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    Once upon a time God made man, what a crap day that was for the rest of the world.

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  1. Thanks Neil. I wish there was a way to trigger them to build the damn thing
  2. My bad, it is Man united and I am in 2037 (Stephen Agu is the manager name)
  3. I have a save that I have uploaded. When I request the stadium, they either say they will get back to me and nothing happens or they will reject it and with the right choice of responses, they agree to a new stadium. After this nothing happens. This happened a year ago no building work happened and then the option to request returned! Filename: Last save overwrite backup
  4. I love all the Knap 442 tactics but have the same issue with the DLP always getting really poor ratings. I have had 3 of the best players in the game world in that position over 8 seasons and none ever scored over a 6.7 for the season. the minute I sell them, they are averaging 7.8 and above at new teams.
  5. Should he get a knighthood? Hell No. Should he get one in the future if he wins the WC or a Euros? Yes Should knighthoods be scrapped? Yes and we replace them with some other honour like a British version of whatever that medal is that they give the heroes at the end of Hollywood action movies
  6. @knap Have you got a 4-4-2 tactic that will give my central midfield pairing better ratings. I am winning games and highly successful but the DLP and BBM always struggle to crack 6.8 while other players seem to have great ratings in a win
  7. If Jorginho missed against Spain, we would call his penalty style daft. Rashford did almost everything right but overcooked it. Sancho had a poor penalty regardless of run up.
  8. Southgate threw out the youngsters with all the experienced guys who hid. Where was Sterling and Grealish?
  9. TBF, they used all their luck for at least a century by winning a tournament they did not qualify for in 92
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