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  1. This a thousand times. They knew what the criteria was and how the format worked. Any team that succeeds deserved it and is not lucky.
  2. True! That tournament was a bit alright.
  3. Was not the case at Italia 90 or USA 94.
  4. I actually like that a team that came third in the group won the tournament. 24 team tournaments are unpredictable, no one could beat them and they won the trophy.
  5. I would look confused if I heard a club was about to spaff £100m on me after a performance like that
  6. Someone needs to check if Vampook is okay?
  7. With posts like this, Chopra has every right to think YOU are against him
  8. They told him they would waive it if Wales made the semis. An airport just lost some cash
  9. I have lived this tournament. I like the 24 team format for Euros and I hope it stays.
  10. Carter just slapping people in this thread right now.
  11. Looked for a shin, keeper error, anything to devalue that goal. Nothing! Just a beauty
  12. I am enjoying 24 team setup, it is more fun than the last one.
  13. You should get a ban or at least a name change for posting that
  14. He will soon be replaced by another within the next few weeks. They are like crap regens on FM......inevitable
  15. I fully agree, though I take it that means Martials future is out wide or at another club? I want an experienced forward as long as Rooney is gone. Having Rashford, Martial, Rooney and new striker in same starting eleven worries me a bit even if Rooney thinks he is the next coming of Scholes. Also we are not going to play a variant of 4-4-2 which Jose never does, we will have one central striker, two wide players and a 3 man midfield