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  1. Update: it seems the kits are still there somewhere as colour scheme is correct in game but it’s wrong in rest of the game and my designed kits no longer show in the club overview section
  2. Only just installed the latest update but following it my clubs created kits and therefore colour scheme appears to have been wiped... not very happy tbh, please tell me there’s a way to fix as am well into my third season and don’t want to restart
  3. This continues ot be a huge issue. I have players who wont sign a new contract because i am not allowed to offer them the required signing on fees even though i've got plenty of wage and transfer budget remaining.......
  4. Just bumping this as has just happened to me again and its rather frustrating....
  5. Was this item fixed in latest update... Coming to the end of an in-game season so need to know whether to be wary again or not
  6. My missus informs me the ball is actually orange? But either way I can't follow it against the green...
  7. Any chance you can edit the red winter ball colour when in colour blind mode as i can't see it against the green pitch background
  8. Could we not have a selection of stock badges to choose from when creating a team? Would certainly look better than the coloured badge the game currently forces us to use...
  9. There's been an issue with DMC ratings for while...just have to live with it as position is pretty vital for most formations
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