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  1. 2023/24 Season Wrap League: Finished 2nd, qualified for Champions League Best Placed Second Qualifying Round Swiss Cup: Won Continental: Eliminated in Europa League First Knockout Round by Sevilla Signing of the season: Sergiño Dest from Ajax Taking over at the winter break, our Young Boys team got things turned around and rose from 6th to finish 2nd. Basel did indeed run away with the Super League title, though we did manage to beat them 1-0 away on the final match day of the season. In what was expected to be a difficult tie, Sevilla knocked us out in the first knock
  2. After four and a half successful years with Vaduz, we have moved on to our second club at the winter break in the 2023/24 season! Titles Won: Swiss Challenge League (2019/20), Swiss Super League (2022/23) Cups: Liechtensteiner Cup (4 victories) We've come in to replace Joachim Löw who took over after the previous manager left for the Bundesliga. Löw seems to have been struggling to settle on a tactic or he just likes to chop and change a lot. The media had Young Boys pegged as the title favorite in the preseason and we find ourselves sitting 6th at the moment.
  3. 2023/24 Winter Break Media prediction: 5th Currently: 2nd Cup: will face Eschen/Mauren in the Liechtensteiner Cup semifinal Continental: Through to Europa Conference League First Knockout Round Basel appear to be running away with the Swiss Super League 10 points clear of 2nd and with only 1 defeat. David Nieland seems to have been affected by the pressure of being in with a shout of achieving top goalscorer in the league. He's done decently well in the Europa Conference League but only managed 2 goals and 2 assists in 12 league matches. We had what seemed
  4. 2023/24 Season Last Season: Won the Swiss Super League, won the Liechtensteiner Cup, eliminated in First Knockout Round of the Europa Conference League Media prediction: 5th place Continental competition: Europa Conference League Nieland had 24 in 48 across all competitions last season. He's already banged in 5 in our Europa Conference League First Qualifying Round tie against a small club from San Marino. I'm not entirely clear on why we have won the Super League but are only in the early qualifying rounds for EC2, but I have to assume it's because we're not a S
  5. 2022/23 Season wrap-up: Despite having 4 players in the starting squad with dislikes big matches trait, we ended up winning the Swiss Super League title on the final match day. St. Gallen had an easy 3-0 win against Zürich so we needed a victory. It looked like we were cruising to a 3-0 win but we conceded goals in the 77th and 90th for a final score of 3-2. Final League Table: Mainz, who have now knocked us out of the Europa Conference League two seasons in a row, went on to win the competition again. I'm sure their manager is already tired of being asked if h
  6. In pre-season having a look over all individual training, traits, attributes. Well that's cool! Ahhhh.......ok
  7. My initial plan had been to try and turn Vaduz into a powerhouse with a bunch of incredible Liechtensteiners. In the base game, the Swiss Challenge League is the lowest available tier. My Reserve, U21, and U18 sides don't take part in the Swiss league system so they only play friendlies. We have an affiliation with Liechtenstein U18 which does participate in a Swiss U18 competition, but they have a no over 18 players in the match day squad rule and obviously I have no influence over their facilities, staff, or training. So after seeing some of Daljit's Weird Man Journeyman videos with Ka
  8. 2022/23 season predicted finish: 8th Continental competition: Europa Conference League Our 4-2-3-1 2DM tactic is pretty much locked in with some small tweaks depending on if we're strongly favored or a big underdog. The DMs are a DLP-D and a DM-S with a "get further forward" PI most of the time. In the handful of matches where we are strong favorites the left DM plays as a Regista with the right DM as a DM and the left back on a more aggressively offensive role and we press more aggressively with a higher line of engagement. Our best center back from last season was on loan from Yo
  9. 2021/22 season we are still in the Swiss Super League , predicted to finish in the bottom half, and competing in the UEFA Europa Conference League. Still working with the 4-2-3-1 2DM tactic, playing with getting the AMC position working with Trequartista or Shadow Striker role. Transfers: Europa Conference League: We do well in the first two qualifying rounds, scrape a tight away goals win in the third qualifying round, and make it to the fourth qualifying round where we get worked over by eventual competition winners Mainz 05. Liechtensteiner Cup:
  10. 2020/21 season we have been promoted to the Swiss Super League and are in the Europa League. I managed a couple of usable free transfers . We are predicted to be relegated. Began the season using our funky 3 back systems but starting getting settled on a new tactic in January: 4-2-3-1 with 2 DMs. Europa League: Surprised we managed to steal a 1-0 win against a much stronger Aberdeen side in the second qualifying round. They stomped us in the return leg. Domestic Cup: We've won the Liechtensteiner Cup again, and once again the media has labeled us a
  11. I initially started this save with the intention of staying a long time at Vaduz but with the way the youth and reserve setup is in Liechtenstein, after playing a few seasons, it seems tremendously difficult to develop young players here. So I thought I'd jump into "The Weird Man Who Conquered Europe Journeyman Challenge" posted by JarheadFM (The Weird Man Who Conquered Europe Journeyman Challenge). For those unfamiliar, Vaduz are a club from Liechtenstein playing in the Swiss league system. The domestic cup is more or less a glorified set of friendlies for us. At the beginning of the sav
  12. This had been a good laugh 3 years out of 4. Quarterfinal: 5-1 away win with mostly reserves Semifinal: 2-0 away win with mostly reserves Final: 7-0 win with half reserves, 3rd choice GK
  13. I have been scouting similarly on my current save because we have a small recruitment team and basically no money so I just want to weed out/zero in on potential signings quickly. Someone pointed out to me that you can go to the scouting centre and set filters and advanced filters so you have more control over what hits your inbox. Now I don't have an inbox that's 25% filled with scout reports that says "52 recommendation" and the player is fickle and injury prone.
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