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  1. Can’t sell a player?

    You should be getting more than that for him - he's an absolute beast
  2. Can’t sell a player?

    Quite a few people having this issue if the comments on App Store are to be believed
  3. Colour-related....is there a colour-blind option again?
  4. Match Engine

    Ok thanks for the response chaps
  5. Match Engine

    Haha yes fair - not entirely what I was getting at. What I was getting at is if I've been using a very successful tactic in 2016 engine will it still be as successful in 2018? I find that because I know it works so well I always revert to type when things start going against me... i understand Touch uses a different engine is that right?
  6. I didn't buy last year's so have been playing the 2016 version on and off for couple of years. Quick question on the match engine for 2018, has this been updated since the 2016 game or is it still the same? I see there are some new features for tactics page but are these more cosmetic rather than reflecting serious work on the match engine? Thanks
  7. Come on guys given them some space, its not as if we're only a week away from proposed launch date....
  8. Their own website states a mid-October date for features on FMT so afraid they've missed that deadline...
  9. Is this being looked at SI? Can't believe A) this has somehow been broken from all previous correctly-working versions and B) it wasn't picked up in any testing? Pretty basic error
  10. This is a bit of an issue for those of us wanting to start in these lower leagues that's for sure...
  11. This has always been somewhat of a problem....AI teams have always seemed more able to get loans accepted even if you are a better team and offering more money
  12. How is the match experience now? Still very laggy?
  13. Also need to keep an eye on player traits in relation to the formation you are playing. For instance I often play with a deep-lying forward and so try to avoid players who have the 'plays no through balls' trait as this is better suited to a poacher
  14. Afraid not - don't think I've ever seen them publically stated. It usually takes me 4/5 seasons with non-league team working my way up the leagues before unlocking sugar daddy