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  1. You could retrain Ordabek as a rightback tbf, he doesn't seem to terrible for that.
  2. You beat Žalgiris, i am a happy bunny
  3. Juve playing in a Chiellini Park?! In front of 107+ thousand people?! Utter madness
  4. This is such a huge step up, very very well played! Are you the only pro side in Faroe Islands?
  5. It's summer 2023 and things have changed Or have they? PSG are doing PSG things having taken 5 league titles in a row, Bayern, Juve and Real Madrid all have 4 apiece with Neverkusen, Inter Milan and Atletico the sole winners of Bundesliga, Serie A and La Liga respectively. Things are different in the Premier League but not much. Liverpool have broken the spell and won 3 titles in England with Chelsea and Man City winning one apiece in this universe. Perhaps surprisingly it is Barcelona with the biggest transfer of the save. Mo Salah is running down their wing with no particular success so far. Continentally, Man City won the last two UCLs with Porto a surprise finalist (more on that later). PSG have done it in 2021 with Liverpool/Spurs recreating real life final in 2020 and Man Utd avenging 2010s against Barcelona. In the Europa League, it's Arsenal, Inter, Spurs, Chelsea and yes, Porto with the Thursday cup wins! If you're wondering what's happening at Porto, wonder no more, their 21 year old AMC is the reigning Ballon d'Or recipient. It's been extremely volatile with Harry Kane, Griezmann, Neymar and Mbappe all claiming one apiece before a sensational award for Almada.
  6. I chipped away once in Lithuania, I can chip twice They said it cannot be done, they said it shouldn't be done. But here we are, double Lithuanian/Baltic save on this forum. With Gariunai in full swing, I thought it could be fun to do a journeyman on FM19 that I didn't really play all that much. Add in, three custom made nations in Lithuania (very unfaithful to the real life pyramid for lols), Latvia (somewhat better but still relaxed) and Estonia (now this was actually realistic) and this is a recipe for a disaster! I am not quite sure what's the overall aim of this other than try win everything in every country, ideally with a smallish club. I'd love to lead one of these nations internationally one day too, so let's hope that happens at some point. Without further ado, this is the set up I will be running for this save, baltics playable, all neighbours view-only with continental teams filled out. I will also simulate 5 years in order to shuffle things just a bit. I will try play this somewhat LLM by not actively looking for players beyond the scouting page, same goes for staff. Alonsi!
  7. Having done this review, I started looking around Gibraltar and realised the country is not doing well at all. Red Imps and Gibraltar Utd are the only two healthy clubs, first through their original high gates and still formidable team whereas the latter is dodging the financial rules by not offering players waged contracts. The rest of the league is mostly in red but the situation is particularly bad for newly promoted teams. They turn professional and end up losing at least 500k a season in the top flight without european football. This is unsustainable and there are already 2 clubs in administration with 2 more listed precarious. I don't think this can create any sort of fun save as there simply won't be any teams to domestically challenge us especially with everyone sharing a stadium. therefore, I am closing this save. Thank you everyone for support!
  8. Gib Reg - Summer 2025 Squad review It's been a while since I did one of these, so time to go through the squad and see where the strengths and weaknesses are. GK My No.1 between the sticks is Kieran Jordan, he's been with the club for a while now and having done two loan stints with St Joseph he has fully blossomed into one of Gibraltar's finest GKs. For some reason he isn't getting picked for the national team, their loss really. Mark is a fresh pickup with bags of potential and a long-term No.2 I think. My main concern is Kieran getting injured as Mark is still raw, we're also missing any other young talents to take the step to the first team. Fullbacks We're fairly stacked in this part of the pitch, Alec and Sean have been with the club for 5 seasons as part of the first eleven but there might be changes coming. This summer I signer Fraser, who's a centreback but one I am keen to retrain as a fullback given his speed. Hale is a youth product making huge strides and established himself as a solid backup already. Finally, Ronnie is two-footed and has been developing in the Reserves but it's only a matter of time before I start blooding him in easier games. Centrebacks #Blessed here, surely. Stephen has been the biggest baddest star for a few years now with Carl as his reliable sidekick. However, it all changed a lot last season. Ford grew a fair bit and overtook Carl in my rotation and then Mustoe came out of absolutely nowhere and rinsed them all to become the best centreback in the country by a country mile. Murphy is another Carl, he has potential to be a backup but won't be more than that. All of these guys are still very young, so unless there are amazing regens in waiting my backline is sorted till early 2030s. Wingers Now this is a much weaker part of the squad. Isaac and Jaydon have been awesome in running the wings both domestically and in Europe but they're a bit limited. Spooner is an absolute speedster as he was the PotS at the age of 18 but he's not getting any green arrows for some reason, similar to Curtis, I think they both have low ceiling and should not become starters. Linares is another interesting youth propect who I will loan out to give him some game time. Centremids Things are a bit better here. I got Clayton and Hernandez dictating the tempo with Duncan running amok whenever called upon. Pell is a new singing who looks very very promising, so I will be giving him minutes against weaker opponents and hope he improves enough to take over from Andrew eventually. Ryan is another prospect who did a year in our first team, then in reserves and now likely to be given a loan to supplement his training. Strikers Now things are even better here. We have two club icons in Nick and James, casually scoring a goal a game each as well as Christian and Milton. The last two should be taking over from James this season but they're infuriating with their inexperience, White and Johnson are even more raw, so I am expecting to loan at least one of them out to give them some match experience.
  9. amazing job getting to european group stages so early!
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