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  1. True, what I meant was that starting with the MLS default start date will always start with contracts being extended. Thanks for bringing that up.
  2. For FM21, contracts will always work like this at game start within the MLS.
  3. Thank you for bringing this up. Do you have a save file just before your team goes on holiday? Could you please upload it to the SI Cloud Server using the instructions below along with the save file that this screenshot was taken from? Thanks
  4. This is intentional. This was a decision taken this year internally due to the unique situation we find ourselves in and having to start a new game so close to the end of the season.
  5. Thanks, if you or anyone else experiences such an issue please raise it here and provide a save where to the SI Cloud server where this can be reproduced.
  6. Thanks. After attempting to reproduce this, including from your save file, this seems to only really be a visual error. When attempting to reproduce this, there was no issue with any fixtures generating and all Grand Finals continued as normal. This visual error is now logged and under review.
  7. The spacing of fixtures should be better after the most recent update. This was caused by having to play many more fixtures in the league with both Austin and Charlotte in the league. As we don't know exactly how this will look in the future, we have done our best to create a sensible schedule. The most recent update (21.2.0) should have gone some way to address this. This should be better with a less congested fixture schedule following the 21.1.0 update.
  8. A fix for this issue would not be save game compatible. However, it should only affect the two weeks where the window is still open after 1st September so you should be able to make signings and register players without any issue for the majority of the window. This would not affect the foreign transfer window at all, but we are still looking into this. Thank you.
  9. Both are being looked at, thank you very much. For the salary cap issue, we need to pinpoint the moment where AI teams suddenly end up with a too high cap. If you have any saves at the point at which the cap is breached by AI teams, please upload them to the SI Cloud Server. This will help us look into this issue. Thank you very much.
  10. Ah sorry, this was just in relation to the North American Champions League. Will look into the US Open Cup, thank you very much.
  11. Thanks, we believe we have managed to reproduce this and are looking into this. @musha_13 if you have any examples of situations where an AI club attempts to sign players that they should not please let us know and please upload a save file to the SI Cloud server just before any transfer is made by an SI club. You can do so using the instructions in the link attached below. Otherwise, we will keep an eye on this. Thanks.
  12. This seems to be because the window is currently listed as having closed after the roster freeze date. We assume that the roster freeze date would still be around 1st September like it was scheduled for this year. Should all transfer windows close before the roster freeze date every year in that case @Aljarov? Similarly, do you expect the roster freeze date always to be around this time of year? Thanks
  13. Do you have a save file from just before one of the MLS Cup wins? This would allow us to look into both issues mentioned here. You can upload them to our SI Cloud Server using the instructions attached below.
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