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  1. Thank you for your quick reply. It is embarrassing because it is a practical procedure. Hoping to get back to normal as soon as possible. Good luck for the future.
  2. Hello, I'm back to check up. Still not possible to update on the workshop?
  3. Hello, no worries. Thanks to the developers for the good reactivity you have in general.
  4. Thank you for the answer. And for updating the Workshop Updates?
  5. During a face-to-face mod, we have the possibility to import a team. We click on the import icon, we can select a file, but nothing happens.
  6. As you can see on the FM20 editor, an icon with an arrow was next to our file when it was published on the Workshop. On the FM21 editor, we only have the icon representing a file. This makes it impossible to update a file on the Workshop.
  7. Unlock the 5th French level : National 2 playable (4 groups of 16 clubs) ; National 3 playable (13 groups of 14 clubs) ; Various small corrections to the game database ; Addition of the 4th Tour of the French Cup (entry of National 2 clubs) ; We do not create/modify players. As the National 3 groups are set at 14 clubs by the FFF, it is possible that some clubs may find themselves in a Group that was not intended for them. The game balances the groups according to promotions/relegation and then according to the number so that they are 14. LINK : https:/
  8. An "Update 01" is available and the "none" has been changed
  9. The goal is to pass all the images in 1920x1080. Also update the old ones and add new ones. As I said before, offer me pictures ;)
  10. Yes it works in FM17. You need a skin that makes visible the backgrounds Of course. Just need an update like the rest of the pack (monthly) @danilo1899, mortiis7, byvirus : Thanks
  11. If you already have the 2017 pack, I have set up a link to make only the changes. Excuse me for not having done it before. Do not hesitate to propose me modifications with images if you want. I do not know everyone in the game
  12. As I said I resume the project, and I started taking each photo. That's why I'm also asking the community to share comments that are missing or better / more recent. Thus, the pack will be of better quality but also more and more complete day after day. A monthly update will be offered for this megapack
  13. We will offer the download in several parts on another server. Surely tomorrow. Otherwise there is the torrent for the moment.
  14. The largest backgrounds pack available for FM 2018 including thousands of pictures for competitions, stadiums, cities and many more. Starting from this year, I am responsible for the backgrounds megapack. Initialy DazS8’s project, he handed it down to me when he had to leave the community for personal matters. Since ManagerOnline has evolved a lot, few changes have been made (~100). A monthly update will be offered for this megapack. If you run into any mistake, or if you would like to suggest an improvement on an existing image, let me know by commenting. I am listening to the community
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