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  1. started this the other week, got Southampton and finished 10th in the first season, even with the limit on signings ive done a large overhaul on the squad so will see how the second season goes. on signings, do youth players count towards the max of 11 per season?
  2. link still broken but the fm19 version appears to work fine on fm20
  3. after finally getting round to testing it sadly it doesn't appear to be the same for managers
  4. does this apply to managers as well? so a team will always appoint a new manager if the current one leaves for whatever reason?
  5. looking to add the international call ups = option to postpone game for a couple of domestic leagues, cant find it anywhere?
  6. apologies for the quality, but pic as an example of post above, dlp d (no6) has played the ball back to the centre half, I want to get the right midfielder (no25) to come in to X or roughly around there so he can get the ball in space. tried setting as a wide playmaker but don't like it with cut inside on the ball set and also crossing unavailable. other options/ideas?
  7. looking to make this change but its done by league position from the previous season, group stage has 3 pots 1= 8 premier league teams (5-12 league position), 2= 8 championship teams (1-8 league position), 3= the remaining teams in the draw. they are also all split into north and south regions. is all of that that even possible to do in the editor? also in the next stage, 2nd round, the top 4 premier league teams enter the competition and are seeded, the 4 best group winners make up the 8 seeds with the remaining group winners and 4 best runners up are unseeded, again is that possible? t
  8. apologies if its been asked before but when adding a player on loan to a squad, do you need to put a figure in both % wages paid by loaning club and £ wage or is 1 enough in either box?
  9. using a 442/4441 with the 2 wide midfielders set in those roles, left on attack, right on support, ideally when the ball is on the left I want my right midfielder to come infield to allow more space for my attacking right back, have tried sit narrower and/or roam from position without much affect, is it the actual role as wide midfielder that's the problem?
  10. very disappointed in the Scottish side of the game yet again! year in year out the same mistakes made from the disciplinary side which as ive pointed out in the league specific bug forum has a major flaw this year! to the development league, dates and times for games. as I say very disappointed!!!
  11. what is the easiest way to set up a new Scottish reserve setup instead of the current u20s? have any of the Scottish databases got anything like that already changed?
  12. code is a bit beyond me so I'm for a bit of help to split the left panel in to 2, top taking 2/3rds and the bottom the final 3rd, also the right panel I'm looking to split into 3 equal panels, what would the code be for that? cheers
  13. @The_Gato_In_Goal for your Spakenburg side, what happened to your B/reserve team? I'm doing this challenge still with Achilles 29 but my B/reserve team are in the tweede division is it called, and always in there year in year out, is there anyway of getting them in the proper reserves group or even the jupiler league? friendlies are easy enough to arrange around games and got a few feeder clubs to send players out on loan but wouldn't mind having a side in an actual competition too.
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