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  1. Looks like a decent step-up. The big contracts are mostly expiring at the end of the season, so you should be able to steady the ship before too long.
  2. rodesire

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    @Dextermorgan did a fun Cyprus save on fm15 i think? and @Sheriff7 was a Malteser last year.
  3. rodesire

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    Faroes sounds like fun. A true minnow but not as fashionable as Andorra or San Marino, also has nice Nordic ties that used to make game fairly difficult early on. Luxembourg could also be fun with an absurd wealth of neighbour talent around it.
  4. rodesire

    [FM 18] Chip chip chip away in Lithuania

    2036 April There are three things that bring me joy in FM, facility upgrades, developing kids and beating Zalgiris. This time with an added bonus of getting their manager a sack. On a slightly less serious note, we played Koln in quarter-finals. A fine home win after a 93rd minute offside-trap beating solo effort was offset by similarly late away loss, so we headed to pens. Eliosius 7a, the main man behind our surge in Europe missed first pen and it looked rather bleak. Out of nowhere Koln missed their third, then Butkus saved another one! Poskus could have won it for us just to smash his effort against the bar. I was heading for the tea during Koln's fifth penalty just to see Butkus do Akinfeev style leg save to send us through to semis! Overall, a very busy month with no fewer than 8 fixtures in 18 days. Only dropped points once domestically with my third string scoring 8 past Tauras. All in all, doing great, still a game adrift in the league but 13 points up on Stumbras. We also face them in second leg of semifinals having crushed them 4-0 away. In Europa League, Simeone's (yes, he's still with them) Atleti will be crushing us. I'll take a home draw and everyone's adulation but I can't see us scoring anything against their hard 442. Finally, our nation board decided to use a third division club base for the EUROs. Not particularly impressed as we have better facilities at the club level.
  5. rodesire

    [FM 18] Chip chip chip away in Lithuania

    Tell me about it. I was furious for like half an hour just thinking of any worse permutation and struggling to come with anything.
  6. rodesire

    [FM 18] Chip chip chip away in Lithuania

    2036 March - Club update What a month. With Europa League and Lithuanian Cup matches we ended up playing twice a week all the way to international break. In the middle of all that we had a tie with Southampton. We held back in the first away leg by snatching 1-0 win courtesy of only CCC any team created. In the second leg, S'oton kept piling forward, shooting from 30 yards and only hitting their first shot on target on 72nd minute. Meanwhile we scored an early goal to make sure there is no extra time, then missed a pen. Finally, we rounded the victory with a late goal having caught them on a break. We stayed unbeaten the rest of the month including a Cup tie against Jonava with 37 of our players ineligible for the game. Including all 4 GK at the club... We're very much in cruise control now, 7 points ahead with 2 games in hand. In Europa League, we caught a break as we'll be meeting Koln, who are probably the next weakest team in the competition.
  7. rodesire

    [FM 18] Chip chip chip away in Lithuania

    2036 March international update We had a couple friendlies aranged, so I bloodied in a couple of youngsters and played a very young (avg age of 23) squad to give them some caps before the EUROs. Both games were uneventful as we slowly pressed our advantage home and kept it tight at the back. Next up, the EURO draw. I had expected to be seeded slightly higher having had a very good campaign but we ended up in fourth bracket somehow. The draw itself? We got second worst permutation as we drew favourites Spain from pot 1, Germany (only Italy was ranked higher) from pot 2 and managed to land the only difficult side from pot 3 in England. Honestly can't see getting any points in this group of death. Maybe, just maybe we can get something from opening England game, then throw game 2 against Germany and hope that fresh first eleven can battle tired Spanish legs. Really wish we were in group B as it would be possible top it with some luck, group A, C and D are reasonably okay too, whilst E is a bit more of a challenge.
  8. rodesire

    [FM 18] Chip chip chip away in Lithuania

    2036 February Normally, we'd slowly ease into the league schedule after a 2 month break but we got Europa League knockouts this year. Just a couple friendlies before we face Ingolstadt. They both go well as lads slowly regain fitness after weeks of pigs in blankets. First match of the big tie is in Germany and we absolutely steal the game with clinical finishing running away win a 4-1 win. The hosts look shellshocked as 20 farmers are celebrating like mad in the away end. A week later it's the complete opposite, they're more dominant and keep slowly but surely scoring. At the end of 90 minutes they're leading 4-1 and it's 5-all on aggregate. Both teams had hit the post 3 times already, so everyone is a bit angsty. We do find a winner in the extra time and secure last 16 spot after an inglorious win. The only other fixture this month was Atlantas game and out second 11 did just fine. The league is all but done at this point, out lead is seven points with a game in hand. In Europe, we'll be facing tycoon S'oton who seem to have started selling players, so maybe, just maybe we have a chance.
  9. rodesire

    [FM19] French Lingerie.

    10-1 is not exactly at risk. I think board gets grumpy around 5-1 and the ultimatums get thrown around 3-1. Maybe, everyone is doing as expected, so everyone is equally safe?
  10. rodesire

    [FM 18] Chip chip chip away in Lithuania

    I am still trying to figure out how that one is useful. It does give me a chuckle to find Pereira listed as `Leader` with leadership attr 1.
  11. rodesire

    [FM 18] Chip chip chip away in Lithuania

    2036 Youth intake Bit of an early intake this year, just before the turn of February. @Jimbokav1971 says that any intake with at least 1 5* PA player is a good player. Well, this one is more of a golden generation then. 4 players with 4.5* PA or more including a very random Portuguese centreback. I did have a Portuguese U21 assman 4-5 years ago, so he must have influenced the intake and no, it is not his son. Poskus looks special. If I wasn't so full in centreback and so empty in midfield, I'd retrain him as BPD but now he may become an elite DMC. Elite for Lithuania, of course, I doubt he's got in him to be world class. Paukste and strikers, name a better due. Another promising striker after a couple years of stinkers. This guy looks quality with a bit of work on physicals, he could be on Panka's level, also needs tutoring. Our Portuguese sensation. Already looks able to step in against worse opponents and he'll only get better. I am really excited about this guy as we can probably naturalise him and use for Lithuania fairly soon. Looks at his mentals. He's insanely good already, just needs 2-3 points of technicals across the board and he'd already be a league star. I can see him taking over from Eliosius 7a, when he starts to get on a bit.
  12. rodesire

    [FM 18] Chip chip chip away in Lithuania

    2035 December | Club update So Paukste is becoming a bit of a hot commodity in Europe as a dozen of leading clubs want his signature after a great international period. I'll try hold onto him as we have a 4.5 year contract with him. On the pitch we had a solid month as we won 5 out 6 in the league. We did drop a weird game to Jonava as we just couldn't pick ourselves after a European tie. In Europa League we sensationally beat Nantes to top the Europa League group and get extra half a million for the first place. This means we're top of all the leagues possible. In Lithuania, there is a four-way battle for the European spots behind us with Zalgiris holding a slim advantage. In Europe, we'll be entertaining Ingolstadt, a tough draw but one of the better ones from top5 nations. Finally, a bit of a controversial item. 11 years ago this academy produced its best player yet, Eliosius 7a. He was fast, skillful and left us for Zalgiris after barely a couple years refusing to sign a new contract. Since then he has earned 60 Lithuania caps and hundreds of games in Europe and North America. My scouts said he was available and willing to come back, so please give it up for the prodigal son coming home. He's going to earn as much as the rest of the team combined but he may just be worth it. His personality is also perfect, so I will be asking him to tutor young kids coming through.
  13. rodesire

    [FM 18] Chip chip chip away in Lithuania

    2035 December It's almost award time but first we need to learn our fate for the World Cup qualifiers. We did exceptionally well to get to EUROs and got rewarded with a second seed. Can we take advantage and not get bitten by hard lower seeds? Not this time. England from first pool, Poland from third(!), Montenegro from fourth and Kosovo as the last group team. A horrid horrid group, couldn't have gotten it much worse tbh. The national team awards were brief with Butkus outshining everyone else by scoring 10 in 9 this year. The rest of the squad did okay, they're mostly young, so we should do well long term. Coumans is once again the World's best player, though Kevin Mercier surely won't be pleased about it. Both play for Bayern and Kevin arguably had a better year but no awards for him. He's definitely the best player of this save not to win a Ballon d'Or and with 31 years on the clock you have to wonder if he's run out of chances. World's best eleven reads almost like today's who-is-who in terms of clubs. Not a single new entrance despite S'oton throwing millions around and resurgence of Neverkusen.