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  1. Well done navigating the lost league season!
  2. A big shock of the year goes to Young Boys who only went and won the Europa League becoming the first Swiss club of the save to win any silverware. Their 5-0 annihilation of Arsenal in semi-finals probably the high point of the run. Zenit also made semifinals whilst FC Basel reached round16 in what was an upset year.
  3. Great job in the league, really pushing for the title and hopefully European campaign kicks on
  4. that's some party mode start to the season, cracking results
  5. Spring 2028 We have already won the Liechtensteiner Cup but it was the league where we had been overachieving all the way in P4. Sadly, the form didn't last as we lost 5 straight and narrowly missed out on a few tens of thousand euros in prize money. This also dropped us to P6, an astonishing debut result but now that leaves us in a funny situation where staying professional in this league is going to kill our finances unless we qualify for a group stage in Europe.
  6. I think I had a GK scoring in every final we won Pretty crazy considering they end up on 3-4 goals a season.
  7. Liechtenstein Cup 27/28 Our main team had no trouble making the finals but it was the second team of older rejects that sprang a surprise. They reached a semifinal where they held out against Eschen/Mauren and then stole the game on penalties. So, for the first time this save we have an all-Schaan final. Our second team is ineligible for Europa League, so we got the European money for one more season. The final itself was a bit tenser than I would have liked but we prevailed with keeper scoring the final goal via a long range freekick. Shoutout @Jimbokav1971 yet anot
  8. looking ready for a second jab at the title!
  9. March 2028 international break We have a couple friendlies on our hands, so it's a good time to blood in a few youngsters and build up our coefficient. We did just that, with Uzbekistan victory a particularly sweet one as they're a decent team and we were never in trouble. In addition, I gave debuts to a number of players, including the centreback from the last intake. He's already a top5 player in his position for the country and he can only improve.
  10. cracking job so far, good luck in europe!
  11. I've seen a couple threads in career forum but cannot find them off the top of my head.
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