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    Oh can you hear the Aussies sing......i can't hear a f*cking thing \o/


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  1. In Bangkok for the Tunisia game, will probably be carnage
  2. Rocky Rockstar

    Monday Fun?

    What's all this BTTF dissing? Behaving yourselves ffs, film is an absolute classic!
  3. Rocky Rockstar

    OTF/FF World Cup 2018 Sweepstake

    Another sweepstake another **** draw Did my cheque not clear RFM?
  4. Rocky Rockstar

    Monday Fun?

    haha actually found Wally in about 2 seconds was literally the first place I looked
  5. Rocky Rockstar

    England's World Cup 23

    Madam you disgust me
  6. Rocky Rockstar

    Day thread

    So, er, what exactly do I win?
  7. Rocky Rockstar

    Day thread

    you want the "you ok hun? x" response or are you actually going to ****ing tell us
  8. Rocky Rockstar

    Day thread

    If you go to a normal garage: £350+VAT If you are stupid enough to take it to Kwikfit: £800+VAT
  9. Rocky Rockstar

    Britain's Got Talent 2014

    The Great Racist British public don't need much of an excuse to not vote for a foreigner on BGT. Actually preferred Rob White as a comedy performance but no issues seeing Lost Voice Guy win.
  10. Rocky Rockstar

    Day thread

    yeah cooked/fried onions are the dogs, raw onions though
  11. Rocky Rockstar

    England's World Cup 23

    tbf I'd rather not know who the keeper is but know it's not Hart, than know who the keeper is and know it's Hart.....
  12. Rocky Rockstar

    Marvel Cinematic Universe - *Warning may contain spoilers*

    Never seen Avatar
  13. Rocky Rockstar

    OTF/FF World Cup 2018 Sweepstake

    Er just checking, the draw is going to happen before next Thursday yeah?
  14. Rocky Rockstar

    Bills Seeker - He's not dead, just getting RIPed off

    I pay £70 a month for gas, electric & water for a 3 bed semi and there are 3 of us. You're either being ripped off or your long hot showers are actually long long long hot hot hot showers
  15. Rocky Rockstar

    Day thread

    Are they one of those tight bastards who think it should be £1 entry as £2 is too much?