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  1. That youngster looks very special!
  2. rodesire

    Following in the footsteps of Sir Alex Ferguson

    Are you in danger of getting sacked yet? This has not been a good year for you
  3. rodesire

    [FM18] Ruining football - avoiding goals

    What a final of the season! Shame about that 4-2 goal
  4. rodesire

    [FM 18] Chip chip chip away in Lithuania

    September 2033 | Kretingos Grudai Our stadium expansion is already complete, so a slightly newer shinier stadium is ready for even more rivalries with Zalgiris and others.. This month went really well. We have not conceded in any competitive matches and should have won every single one of them, the Dutch oldies were lucky to escape with a draw. The refs almost cost us Atlantas game, so I made sure my voice was heard and got a one-week fine in process. Not that I am too bothered by it. All the league tables look fantastic at the moment. We're top domestically with a decent buffer already. Second in Europa League with a double header against Wolfsburg to come. New stadium alert Once the old stadium has finished its most recent refurbishment I decided to ask the board for a new stadium and kept pressing until they actually agreed. Shoutout to @Sheriff7 for inspiring this thread back in the day. Looks like we'll be getting a 7k seater that should be ready for the 2037/8 season. If the expansion capacity is anywhere around 10k that should be enough to start playing all the European matches at home at long long last.
  5. rodesire

    [FM18] Ruining football - avoiding goals

    you conceded 5 goals in 2 matches? what's happening?
  6. rodesire

    [FM 18] Chip chip chip away in Lithuania

    August 2033 National media is finally recognising us as a big team as Panka has become the most reputable player based in Lithuania. That makes it even more surprising that we're not predicted to finish top of the table. Anyway, the Super Cup went well as our second string defeated Atlantas 3-0 at the LFF stadium. Never in doubt as Cup winners were quite toothless in the end. We only played a single league game, just about winning against Trakai and went all the way to UCL playoffs just to fall short on away goals. Into Europa League we go.. as second seeds! All in all, a fantastic group with only Wolfsburg representing the top 5 leagues. Heerenveen is going to be tough but beatable and we should really be taking full points off PAOK if we're to progress.
  7. rodesire

    [FM 18] Chip chip chip away in Lithuania

    July 2033 The club board is finally catching up to my success and the expectations have been raised once more! We have to win everything domestically now just to match them In the meantime, a short pre-season is a good opportunity to visit our feeder clubs and build some fitness. We did just that and also passed the first barrier in the Champions League via a trip to Finnish champions HJK. Both legs were slightly tougher than I expected but it may have something to do with me selling my backups for peanuts. Anyway, the league is still yet to start, we'll be entertaining Atlantas in the Super Cup and meeting Levski in third Q round of the Champions League. I fancy our chances to get through to playoff at least.
  8. rodesire

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    Arent' they the Andorran club with Portuguese intakes? makes their youth team incredibly OP
  9. rodesire

    [FM 18] Chip chip chip away in Lithuania

    Holidays June 2033 I have now been at the club for 15 seasons. The club rose through the ranks and have established ourselves as the second best club in Lithuania behind Zalgiris. We now have almost 50 million euros in the bank, whilst upgrading the facilities all around. All the coaching areas have at least 3.5* coaches with half at 4* or better. Now I just need to trim down my squad from 60-odd players to 40-45 that get plenty of attention and game time to develop into stars that bring us to the next level. The Lithuanian football community has experienced terrific growth too. The national team qualified for Euros in 2028 and U21 team has been to Euros in 2023 and 2031. The leagues are now more prestigious too jumping from ~70th place to 32nd this season just between Spanish Segunda and League One in terms of rep. In terms of facilities, we're getting youth and training facilities upgraded and yet another 700 seat expansion for the stadium that will be ready in September. Zalgiris will be moving into their brand new 11425 capacity stadium next summer whilst Trakai keep expanding their new stadium too, up to 2.1k seats now. As a pet project to make local teams better I have once again spent some money on local teams in top division - Dziugas, Atlantas and newly promoted Koralas. Dziugas and Atlantas each received 500k whilst Koralas were awarded 1.5mil to try and build a team that can survive the drop.
  10. rodesire

    [FM 18] Chip chip chip away in Lithuania

    End of season 2032/3 The season is over, we have lifted the Super Cup and the League, while progressing to QF in the FA Cup and finishing dead last in CL group. A lot of players got minutes due to injury this year but there were a few standout performers. Our dependable left winger Vasiliauskas has continued delivering excellence from the left wing. He topped team goalscoring charts in the Champions league and finished the season with 9 goals and 7 assists despite being injured for a couple months. Panka is a very special player for me. He's probably our first legitimately good player who seems to be fulfilling his potential. He's probably the best player based in Lithuania right now and his goalscoring rate proves that. 25 goals and 15 assists from 28 starts is a pretty special return. Butkus is a curious midfielder. Usually, the top midfielder is said to Paukste, but Butkus has cemented AP spot as his own. He's got great basic technicals and despite only scoring once and assisting 6 times he has really been controlling the games. I'd mentioned before that we had a bit of a goalkeeping crisis since Butkus broke his leg just before Christmas. Urbys came through with flying colours and claimed the number 1 jersey as his own. Even if he's back to a reserve keeper role with Butkus recovering, his potential is splendid and I feel safe with him in goal already. We have also had a fantastic award season with Panka winning Player of the Year, U21 Player of the Year and Nation's player of the year. I got a manager of the season title which is always nice. Inhouse awards were dominated by Panka too! This guy really is on fire and I can only hope I can keep him for a couple more years.
  11. rodesire

    [FM 18] Chip chip chip away in Lithuania

    May 2033 We finished the season very comfortably, swatting aside every single team in top6 without too much effort. This obviously put quite a gloss on the final standings but I am still proud how far we managed to run away from the chasing pack. Hopefully, the rest of the league can pick it up a bit next year. As you can see Atlantas managed to win the FA Cup this year, so they're going to Europe in place of hapless Suduva. Also note Stumbras, who finished third despite conceding most goals in the league. This unfortunate turn of events with Suduva losing out on the final matchday and then losing the final of the Cup meant their manager is gone. I am curious to see how the new guy does, though he does have two lower league wins to his name so far.
  12. This is such a feel-good story after everything that happened in League Two with facilities being sold to balance the books
  13. rodesire

    [FM 18] Chip chip chip away in Lithuania

    April 2033 It's been a very mixed month. The good things were the stadium expansion (doubling in size to 2.8k) and a new contract my board gave to me to appreciate this team's greatness. The contract is basically the same but gives me an extra year, whilst the stadium also looks the same, maybe with a couple more rows in every section. Still, only single tier sections so far. Maybe, Zalgiris' new stadium next year will become first Lithuanian stadium to feature multi-tier seating. The bad. We had 2 first choice keepers get injured, so having sold my second choice in winter I was stuck with my fourth choice GK for all of the month including 70 minutes with the rightback in the opening game. The ugly. The team is barely winning and the start of the month was poor yet again. We crashed out of cup on pens and then kept getting out of jail thanks for refs. We also missed 7 penalties this month Overall, the fun season is over. We have won our fourth title on the trot, fitfh in six years. We can't win the cup, so there isn't really much to play for in the remaining fixtures.