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  1. rodesire

    [FM 18] Chip chip chip away in Lithuania

    Shout out to Suduva for beating APOEL on aggregate in Champions League, a classic FM performance there https://www.uefa.com/uefachampionsleague/season=2019/matches/round=2000976/match=2024611/index.html?iv=true
  2. rodesire

    AC London - I Predict A Riot

    your new HOYS is pretty much perfect, maybe personality could have been a notch better with Perfectionist or Model Professional/Citizen
  3. rodesire


    Good job in the league so far and shame about the internationals. Any chance you could start signing better players? You seem a little stagnant in the last couple of seasons
  4. Good luck in Chile, few players go there and, hopefully, you can achieve great things there
  5. rodesire

    Following in the footsteps of Sir Alex Ferguson

    What a signing that was! If only some of those physicals were in technicals, you'd have a perfect wingback
  6. rodesire

    The Circle of Fitness Activists

    great effort so far! how are your unsettled players? anyone leaving yet?
  7. Beautifully done How are Estonian teams doing? Any new notable regens for them?
  8. rodesire

    [FM18] Following the money using the Asian persuasion

    This formation is so nuts, really refreshing to see something like this bend the match engine to extreme
  9. rodesire

    [FM 18] Chip chip chip away in Lithuania

    February 2032 Guess, who's back! I am finishing my move at last, so there's time for the best procrastination method of all times. Anyway, February is the last month of the winter break in Lithuania, however, Europa league ties begin before the league restarts. This can only mean more meaningless friendlies. We did well there, even managed to steal a win at home against Sevilla but got destroyed away 6 more points in the league to keep the momentum going. This really is becoming a tight league. We're just behind Stumbras who keep on motoring and are very much in line for a domestic double. Their strikers are awesome and the loanees seem to have blended perfectly to create a devastating recipe.
  10. They're usually really good on my save and it really confuses me, cos they're not really a powerhouse
  11. rodesire

    Following in the footsteps of Sir Alex Ferguson

    Great job, now go get that Europa league trophy!
  12. rodesire

    One Door Closes, Another Andorra Opens

    Muñoz looks quality, shame he'll never play for Andorra
  13. rodesire

    One Door Closes, Another Andorra Opens

    excellent job, sometimes you need a bit of luck, so fair play for beating what's in front of you
  14. rodesire

    AC London - I Predict A Riot

    Brilliant stuff reaching the Premier League! 21 seasons and not once you did worse than the year before :applause: btw, that QPR groundshare should give you a tonne of money in the first half of the season with their sizeable stadium.