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  1. Thanks for all your advice so far guys! I think I'll keep things broadly the same (as @Experienced Defendersays, I am top and winning!) but try to refine it based on the feedback @Johnny Ace and @Ugeine have given. I'll give the below a try (removing the overlap left TI because, as @Ugeine points out that might be making me one dimensional) DLFa IWs SSa IFs BWMd APs WBs BPDd DCd FBs SK Dan James has been having a decent season for me as a right winger so if he plays instead of Gre
  2. Thanks Johnny, I can understand that. When I play Luke Shaw at LB he's a FBs but I use Telles as a more attacking option to try and provide overlapping runs on the left to try and create an overload. I can see how that's making the left hand side chaotic though. I went with a WBd on the right to try and create width as I'm not playing with a winger. Last season Pogba was an APa but he wasn't tracking back and with no DM I wanted to provide some more midfield cover so have experimented with a Mezzala (although he isn't playing as well this season). Would switching to 2 full-backs
  3. Morning all, I'm hoping for a bit of help with my 4-2-3-1 tactic at Manchester United. Teams are naturally setting up very defensively against me (I hate teams playing with 3 centre-backs!) and although I'm winning games I don't look like I'm firing. I'm completely dominating the opposition but only managing to win 1-0, 2-0. I can see that there is something wrong with my tactic watching it in the game (players dribbling the ball into congested areas rather than playing a through ball to space or switching play) but despite tweaking my plan I can't seem to fix it. What I am trying to
  4. Just a quick question with regards to half time team talks. How do I talk to players I am substituting on? I give my half-time team talk then go to the tactics screen to make some substitutions but my only option then seems to be to start the second half? Is there a way to go back to the team talk screen to talk to the players in bringing on?
  5. Thanks guys, I've incorporated your advice and the tactic is now much more pleasing on the eye and there is more penetration (17 shots, 8 on target, 4 clear cut chances). Still drew the game 0-0 but that was down to some very strange decisions by the players (drilling shots wide when a team mate was in acres of space and heading the ball over the bar when unmarked on the edge of the 6 yard box!). Having looked at the bugs forum there seem to be a number of ME issues that I'm seeing in the game that are flagged under review (poor player ratings and player decision making mainly) so hopeful
  6. Hi guys, I've been an avid FMer for some15 years now and have never posted asking for tactical help before but am finding FM20 tough, particularly after the latest ME update. I had recently started a new save with Manchester United to try and build a young and attacking team based on British players. Pre-season went well and I had developed 2 tactics that were playing some good football. 2 games in to the new season the ME was updated and now I can't get them working for me! My style of play is based on possession with intent. Teams will obviously sit deep and defend narrow against M
  7. Hi guys, I'm struggling to get my head around the touchline shouts at the moment and how I should be using them this year. It seems that whenever I encourage or praise players they get 'frustrated by feedback' and telling them "no pressure" seems to result in them being 'overwhelmed by feedback'. On the other hand, demand more and show some passion always results in a positive response (fired up or focussed). I've experiment over the past couple of games in a number of different match scenarios (chasing a game, leading, putting pressure on etc..) and with players in various body language
  8. A self motivated suggestion from me I'm afraid! I'm a match official with the PGMOL (the referees who do the National League and above in England) and it was always an ambition of mine to get my name in the database as a referee when I started out some 14 years ago(!). The way the refereeing system works in England now is that from the National League and above they introduced specialist pathways so essentially the referees only referee and the assistant referees only run the line (as opposed to refereeing in a lower division such as the Isthmian or Southern League). As I am a specialist
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