communicate"


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    From "Guy Roux Manager 2000" to "Football Manager" including Championship Manager. With a first love with "Anstoss 2".

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    Angers (France)


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    Football Manager, Tennis, Create and tell stories

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    Angers SCO

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    I'm changing every opus

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  1. 😲 C'est trop bizarre ça. Il me semblait que le PA n'evoluait pas dans le jeu... bug ? 🤔 En tout cas, tant mieux pour toi 😏💪🏻
  2. Hi, On the "New Features Preview" video, we can read "Exclusively for FMFC members. Register now and find out more" for the versus mode. It means that for playing FM competition we need to have an FMFC account? I have also read that it will not be before 2022. That is to say? January ? February ? Thank you for your answers and additional information about the versus mode. Regards, QueenJeremiah
  3. Hi, I want to change my nickname account. How can I do this please? I can't find it on my profile. Thanks.
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