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  1. looking to add the international call ups = option to postpone game for a couple of domestic leagues, cant find it anywhere?
  2. apologies for the quality, but pic as an example of post above, dlp d (no6) has played the ball back to the centre half, I want to get the right midfielder (no25) to come in to X or roughly around there so he can get the ball in space. tried setting as a wide playmaker but don't like it with cut inside on the ball set and also crossing unavailable. other options/ideas?
  3. it does, a few other errors seem to have appeared though from number of games a trialist can play at 6, days/kick off times for the playoff games still wrong, reserve games played on Saturdays a new one. some of those are quite simple to change but very randomly after doing so the set fixtures from this season in the leagues which I left alone become randomised with random midweek dates...its just one thing after another!
  4. thought it was maybe a one off but it appears any penalty given during a game there is no whistle from the referee.....or is it just me?
  5. any further news on the betfred cup issues raised on page 3 by scottmcl84? I have managed to change a few things using the editor but having no luck whatsoever with those, reluctant to start a long term Scottish save without it being sorted
  6. looking to make this change but its done by league position from the previous season, group stage has 3 pots 1= 8 premier league teams (5-12 league position), 2= 8 championship teams (1-8 league position), 3= the remaining teams in the draw. they are also all split into north and south regions. is all of that that even possible to do in the editor? also in the next stage, 2nd round, the top 4 premier league teams enter the competition and are seeded, the 4 best group winners make up the 8 seeds with the remaining group winners and 4 best runners up are unseeded, again is that possible? tried a few different times without any luck at all
  7. apologies if its been asked before but when adding a player on loan to a squad, do you need to put a figure in both % wages paid by loaning club and £ wage or is 1 enough in either box?
  8. https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/media/3999/scottish-fa-jpp-18_19.pdf page 118 onwards although that part is on page 125. all the disciplinary rules are done by the SFA.
  9. another disciplinary change, for the leagues it is set up as 6 yellows = 1 match ban, 12 yellows = 2 match ban etc, it has changed for this season similar to the English set up, it is now 6 yellows = 1 match ban if the 6th yellow is received before/during the 19th game in the Premier League or 18th game in the other 3 leagues ie the half way point in the leagues, after that point its 12 yellows = 2 match ban. 18 yellows = 3 match ban. the reserve leagues however do not need changed, the changes only apply to the full leagues.
  10. moving into the following season from that save game, this time its after the summer window has shut 2 loans have been done to championship clubs so its not solely from the winter window.
  11. uploaded file "scottishloans.fm" , its a day after the final loan I listed happened.
  12. end of season playoff games played on Saturday's are all 730pm kick offs instead of 3pm!
  13. problem with loan signings being made after the transfer window, doing a national job with Scotland and noticed in the 2nd season Dunfermline in the championship have made 3 loan signings from English teams after the window closed on the 31st January. deals done on 10th February, 22nd February and 1st March.
  14. using a 442/4441 with the 2 wide midfielders set in those roles, left on attack, right on support, ideally when the ball is on the left I want my right midfielder to come infield to allow more space for my attacking right back, have tried sit narrower and/or roam from position without much affect, is it the actual role as wide midfielder that's the problem?
  15. have any of the issues mentioned been sorted/changed in the updates so far?
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