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  1. 2028 January-February It's an extremely busy period in Switzerland as we end up playing twice a week for almost a month after a winter break. Luckily, the preparation I gave the lads paid off as we collected 5 wins and if it's wasn't for a collapse in the last game, it should have really been 6. This leaves us comfortably in upper table as we have mathematically secured another season in the league. Chiasso is starting to show some signs of recovery including winning over us. Let's hope they don't end up recovering though for Eschen/Mauren's sake.
  2. Youth intake 2028 I have put all my chips into the youth development at the cost of financially ruining this club in a couple seasons time, so it was paramount we had a good intake. Well, this is more than good, this is a godlike intake for us. All these four standouts will be starting for us the rest of the season and they are sensational. I will be probably calling up some of them, so they cannot commit to Switzerland later on.
  3. I feel like I've done that to CPU so many times recently. You sit back, soak the pressure, get your keeper overpowered and then score a random set-piece. 1-0 and Jose smiling in his dream.
  4. yeah, my only worry is finances. I would be surprised if there was enough money to have a pro team in Latvia without playing in Europe
  5. World Cup 2030 Qualification draw We got a hell of a draw for the upcoming World Cup as shown below, with Portugal the only missing team in group 10. We must beat Andorra in the battle of the minnows but I doubt we'll get any more points since Georgia is having a golden generation of 20-23 year old regens that we simply cannot compete with. Scotland is still very strong and both Switzerland and Belgium can easily make WC quarterfinals on their day.
  6. October-December 2027 We suddenly found some form outta nowhere, it's almost like kids improve given gametime! Also, my defence has gotten really quite solid which is surprising as there hasn't been any real skill improvement there. our possession stats are attrocious - 45% avg but we keep getting results on the counter. Myself, it's been a while since I done any badge, so a good time to get some done as this season is all about getting as much money in the coffers before we go super broke. All in all a very very good start to the season. We're handily mid-tabl
  7. Surprise Liechtensteiner update I was prepping for the league match when I noticed chatter about Liechtenstein manager being in danger of being sacked. Honestly, that's a fairly decent run, especially considering the opponents and getting 5 points in this group is very very good. Still, Mario Frick has been fired and I've been installed as his successor. Whilst the team's ranking has gone through the roof recently, we're definitely not a very good team as our competition record is pretty awful. This was the first time we did not finish last in any competi
  8. Absolutely legendary player, no idea why he was used so sparingly by the National team
  9. 2027 August-September We have 36 league matches this season, so splitting the season into quarters kinda made sense to me. Pre-season ended well with season tickets up almost 25% with barely 27 seats not sold for a year. 2700 further standing spaces should provide extra support if needed. In fact we will need all the support we can get as we sold our best player barely a game into the season as he requested a transfer. Goodbye sweet prince, enjoy top division. First two games of the season came right after European games, so I ended up fielding backups who someh
  10. I was thinking more of locking in players who can play for Liechtenstein but may decide to go for Switzerland later if you haven't played them in competitive games.
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