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  1. Found it eventually. Go to nation "overview/season summery" or if managing a nation sidebar "Nation" top menu "Season Summery, but you all probably know that, sorry to disturb you all, night night.
  2. Any one know if the "End of Season Review" is still there, were it tells you who won what, the best buys in each division and more. It doesn't come up in my Inbox like it use to pre FM20. I cant find it anywhere so I guess for some strange reason it's been removed. I thought I'd just check.
  3. The fact that the players walk backwards after a goal gives it away that VAR is going to chalk it off, I hate that.
  4. This kept happening to me, I got so annoyed with it I sacked him. @Maldini's Heir you'ld care about loans if your Loan Manager kept loaning out players that you wanted to keep including your star striker.
  5. Thanks for your advice but I refer you to what I said earlier I think I should now what I was doing by now.
  6. I've tried everything I can, my back 4 basically run away from the opposition when they get near (I'm joking, just) and still they pick up bookings. People are complaining about too many red and yellows, I'm not saying it's an accross the board bug. I've not been affected by a lot of things that people are complaining about but that doesn't mean their complaints are not valid. I've played every version of the game (including the original FM in the 80's) so I'm not a beginner, I suppose I will work it out eventully.
  7. PKM's have been sent in the bugs forum. No mention of it being under review, fingers crossed.
  8. It no longer happens in my Premier Leage save.
  9. The thing that annoys me most in my game, the sound cuts out at half and full time, no cheers boos nothing
  10. Same here lol, I've tried everything but I'm sure someone's going to pop up and say it's our tactics
  11. The 2019 pack posted on other websites work sound wise but you just get a ball moving over a load of squares no players or pitch. Wish I knew how to fix it.
  12. I've been searching with no luck. the 2019 pack I found doesn't work with 2020 and I haven't got a clue how to update it, the 2020 sound is awful.
  13. I really hope they don't do that, I can't see myself playing with fake names, logos, kits and such. I would pay more for a fully licenced version and I mean fully licenced, not just a few or half.
  14. Some Managers get away with not knowing how to pick a team week in week out.
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