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  1. It's not there yet but make sure you tick games AND TOOLS at the top of your library
  2. I guess you won't be playing then, shame.
  3. I get texts from pizza hut every Tuesday telling me I can get 2 large pizzas for £20, your being done mate.
  4. Oh dear the troll's getting nasty, same thing happened last night, not with him other trolls
  5. If all the testers said it was fantastic there would be no point in testing really
  6. I thought you were gonna tell us it was out again, youre slipping
  7. I've got 4p in my steam account, I wonder what I can spend it on.
  8. You could have posted the bit where her bra pops off rather than Sid.
  9. Hehe the full game will be out by the time he's read this lot from the beginning
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