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  1. Belated apologies - didn't mean to cause any problems or any offence.
  2. Does this mean you've managed to get the new Northern League Div 1 North in place for 20/21? - I've been tearing what little hair I have left out to try and get it to populate properly (I get the requisite 160 teams at level 8 but can't get any to go into the new division, I'm missing something obvious I expect as I had hoped it would allocate on the basis of location and the competition boundaries)
  3. Try the following to see if they help - I've had them knocking around for level 9 and I think the League Cup - they may be of use (I haven't used/updated them yet for this year as I can't get the 2nd season to start with the new divisions for 20/21)
  4. Assuming you're on a PC - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Football Manager 2020\data I've backed up the original - but expect that verifying files via Steam would replace it if needed The downloaded file needs to have the underscore between comp & editor replaced with a space
  5. Nope - It is steadfastly refusing to align teams within boundaries for the 2020/21 season - either via the league boundary settings (in both the rules and/or the individual competition details in the database) or via the regional divisions for the teams. I've tried clearing all regional divisions for teams and setting boundaries for divisions - still allocates incorrect numbers. I've checked city and stadium long/lats - it wasn't an issue in FM19 (but then wasn't mucking around with rules for subequent seasons). Currently plugging away at allocating all teams a regional division to see if that solves things but initial indications aren't great... May revert back to a basic rules build for the full structure, with no faffing initially for Bury, but with rules for each of 2019 & then 2020 onwards to see if that works for team allocations, then convert to advanced and tweak bits a piece at a time. I'm sure it is going to be something blindingly obvious but I'm tearing out what little hair I have left at the moment.
  6. Might get a chance to look a bit this evening but no guarantees. update - trying to add 1 extra division to Betvictor Division One, keeping the current 7 at the moment - need to try setting next divisions for an additional 20 teams (I.e the extra division) so that it validates for following season. I had hoped it would be smart enough to allocate via division boundaries, I.e there are 160 teams, 8 divisions with boundaries & stadiums with long/lat/cities so just place them but doesn’t seem to work - it expects 20 teams to be allocated as Next Division to the new division before it will move past initial validation. May pick 20 random lower league teams as placeholders & then see what happens (initial validation of numbers would be nice...) May get a chance tomorrow but depends on what work has been like.
  7. I've managed to sort out the Vanarama issue (using PPG to determine who is reprieved and have cascaded it down as far as the BetVictor Premiers) - adding a league at the parent with 0 matches & rankings based on Average Points - small niggle that the team history shows the relegation stage name rather than the original league but I'll come back to that: 2019/2020 - NL N/S examples 2020/2021 If you want to have a look at the rules to see if they help with your structure, the file is attached. For the BV Division Ones, I think I'm going to rebuild that level bit by bit (plus add the corresponding rules for next level down - which hasn't been necessary previously for building the other leagues as the Promotion/Relegation tab in the parent allows the extra teams to be promoted from lower divisions) & test in the editor to work out where things start to go Pete Tong. The version for 2019 only rules (with the existing leagues) seems to test ok - at the end of the season, the 6 second bottom teams with the worst PPG have a playoff against 6 runners up from the lower division (currently selected from inactive league ok) & I end up with 135 teams plus the 25 extra marked to be promoted brings the numbers up to 160 (8 leagues x 20 teams. It's as soon as structure for 2020/21 gets added that the errors begin - first step will be just to add 1 new division to bring it up to 8 and see what happens Add BVP.fmf
  8. Hi all, I'm attempting to change the number of child divisions in the second season for the English system at level 8 - i.e. 7 to 8 divisions (6 of the existing 7 are dropped to be replaced by 7 new regional variants) & I've assumed the following are the options needed to be set for the parent competition: However, this generates the following errors: Has anyone seen this kind of error before & if so, have any solutions that they are willing to share? Firstly, am I on the right track by using the option to organise at the end of the season, and if so, am I going to need to identify the candidate teams who would fall into these divisions at this level (adding this to each team) or would setting the regional boundaries for each division give the code enough to work out who falls into the footprints (similar to the re-organisations that occur at the end of a season when no new divisions have been added)? Any help/guidance/advice would be appreciated thanks BVL1.fmf
  9. With regards to Mile Oak - the stadium (Chalky Road) doesn't seem to have a long/lat set - perhaps this is inadvertently throwing things out? I can't remember if the code uses the long/lat of the city, the stadium or both when deciding appropriate leagues. I'm part way through building own level 10 database and am seeing a small number of odd division placings (got to 2023/24 simming) - some seem reasonable when you think about it (i.e. Southern Combination filled with teams from London/Hampshire borders because the Sussex teams have moved up the leagues & maybe the same reason for New College Academy appearing in the SWP Prem) but some warrant further investigation (i.e. City of Liverpool are in the Midland Premier, Bewdley Town in the Combined Counties Premier, Heather in the Essex Senior & Maltby Main in the Thurlow Nunn Premier, Cray Valley into South Mids 1) so going back to check that I've not made typos in long/lat or my divisional boundaries overlap. May have to set the regional divisions for some of the teams, something I've only done in the past for Guernsey or tighten up the number of teams in a league (currently setting most min to 18 & max to 20) As a separate issue - has anyone noticed that league histories for clubs are very erratic - some clubs have full histories, some partial, some none at all (which I think are the L10 leagues) - any idea if there is a flag or something I'm missing? Don't recall similar issue last year.
  10. You need to close the editor, update the main game and then restart the editor.
  11. Apologies - I’d misinterpreted things for the regional premiers, so they’re a bit simpler to implement. The regional firsts look like still 5 from 7 based on overall PPG.
  12. From regional premiers - each division: semi-finals 2nd v 5th, 3rd v 4th then final with winners making up a pot of 4 & the 2 with the best PPG over the season going up. (So 4 division winners + 2 best PPG playoff winners go up) From regional first divs - same format, meaning 7 winners, of whom top 5 PPG go up (So 7 division winners + 5 best PPG playoff winners go up) Seems a bit unfair that 2 teams at each level may win playoffs but not go up - but when has that bothered the FA? Suppose they view it as a transitional step to the properly organised pyramid Trying to work out how to model this
  13. I'm quite happily running a version of this - possibly a silly question - have you tried without any graphic add-ons or skins and just this file?
  14. I'm sure you know that if you want to you can exclude them from the cups by ticking the "Don't use Reserve/B/Youth Teams" in the Stage 0 - Teams section under the Advanced Rules
  15. Think Frank means a version without the points deductions being in place (i.e. as things would have been at the start of the season). BTW - Massive thanks for doing this - much appreciated. One final question from me regarding the capacity requirements - should AC London have been planning an expansion? Merland Rise already met the requirements. I vaguely recall an issue with stadium expansions last year where you could end up with a smaller stadium than you started with - will sim through a few years to see what happens.
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