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  1. A Loyal Shot

    Touchline shouts

  2. Hi guys, I'm struggling to get my head around the touchline shouts at the moment and how I should be using them this year. It seems that whenever I encourage or praise players they get 'frustrated by feedback' and telling them "no pressure" seems to result in them being 'overwhelmed by feedback'. On the other hand, demand more and show some passion always results in a positive response (fired up or focussed). I've experiment over the past couple of games in a number of different match scenarios (chasing a game, leading, putting pressure on etc..) and with players in various body language states and with different ratings but can't seem to crack it! Does anyone have any tips? Ta ALS
  3. A Loyal Shot

    Help! Save file disappeared!

    Thanks FrazT. I do have a back-up but its a few months old. Oh well, new save for me!
  4. Help! My game has disappeared from the save file and I can't find it anywhere! The game froze up and I had to restart my laptop. I reloaded the game and it shows in the welcome screen under 'Load last saved' and recognises it was saved less than an hour ago but when I load it I get an error message that says 'The save game could not be loaded'. I then clicked on the load game folder and its empty, going in to the Sports Interactive folder through my documents I can see the save files for the tactics I had been working on this morning (file last save 09/06/2018 in the details column) but in the 'Games' folder its empty. Apart from the tactics folder all the other last saved dates are showing 21/03/2018. I can't find the file anywhere, can anybody help? I hoe this doesn't mean that I lost the last 3 months of gaming!
  5. A Loyal Shot

    Enhancing the match officials database

    A self motivated suggestion from me I'm afraid! I'm a match official with the PGMOL (the referees who do the National League and above in England) and it was always an ambition of mine to get my name in the database as a referee when I started out some 14 years ago(!). The way the refereeing system works in England now is that from the National League and above they introduced specialist pathways so essentially the referees only referee and the assistant referees only run the line (as opposed to refereeing in a lower division such as the Isthmian or Southern League). As I am a specialist assistant referee that unfortunately means I wont be added to the game database. My request is two fold, firstly can SI expand the database of referees so on a match day you can also see who the assistant referees and 4th official are (if getting names is an issue I can probably help with that, pretty please!!). Aside from stroking my own ego I think it would be a nice touch to see the referees listed. Secondly, could referees have attributes that become visible the more you have them (I'm thinking use of advantage, foul detection, man-management, strictness) as these are all things I'm sure clubs pick-up on. They remember us one game to another and you do see subtle changes in tactics sometime depending on who the referee is (i.e. when you have a referee that generally gives more fouls you'll see teams being less assertive compared to when they have a referee who tends to let the game flow more). Similar attributes could be added for the assistant refereeing element (offside decision making, foul detection etc...) and for the fourth officials (man-managements probably being the key one which may then open up a feature in the future where its possible to be removed from the touchline where a fourth official's man-management will influence how likely it is that you've over stepped the mark). I hope that makes sense! I'm sure it wont be to everybody's taste but it might add a slightly different element to the game going forward.
  6. Hi Guys, I'm a season and a bit in to my game and I'm still struggling to understand what benefit the tactical meeting is. It doesn't seem to make any different to the match day itself? I've had a skim through the forums but could see anything obvious on this, is there a useful guide on how to use this feature effectively?
  7. I'm a very infrequent poster on this forum but having played FM16 for 5 months or so now thought I would just share my thoughts on why I have struggled to enjoy this version of the game. First of all I will admit that this version seems tougher than the last few and that has contributed to me not enjoying this game. While winning every game is boring its also not very enjoyable to struggle to get results week in week out. I do not, however, believe that the game is 'cheating', its just that I haven't managed to get a handle on the tactics this year. This is where I think the route of my problem is this year. This is by far and away the most realistic version of FM produced to date but is that necessarily a good thing? I believe that the game has almost become too realistic and to be any good in this version of the game I have to spend hours analysing every aspect of my tactics in the prozone screen to identify why my passes aren't connecting, watching endless replays of goals I conceded to understand why I conceded, and fiddling with the player instructions to make the minute adjustments that I think might make my team play a little better next week. I work for a living and when I get back home in the evening I might try and steal an hour or so to play FM but I find that in that hour I'll only manage to play one match (badly!) and spend my time endlessly analysing one game. As a result in 5 months I haven't actually managed to complete a season because its taking so long to get through games. In previous versions of the game I'd have been on about season 3 by this point in the year but with the attention to tactical detail playing FM is almost becoming a job all by itself now I'm sure lots of people really enjoy the challenge of working out what has gone wrong with their tactic, analysing it, then putting it right. I'm also sure that there are lots of players out there that have found the game pretty straight forward and have built dominant teams in their saves. Me? With a full time job and the other commitments that life gives us, I just don't have the time to put that effort in to a game. Perhaps it just me. Maybe FM has now evolved beyond my capability to play the game. That would be a shame because it is a game I have really enjoyed over the years and still really want to be able to enjoy. It might just be though that 'm no longer able to put in the time, effort and dedication that the game demands of its players.
  8. Hello, Apologies if this is posted in the wrong location but it seemed most suited here. I have just taken delivery of a new laptop I've not set it up yet but just wanted to check how I could continue with my FM game. Do I just download and log in to Steam or will I have to insert the disc and load it that way again? Thanks in advance ALS
  9. During the game my assistant tells me that my players are misplacing too many easy passes (stats show possession is normally somewhere between 60-40 and 70-30 against me with my pass accuracy somewhere below 70%). I've tried the shouts to shorten my passing, lengthen my passing and change the width of my play but it doesn't seem to help me as my passing stays awful and I get completely out played. Does any body have any tips on how I can get my players passing to improve during the game? There must be a way and I'm sure I just haven't found the right combination.
  10. A Loyal Shot

    Help required

    Thanks Joe / dafuge
  11. A Loyal Shot

    Help required

    Hi guys, I have been playing FM 2010 fine on my laptop since it has been released but it wont work properly anymore. When I get into a match it freezes when it switches to a 3d pitch view. I have tried updating my drivers but it says I have the most recent one already added. Can anybody help? I have a Dell Studio 17 (Windows 7)
  12. Different sized pitches. In the pre-match report you will be told the the pitch is narrow or short but in the match day view it is always the same size so if you play a narrow tactic it always looks like you have loads of space out wide.
  13. A Loyal Shot

    [FM10] Regen which could be my son??

    Could your son get a son? Then you could be a grandad!
  14. Hi there, I'm trying to recruit just female coaching staff on my save. Does anybody know any names / how to search for them? I can not see a 'Gender' filter in the staff search. The only two I know of is Heather Rabbats (Coach - former Millwall) and Sue Bowen (Physio - former Aldershot Town). can any body add to the list?