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  1. I think Caribbean was insanely hard a few years ago but with lots of potential if you can get money.
  2. Haha, that's ridiculous. I don't think I'll need the easter egg though. with youth only approach you don't ever need the money and I scaled the positional money in such a way, everyone gets a good share of the pie. Sponsorship is definitely something that should be improved though, I agree, as the teams rise from the bottom to be one of top European teams.
  3. What's the TV money easter egg?
  4. The worst part is I thought I had it in cloud but it never synched for whatever reason. I would save locally and save to cloud straight after so I never tested the cloud version.
  5. Wonder if other teams in the league got that too, would be massive for country's development.
  6. Bonkers scoring especially considering it's youth teams!
  7. Third time lucky in Gibraltar, hopefully. Intention is to do youth only save as Gibraltar has the worst youth rating in Europe at 15. I might get external staff though. Using FM Gibraltar patch but with significant changes: redistributed prize money in Primera (460k down to 3k, 550k total -> 60k down to 15k, 450k total now) redistributed prize money in Segunda (1k, 0.5k -> 10k, 6k, 3k) added two extinct teams to Lower division (Gib Reg, Angels) added new Development Stadium and added 4 teams to play in it reactivated Town Camp Stadium and added 5 teams to play in it set Europa Point stadium active and available from summer 2019 (8k capacity) added extra round of fixtures for both domestic leagues (18 and 14 -> 27 and 21 now) relegation from Segunda The reasons for above changes - the lack of money in Primera would be killing any team that's not winning the league making this league super easy once you start winning. Having more than one stadium will allow teams to play more matches at the same time reducing crazy scheduling somewhat. New Europa Point stadium can be used for Champions League/Europa League runs and should provide great base for Gibraltar teams in Europe. Using a fair few European nations and all leagues in Portugal, Spain, Wales, Ireland, N.Ireland, England, Scotland and Gibraltar.
  8. This is the end of this save. My work computer has been remotely wiped today and I have lost steam and my FM save. Absolutely gutted. Dunno where next from there
  9. The last dance We've been touted as favourites for the league title once more and it's easy to see why. What I am pleased about is FH/KR/IA all shortening their odds and hopefully becoming regular European fixtures. Domestically we've been in impeccable form, 6 wins, 0 conceded and playing outrageous football at all times. Top of the league, with some gap already.
  10. Domestic Cup finals We're starting with the Champions Cup first as we face FH who finished a distant second last year. The game itself was a lot closer than I expected as FH countered us hard but struggled to put their shots away. Instead it was Alvaro who kept sneaking from the wing to score an opportunistic brace. Meanwhile, in the League Cup final we faced a newly promoted Prottur and we promptly destroyed them with our first eleven. A rather ominous result for Icelandic teams as I played kids in second half yet scored 5 then.
  11. European competition review 2026/27 What a difference 12 months make. Champions League featured a number of hipsters this time round with us and Sporting making it to QF and bowing out by the slimmest of margins. Atletico lifted the trophy after a 96th minute De Gea calamity Karius would be proud of. My keeps surprisingly got a third place in best GK awards there, hopefully that'll boost his valuation a bit, he's so underrated. Europa League looked more like a Champions League with 4 leagues dominating the quarter finals and only CSKA Moscow not a Big5 entrant in round16. Inter atoned their Europa League final loss from two years ago.
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