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  1. If you need rotation in striker position, you may recall Donis Avdijaj from loan. You should definitely drop Boateng from AMC and play with Meyer instead.
  2. We really should be able to change the budget in the Fantasy Draft mode freely. Current three options are too restrictive and limited.
  3. I personally prefer all filters available in player search screen in order to create the optimal squad, but still if I prioritize; Being able to pick multiple position Age Technical, Mental and Physical Ability Home grown status Budget value
  4. I was looking forward to try the Create A Club mode. Everything seems OK but it is nearly impossible and takes hours to pick your squad. Number of available filters are very limited.
  5. Sorry for my late response, I just got time to try that but it did not work unfortunately. But I will try to work on it when I got some spare time. Thanks anyway, at least I learned which file to mess with.
  6. Here are the folders I have. I think the game generates the folder when you create and save files in the game. You may create them by yourself though, it does not matter.
  7. Hi guys, I was wondering if is it possible to display wages column in player search screen in an abbreviated form. Instead of £ 2,500,000 p/a, I want it to display as £ 2,5M p/a like in value column. I just want it to be similar to the values column.
  8. Good work mate. Scout Report section in player overview should be fixed by the way. http://i.imgur.com/VMusnmy.jpg
  9. Roles and duties are disappeared in the tactics screen Cleared the cache, reload the skin but still the same.
  10. HelveticaLite Rule 1: Never open the game without checking if a new version is posted. I am really happy to see that you are working hard and each release makes the skin better and better. Keep it up mate.
  11. In the 2.8 update my left sidebar is totally gone. It was fine after my first install but when I restarted the game, it was disappeared. Other problem is that Interface screen in the Preferences comes with empty screen. http://i.imgur.com/aP5kM2N.jpg http://i.imgur.com/FhZNanf.jpg
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