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  1. Hey @knap Can you make a version of Echoes 4-4-1-1 that has all the attributes of Echoes 4231 Basically taking Echoes 442 but having the one striker as an AM or SS, would it work? See Image
  2. How did you pull that out so quickly? You sir are a genius. I have been using Time4231 and the results are amazing but the actual games feel tepid. Almost like a Mourinho team, very few highlights and we grab a goal or two and stroll to the win. Not a bad place to be but Pilgrimage had that zip and I will be moving to this ASAP
  3. Hey Knap, I went for Pilgrimage 41311 and it was great up until the update and now it is so porous at the back. Long punt and 1-2-1 goals with against my keeper. Regardless the opposition, I can't keep a clean sheet. Can you update for 21.6 because I have built my squad for that formation which is quite unique in the shape and players it needs
  4. Leading away to Dortmund in the CL. Sancho (playing for UTD) goes on a run and scores to make it 5-2. As he is celebrating, I sub him for Edwards. When the I come back to the game screen, the score is still 4-2 and Sancho is still on the pitch. When I go into my tactics screen, it shows Edwards has been subbed in and Sancho out but Sancho is still playing. We then add two more goals by Greenwood and Arezo to finish at 6-2 When I go into the post match replay, Sancho has his goal there at 77 mins and so does Arezo but Greenwoods goal has vanished, yet in the match summary, Greenwood is lis
  5. Another M1 user, great battery life with fm. It is unreal how many 3d matches you can get through and see the battery is still at 50% Not heard my fans yet on FM20 or FM21 but like others I do get the Kernel error crash about once a day on FM21. I save religiously after every great moment and less religiously when in a bad run of form (its not cheating if I have to replay a loss because my laptop crashed ) Hopefully FM find a solution as that is the only thing crashing my laptop
  6. Hi Knap, What is your most effective corner routine? I loved the corner routine in Parisienne Walkways but the tactic did not work for me. I am no using Beowulf but not scoring many corners so want to change the corner routine as a tweak test
  7. Thanks Knap, I meant the IR skin with the full game. I feel that playing the matches with the 3d engine, the team does not convert the chances that it does when you use the IR (skin). Not an issue with the tactic but more with the games ME
  8. Hi Knap and everyone else, do you guys use IR or actually play games? With IR, every Knap tactic is godlike, even the ones people criticise will take most top teams to a comfortable title so well done there Knap. When actually playing the games though, it feels a little less powerful, I am currently using Beowulf 4231 and with IR, I would score 4,5 or 6 goals a game constantly with my striker always getting two or more but if I actually play the game, the strikers struggle to score even though we have 25 to 35 shots a game. I am still winning so not complaining but it seems the match engi
  9. Random question and I am sure everyone here would be able to answer. Does it matter the ability of the players to play a role, I see lots of screenshots with players having a red half circle for the role in question rather than a green circle. I want to try the Fire and Water formation but do not have the players for it
  10. @knap your tactics are amazing and I have found a couple versions of Tea for one that work with my Man United team. Quick question though, I watch my matches (not instant result) and I get an insanely high amount of yellow cards, is there anything to do to mitigate this? Just realised I did not tag you before
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