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  1. Alli gets a free header that he hits straight at the keeper who with better movement might save and gets all the praise. What about Lingard, that was the ball of the tournament after that one for Messi
  2. Black GK gloves are so cool. Like a sexy ball saving burglar
  3. Neymar is filth. Someone needs to give him a right talking to.
  4. Did no say it did, was responding to Kompany choosing to dive in Carry on!
  5. When I was writing in the other thread about African teams underperforming and the fact they play at tournaments "in spite" of barriers. This sums it up in the most extreme way
  6. Vardy is fresh yet walking about like he has a lame foot. Burn grass fella!!
  7. Lingard leaving a pass he could have cleared that led to the shot was so annoying. Goal is not his fault but he should have just cleared that
  8. Like a few World Class players and teams as well but we have not doubted their pedigree, just assumed they were off colour!
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