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  1. Which logo pack are you using? Is it all logos or just some of the lower league ones (i.e. do the premier league logos still show ok)? Did you start a new game or are you continuing a game from 21.3? If you're using the logo pack I put together for the lower league teams - then have a look here, download the logo pack again which will also include 2 Excel files (one for Messi's DB and one for Dan's DB), open the one for Messi's DB and walk through the steps in it.
  2. A collection of logos/cities/stadium exteriors to complement this database: Logos - English lower league team logos down to level 12 covering the added teams in Dan's database / English lower league competition logos What the pack does not contain - No logos for those teams/competitions that are in the default SI database (i.e. those down to level 9 & most of level 10.) - there are plenty of existing logo packs available elsewhere on the internet, so there is no point in re-inventing the wheel & they're done to a far higher standard then I could ever hope for. If yo
  3. Dan, Great work - I'll post links to a logos/cities/stadium exteriors graphic set tomorrow (the files are uploading at the moment to Mediafire) - similiar to the one put together for Messi's db. A tiny number of issues to report at the moment: 1) Kidderminster U23's are appearing in the Midland Football League Premier Division 2) Nunsthorpe Tavern & East Villa have no grounds linked to them at the moment
  4. Roughly 63,000 from the Metallic pack supplemented by 693 extra in the TCM pack (Italy & Turkey have a few more) then 61 from FMV (41 are the new English teams added in FM21) and then 970 from the Standard Pack (a number seem to be typos on ids but this seems to have a lot of the new NZ teams). I think these four packs are updated on a reasonably regular basis & at different times from each other, so one or more is going to have logos that aren't in other packs - I like the Metallics, which is why they come first in my hierarchy. One pack is probably sufficient - unless of course
  5. They shouldn't be in any division for 20/21, they resigned from the Southern Counties East Premier Division midway through the 19/20 season - they're planning to re-enter the league system in 21/22
  6. Just doing a count of how many of each type end up being used. In the interim - I'm getting p'd off with the revised editor trying to bring @BoyInGreen DB up to 21.3 - I'm resetting the division for Greenwich Borough to lower leagues, saving the game & then running either Test Competitions or Test Rules & it fails with too many teams in one of the level 10 divisions - check the data & Greenwich Borough are reinstated to Southern Counties East Division One - @lionel messiyou may end up with Greenwich appearing at the wrong level in your data
  7. That seems to be how it works - first instance of a graphic is the one used.
  8. I've got mine set up to use my lower league logos (because a few of the Metallic logos are wrong), then Metallic Logos (used them for years), followed by TCM followed by FMV followed by Standard - which is definitely overkill - and I have no idea how many extra are added with each additional set:
  9. Started with a general Google search & then looked at club twitter/homepage/facebook pages or league handbooks - in a couple of cases it was finding matchday photos, isolating the badge and using that. Didn't manage to get the all for Dan's DB - certain leagues/teams seem to have little or no on-line presence (Rochester & District League was particularly poor). Then it's a case of pushing them through GIMP to convert to a PNG normal size version (the small version can then be batch processed after). Occasionally stumble upon new/revised logos.
  10. I think it should just be the clubs (save a backup before making any changes though) - probably remove yours but it's likely the SI versions might not be properly fleshed out with kits / year formed / city (i.e. SI's Honiton doesn't have Honiton set as city) / etc.
  11. Honiton (2000067458 - SI / 2000084182 - yours) & British Airways (2000069596 - SI / 2000084188 - yours) are likely to cause issues - as the 21.3 entries from SI have got divisions assigned to them, so they will appear twice in each league (they won't cause issues in your DB as you use min/max values but they blew one of my DBs with fixed numbers of teams - Greenwich Borough is still in the SI database as being in the Southern Counties East Division One). Additionally Clapton Community (2000072448 - SI / 2000084437 - yours) will be present twice.
  12. Gives all the England editors another year to try and get it working... it's a side project for me when I have the enthusiasm again
  13. I agree that the @BoyInGreen DB works as intended - the issue for @lionel messiwill be determining how the level 11 divisions are replenished for 21/22, given that approx 39 teams from level 11 are required to fill out the level 10 divisions - I've not seen anything on the non-league forums that explains how it was going to work (the original pre-COVID plans only seemed to cover the Non-League System which stops at level 10) - at a bare minimum you need a pool of 39 teams from an inactive level 12 (assuming no relegation from level 11) - perhaps the pool could comprise those teams who have app
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