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  1. I'm afraid it would have to be within that season so that we can see why the player isn't getting getting a medal. If this happens again, please keep a save file from before it has happened. We will keep an eye out for this issue. Thank you very much.
  2. Do you have a save file from the season in which you managed to capture the title? If so, could you please upload it to the SI Cloud server and we'll take a look.
  3. It seems that this is not something which can be requested and this is something which will be generated by the board at a point at which the board feels it necessary to have one. The fact that the board is financially in the negatives by about £100,000 means that it is unlikely that a fan day will occur any time soon but there are other factors which are affecting the lack of fan days being implemented by the board which seems to be largely caused by the disparity between your average attendance and the rest of the league. Therefore, this is now under investigation and under review. Thank you very much for bringing this up.
  4. Do you have a save file in which this is present? If so, could you please upload it to the SI Cloud server and we will take a closer look at the save file from there.
  5. After taking a look at this, this seems to be due to the fact that you are well above your designated wage budget and as a result, the board is not happy for you to make any further budgetary adjustments.
  6. This is likely to be UI issue as entering the retired player's profile and returning to the Mentoring page ensures that the retired player disappears from the Mentoring group he was previously in.
  7. Thank you very much. We have managed to reproduce this and it is now logged and under review.
  8. Thank you, this is an issue we are aware of and is under review.
  9. There is an issue we are aware of regarding a lack of friendlies being organised for B teams which should solve this issue of your B team not having any matches played after it is created.
  10. @Kennsil Do you have any earlier saves within this career? This might help us locate where this is going wrong. Either this, or could you explain the manner in which you set up a link with Montrose to use their training facilities? This is what seems to be creating the issue here.
  11. Use Alt + Print Screen? That should take screenshots of the game. You can then paste the screenshot wherever you want
  12. @Bry This is a player who has picked up a new trait outside of mentoring. However, this is the natural place for the user to be informed if a player has picked up a new trait within the squad which they may have picked up from an influential player within the squad otherwise the player picking up the new trait may be missed
  13. Would you please be able to upload your save file to the SI Cloud server? We will be able to take a closer look at your save file from there. Thank you very much.
  14. Did you previously attempt to request an U23 team? I attempted to reproduce this but after several years still had the option to set up an U23 team with the team.
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