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  1. Same here with Spanish! ill be glad to compilate any translation mistake i notice and post it here
  2. well i wont be precise with the terms as my game is in spanish, but go to first team, then push the button in the upper bar that is at the left of the date (it has 3 horizontal bars) and you should have an option like "transfer history" you go there and then press the view button and select future transfers i hope it helps
  3. 100% agree with this, im already used to it, but it would be a nice upgrade to the interface, cause its a bit weird for example if you swipe while searching players the whole screen with the bars and buttons included swipe along just to be exactly the same on the next page, i think the game already is really nice to see and all the things are well placed to use, but it is true this would be a nice upgrade for next years.
  4. is there any chance we can know the pre order date on play store? sorry for the eagerness
  5. Not what the topic is about and you should do your own, but that said, i 100% agree with this, i think the best would be 0 faces as default, the chance to download the ones who SI offers if you want and of course the classic facepacks on the web if you want the full experience, but i dont see the point on having a few faces on some leagues randomly.
  6. nope, i understand that as it would be weird they work for two clubs at the same time but those are just coaching not playing
  7. same here, made my own post but never had an answer, is it possible to fix it disconnecting google play until the game connects by itself again, or having the game open before losing connection, but those are not the most reliable or comfortable options, so it would be nice to have offline gaming again or at least knowing if its not coming back
  8. i noticed in a lot of saves, being one of the smallest teams of the league (palace, stuttgart, hellas verona, for example) caring about your reserves team to have 22 (2 players per pos according to 2nd tactic) giving greyed out players contract makes my reserve team win by far the league, even when i loan the best ones, seems a bit weird to me.
  9. is this possible or a bug? never saw it edit: just in case that matters both are interested or at least they show up with that filter ticked
  10. big fan of this here! i would also really like if there was stat hexagons in the game like in desktop version
  11. nope, not loaned, just players that are playing in my reserves, i will send the save to your cloud
  12. i dont know why but it doesnt matter the save i always have 2 or 3 players missing on the training page, they are usually reserves (not greyed out) i need to go to their profile to change their training role or intensity cause they dont apper on the training page, it happens me always no matter the team im managing.
  13. Hi, i want to ask how this stat is mesured, as im managing in argentina having a full 44 squad of 22 argentinians and 22 argentinian reserves and from 2021 to 2023 my dpb went from 9 to 10 and back to 9 again only scouting selling and buying argentinian players, there is any other thing im missing that can make this stat go down? (the manager i created is also argentinian if that matters) thanks in advance.
  14. i really think we need at least a position scouting option, i know its made to be simple, but it would be great if i need a rb backup i can send my scout to search it
  15. sorry for the language of the ss, the game just doesnt let me upload the save, i have a perfect wifi connection edit: i just did it via your owncloud, its a fm_save1 uploaded right now, as you can see, im in an arg team, with 22 arg players and 22 arg reserves but still a 9 in dpb ps: idk if its a save problem or not but that game keeps auto saving when i have auto saved turned off, if you can also check that would be great, thanks
  16. Hi! im using a Samsung J7 prime and purchased the game via play store, thanks for the reply. I have another issue in a save where i have an 8-9 in domestic player bias even all my squad is from the nation im playing and having only one foreing player in the reserves, the number was like 13-14 but i noticed it went down when i scouted two foreign players, can scouting affect this value so much? thanks in advance.
  17. Hi! this is something i noticed after the winter update and said it on another topixs but never made one for this problem. No matter which league, country or save im playing i always get "firm" referees, i even tried with a friend device who has the game and is the same, i remember having more tipes of referees, is this a bug? can be fixed?
  18. on addition to this it would be also great for the next version if you change the two players starting the game in the center to only one as happens in real football
  19. following this, i have an eight in domestic player bias having a 100% national team and only one foreign player in my reserves, so i think the own manager stats are measured differently than we think.
  20. great! makes a lot more sense with that explanation, thanks for looking at it (if you could take a look at the referee thing and the offline playing that would be great too)
  21. i managed to fix"" this opening the game when im connected and leaving it there until i want to play, but still would be great if this had a solution, i hope its not intentional and can be fixed PS: i noticed two problems on my current save, first, i always send my injuried playere to the reserve until they are ready to play, but sometimes my second put them in the reserve starting 11 when they are not more red but still recovering and they get a worst injure, i know the quality jump can be big but the second should know he cant start an injuried first team player so i think this is a bug. The second is, in my last like 10-20 games from two different saves i always get "firm" referees (? is this something intentional as those are the most in real life or is a bug?
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