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  1. Thanks, we have managed to reproduce this and it is under review. Do you have a save file just before you offer these youth players a Scholarship contract? That would help us to gather even more information about this. Thank you.
  2. Yes of course, it would be more to track as to why they no longer see him as a value asset a few months down the line. If you see something like this again then let us know and we'll take a look into it.
  3. Thanks, this is something we'll look into and see where we can fine tune this. Do you have a save file before the Alex Bono trade? If so, could you please upload a save file to the SI Cloud server and we'll take a look at it. Thanks.
  4. Thanks, we're still looking into this but any change in this regard will hopefully apply to existing save files.
  5. Was this with that same save file where you started using a later start date? Either way, could you please upload a save file and we'll look into it, thanks!
  6. Thanks, this does seem like it was caused by the start date chosen as this does not occur if using the default start date. Thanks, this is now with our team and is under review.
  7. Thank you! We just managed to reproduce this and it is with our team and under review.
  8. We have looked into this and were unable to reproduce this. If you could upload your save file that would be much appreciated, thanks.
  9. Thanks, attempting to reproduce this internally from a fresh save had no examples of players going on holiday during the Asian Champions League fixtures. We will however keep an eye on this, in case we notice the issues that you have raised.
  10. Yes please, we never received one from the initial report and haven't come across this in game ourselves. If you have one just before the team goes on holiday, this would be much appreciated. Thank you very much.
  11. As @aulit said, that should not be the case at all. Could you please provide a save file just before this objective generates? This would likely just before the previous end of season club objective meeting? This will allow us to look into this. Below are instructions on how you can provide save files to our SI Cloud Server.
  12. Thanks, this is something we're aware of and is under review.
  13. True, what I meant was that starting with the MLS default start date will always start with contracts being extended. Thanks for bringing that up.
  14. For FM21, contracts will always work like this at game start within the MLS.
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