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  1. English and no I’m only in my second season and haven’t bought any add-ons im also finding it impossible to loan out any of my own players.... Also just had an offer for one of my players but there was no response button so now the transfer and player is stuck in limbo... there seem to be quite a few bugs with this year’s version compared to last I must say... are you due to release any fixes any time soon?
  2. I just played a team who had 9 of their starting 11 as players on loan.... when i lol at their squad they have about 15 players in total on loan I take it this is a known issue?
  3. Well I take this back Dont know why the match engine looked and played so differently in my 3 friendlies but halfway through 1st season and obvious the engine plays almost identical to 19 - down to never-ending amount of unnecessarily blocked winger crosses and terrible full back crossing....
  4. Long time FM player. Just maxed out the possible seasons on FMM19 so have just upgraded to the 20 version. liking the changes so far and the match engine seems more realistic and less repetitive than 19 but what on earth is going on with GKs? They can’t seem to save anything..... Just had a friendly end 6-5 where almost every highlighted shot went in is this a known issue?
  5. Update: it seems the kits are still there somewhere as colour scheme is correct in game but it’s wrong in rest of the game and my designed kits no longer show in the club overview section
  6. Only just installed the latest update but following it my clubs created kits and therefore colour scheme appears to have been wiped... not very happy tbh, please tell me there’s a way to fix as am well into my third season and don’t want to restart
  7. This continues ot be a huge issue. I have players who wont sign a new contract because i am not allowed to offer them the required signing on fees even though i've got plenty of wage and transfer budget remaining.......
  8. Just bumping this as has just happened to me again and its rather frustrating....
  9. Was this item fixed in latest update... Coming to the end of an in-game season so need to know whether to be wary again or not
  10. My missus informs me the ball is actually orange? But either way I can't follow it against the green...
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