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  1. New GK / Ward - ( Karius / Horn / Hart ) New LB / Flano - (Hector / Chilwell ) Matip / Lovren New CB / Sakho / Gomez. ( Rudiger , Tah ) Clyne / Gomez Can / Grujic New CM - Henderon - Piotr ( Dahoud ) Coutinho / Bobby/ Youth New CAM / Lallana / Ojo ( Gotze ) New Winger / Origi ( Brahimi , Sane ) Daniel / New Striker / Ings ( no idea ) Out : Migs Moreno Skrtel Lucas Luis Alberto Stewart Texerria Allen Milner Benteke Balotelli Loan : Ibe
  2. Moreno should have been hauled off within a minute of the second half. Absolute car crash material. Literally lost for words at how bad he was. Hopefully those stat praising Milner have studied his game last night as that's the best example of why he's not good enough to start, let alone captain this club. Often left Can isolated in the middle, who also had a poor game by his standards. Coutinho/Firmino both as bad as each other, neither seemed to want to get involved which left Sturridge isolated. Also agree regarding the lack of pace with Daniel, he's either reluctant to go at 100% sprint or he's lost it. Prime example in the left channel in the second half when he lost more ground in a 1v1 sprint, he would have been in otherwise. Wish we had Kolo 10 years ago. He's incredible and it's not hard to see why Arsenal were dominant at the back when he was there. Lovren reverted back to car crash material. Often caught out of position. Unaware of their striker making runs behind him. Kolo bailed him out on a few occasions. What was that pass into the middle to Can for their third all about? Ridiculous. Personally think we should have had two penalties as there was hardly a time their hand wasn't in a unnatural position. Soft but rules are rules and you need those decisions on the big stage. Great to get to two finals as its showcased exactly what Klopp is capable of which has brought the fans together for the first time since Rafa's run. However, you're not a fan if that result didn't hurt or isn't hurting today. Gutted. A lot of work needed but thankfully we have the right man in charge and for the first time in a long time, I have confidence he'll get it right. Quick mention to those fans who have spent 1000's to get there last night, credit to the club. 3-1 down in the 90th and still singing away. Glad the season is over, I need a break from that.
  3. Based on comments made about Benteke, I was fully expecting a fantastic performance but he was still very poor. Should have easily scored two, the knock down for the opener is something I expect from any PL player, you'd think he produced the greatest assist ever based on twitter. Will be gutted if hes still here come August
  4. Europa league final didn't sell out last year so can't say I'm not surprised it's in a smaller ground
  5. Ill take two cup finals every year. Also, we are all buzzing because 6 months ago, we were in this massive downwhirl spiral with no light at the end of the tunnel. Klopp has came in with a **** poor squad who weren't fit and over those months improved tenfold. He's had to deal with a shocking amount of injuries whilst also showing he's capable of smashing teams who are in the top 6. ( you should still be embarrassed about the drumming we give you in the cup ). Maybe if you stopped thinking finishing 6th was a success and got to a few finals, youd understand. Not sure how you will compete as you wont be getting 80% of our transfer budget anymore. Now **** off you utter ****
  6. http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/video/2016/apr/26/hillsborough-inquiry-anatomy-of-a-disaster-video?CMP=share_btn_tw
  7. Big day for the families. I hope justice is finally done.
  8. Mignolet is a joke. Sucks the life clean out of me.
  9. Feel for Origi. Leaves a bad taste on that win but a great performance. Didn't let them play at all.
  10. Paying for lack of squad depth and key players like Neymar not looking interested.
  11. Their third would have been offside if Sakho would have been where he was mean't to be.
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