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  1. Another sweepstake another **** draw Did my cheque not clear RFM?
  2. tbf I'd rather not know who the keeper is but know it's not Hart, than know who the keeper is and know it's Hart.....
  3. Er just checking, the draw is going to happen before next Thursday yeah?
  4. What the heck are we supposed to do on the 29th June???
  5. Surely this iconic OTF Sweepstake Draw should be featured in your magazine? Combine the two with a centre page spread (P.S. hope you are ok, and it was only your day that was written off!)
  6. It's least goals conceded not least goals scored. Still rather draw Panama than England.....
  7. I'm already in....are we supposed to pay now? How do we pay?
  8. Wouldn't say Jack's comments are that bad at all? Obv he's gutted (who wouldn't be) but he makes it clear he respects the managers decision and wishes everyone all the best? That seems reasonable to me. Hart on the other hand....
  9. He's not even getting into the Chelsea back up list atm. Serves him right for being a money grabbing **** tbh.
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