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  1. Not too bad overall, shame about the end of the season. Got to pick up more points
  2. Finally got a couple hours to get going, so here we are. Having holidayed the game to the beginning of 2019 I was presented with a bunch of openings in the Tahitian second division. However, only the worst of them was ready to take me on as their manager. The facilities are awful all around except for the stadium that is 10k all-seater. If we ever win the Tahiti Cup and participate in the French Cup, that could be a major bonus. In the league, there is trouble. We are 4 points adrift with no transfer window available and only 9 games to go. We will have two more games against Excelsior, so winning those will pull us way out of relegation zone. Our squad is dire, there is some speed on the wings and okay strikers for this level but we're very bad everywhere else. Got a big transfer free-dealing ahead. And I need to find some staff too!
  3. looking frightful steamrolling domestically. Will Turkmen go west or back east?
  4. I did not, actually. Great shout! Do you know if top division is enough?
  5. I am, expecting 50+ seasons if my PC holds Thanks, man. Tahiti has second best youth rating at 40 (NZ at 69), so it will be v.hard but might just be possible.
  6. Saved for future successes and failures
  7. One goal Make Tahiti a football heavyweight in Oceania and eventually, the world. Means to said goal Journeyman taking on Tahiti teams and making them better. Improve facilities everywhere I go and make clubs runs sustainably without European money overload. Aims at the club level Improve facilities at every single club I go Make clubs run sustainably as they compete with New Zealand clubs for regional dominance Win the Oceania Champions League multiple times Win Club World Cup with a Tahiti club Aims at national level Become second best Oceania team Qualify for the World Cup Overcome New Zealand and become best Oceania team Break into top 50 Win Confederations Cup Win World Cup The setup New Zealand, Tahiti and Solomon Islands loaded (Claassen) + all players from all continents in continental clubs. 30k players in a medium DB The man Vaea Tamatoa, a plastic a if there ever was one. Let's see how he gets on
  8. I think I will be closing this for some time. I have tried playing it a few times since November but I can't get back no matter what I try.
  9. holy hell, i forgot how cheap players were in earlier editions miss those days
  10. Looking good there @Sheriff7 Happy new year!
  11. Euro 2036 And we are back! Our Euro preparation consisted of three solid sides and me experimenting with tactics and personnel. Neither went went well as we got crushed multiple times whilst looking really really awful. Not exactly the best prep for Euros and given our group of death I wasn't expecting much. And I proven right in the worst of ways. I had expected to give England and Spain a fight with my first team but it was Germany who wasn't dominating my second squad that much. Anyhow, 0 points and only 1 goal scored for us Other than us being gone gone, the group stage was rather uneventful with all the big names coming through. The playoffs were similarly uneventful, only Sweden making a semi-final run making it slightly different this time round. Finally, we said goodbye to our greatest ever Lithuanian keeper who will be incredibly hard to replace.
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