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  1. How did you manage to have this occur 8 times in one season ? Either way, thank you very much for raising this issue! It is now logged and under review.
  2. Thank you very much, this is now logged and under review. Do you happen to have a save file just before his transfer actually occurs? Ideally one from the final week of July of 2024
  3. Could you please upload a save file just before this occurs to the SI Cloud server using the instructions below? If you could provide specific steps on how to reproduce this then that would be hugely appreciated. Thank you very much.
  4. Do you have a save file just before offering the player the 15k a week deal? Could you please upload it using the instructions below and also include information as to which player you are attempting to sign so that we can attempt to reproduce this? Thank you very much.
  5. Thank you very much for raising this issue. This is now logged and under review with our team.
  6. No worries, let us know if you come across this issue again and we will look into it whenever you have another similar situation.
  7. Could you just check that you're able to load this same file on your end? We don't even seem to get a preview of your save file from the load game dialogue which would suggest an issue with the save file so just want to check that you are able to load this exact file
  8. Could you please upload it again? The issue wasn't that we couldn't find it, it was that we could not load it when we did find it. Thank you.
  9. Could you please upload it once again? Although we've been able to locate your save file, we haven't been able to load your save file. Thank you!
  10. Sorry, could you please try uploading it again? It doesn't seem to be coming up here, we will then look into your issue. Thank you very much.
  11. Are you using any custom skins or downloads? As this is not reproducing in new saves, this may be difficult to find a solution to.
  12. Thank you for initially reporting the issue, we're glad all seems to be working now
  13. Thank you for raising this issue, but as you said it is possible that it is due to the fact your save file is from the beta. As Kyle said, if it occurs in any new saves then we will have another look. Thank you again.
  14. Within club vision, Silverware refers to cup competitions. This is why it is treated as separately to league objectives within club vision. Hope this answers your question!
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