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  1. If you test this on the latest beta version, is it now working? We have just updated to iOS 13 BETA 3 and it seems to be working now so if you could check on the latest beta build and let us know if that is now working that would be great. Thank you!
  2. Have you tried deleting the application and reinstalling it from the App Store?
  3. You would have to purchase next year's version separately as it is an entirely new product with new features, rather than just an update for the last game. We release updates for the game throughout the year which are free, but each new version is a new product and therefore would have to be bought separately. Hope that helps!
  4. Do you have enough space on the phone to install the application? How much space do you have remaining on your device?
  5. When you say latest updated version, could you please confirm which one you mean? You can find this by going to Settings -> General -> About and checking the Version number there
  6. The sound setting is when clicking between different screens, at the moment we have no match sounds so the sounds option in the settings menu correlates to sounds when moving between different screens within the game. Hope this helps!
  7. What iOS version are you running and what iPhone model is this?
  8. Best thing to do would certainly be contacting SEGA through help@sega.co.uk in regards to this issue. Hope this helps!
  9. Is this on a new phone? The two different images you attached are what the game looks like on different phone resolutions. Have you changed what phone you were using since you originally bought the game?
  10. What country's AppStore are you purchasing the game from? Do you get any error messages while attempting to install the game?
  11. What team are you? Would you please be able to attach your save file into this thread in a zip file format so we can take a look at it in a bit more detail? What build are you on?
  12. Thank you for raising this issue, this is something we will look to address and is with our team now. Thank you very much for raising this issue and bringing it to our attention.
  13. Thank you for reporting this. We believe we know what is causing this and are looking into it.
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