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  1. I'd stable is okay, it's just you'll need a lot more talent coming through your club if Latvia is to improve.
  2. Cheers, much appreciated! Etoile Filante look a proper fallen giant at least on FM18
  3. Cracking job this season, here's to more improvement next!
  4. It's late 2020 and Jaroslav Starka, the Czech protagonist is on his way to manage a club. Once a midfield prodigy in Iceland, now a coaching prodigy rising through the ranks as he nursed his torn knee ligaments. Which club will he join on his way to make a mark on the continent? It is the club that has suffered the longest, 56 years of pain and counting but what a great club it still is. A hegemon in Mali with 56 domestic trophies as well as a minor international one, this is a perfect springboard for Jaroslav's career. Financially it is a very sound club and th
  5. Africa in review 2017-2020 There's only been a single edition of Africa Cup of Nations. Still it was a massive one for this save as Mali annihilated Cameroon to win their maiden title In the Champions League there was glory for the big boys of the continent with ES Tunis, TP Mazembe and Sundowns lifting the cup. However, 2018 had a suprise finalist pairing with Club Africain prevailing over Onze Createurs who become yet another eligible side in this competition. Thus, the updated tracker looks like this now:
  6. still better question than SI press conference
  7. Etoile Filante, they relegated from top division recently in Togo, and Togo is one of the lowest rated countries atm.
  8. Europe in review It's been 3 Champions League campaigns in the simulated world and the usual suspects are winning it, two for Real Madrid with Manchester City snagging the latest edition. The Euros were incredibly conventional too, the World Cup holders Russia fell in Round16 but few other surprises in there with Spain winning it on penalties against Germany.
  9. What would happen if you gotten Lithuanian league so good that they had 7 European spots, would second division teams be getting European football as well as all the top division ones?
  10. not bad lol, I just had a 15 year fight with them on one of my saves and they're the TNS of Lithuanian football, very strong locally but not progressing in Europe.
  11. World Cup 2018 A rather innocent start to the save as most teams had already qualified by the time FM18 was released. The group stage threw a couple surprises already though. The Germans failed to progress as Chile topped their group with France second. Portugal was the victim of Spain and Egypt progressing. England also faded against Russia and Uruguay while Netherlands finished bottom of their group. The knockout stage was just as spectacular as Ivory coast and Egypt both made quarter finals but the real stars were the hosts, who went all the way to win their maiden World
  12. I wish I could be as thoughtful as @smp20 who came up with the idea of nearly men back in 2014, was it? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I wish I could be as eloquent as @Manutd1 who has done this challenge in Europe over and over to great success. He has also done this very challenge, his write up can be found here ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ But the nearly men are still there waiting for their salvation Since the inception CAF Champions League in 1964, 26 clubs have lifted the trophy, yet 19 more reached the final only to fall at the last hurdle: Amicale Sportive Dragons (1980. 1985) Al-
  13. Smashing it in the league, still shame you're using Zalgiris as your team
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