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  1. You are absolutely right sir.As I said we are underdogs.I gave much lower tempo,slow pace down and playing narrow instructions because I don't rely on my players' technique and mental attributes(Expect talented midfielder).Also I want to give less goal chances to opponents.
  2. Thank you sir.The press say that we are a relegation zone team.That's way I don't want to give more freedom to fullbacks(bad at mental and technique).Our wingers are good at dribbling and they are rapid.That's way I appointed them Winger(A) role and duty.We have a talented player in midfield.I gave him AP(A) role and duty. Once again I have appointed some team instructions like Play narrow,much lower tempo,slow pace down,stay on feet,dribble less,be more disciplined.Balanced mentality.When I use 4-1-4-1 tactic.Are these instructions and roles make sense for relegation zone team? With my best regards.
  3. FB(S) CD(St) CD(De) FB(su) A(D) W(A) AP(A) ? W(A) AF(A) Which midfielder role and duty is suitable for question mark?
  4. Thank you jack722.In 4-1-4-1 formation roles which you choose on example.If we choose narrow,Much lower tempo,dribble less,be more disiplined(in possesion),slow pace down(transition) and stay on feet(defence) instructions.do they make any sense? Also is this midfield strata(A(D)-BBM(SU)-AP(A))logical when we use 4-1-4-1 formation?
  5. What do you think about below roles and duties? IW(a) CAR(su) MEZ(a) W(a) DM(d) FB(su) CD(d) CD(Co) FB(su) Also which roles I should appoint on striker and goalkeeper?
  6. Is to use two winger(A) roles logical that when using two holding defensive midfielder slot?
  7. Is it logical when I use TM(A)(Player instruction off the ball,roam the position) and SS(A) together for long ball style?
  8. Sir that's a good,informative article.I think that CM,RPM and SS roles are mixed both of them.AP,AM,TQ are advanced roles.Can you give more examples about advanced and basic roles?Is it logical to set a starting eleven(all of them basic roles)when we managed an underdog team?
  9. You are absoultely right sir.What is your ideal playing style for these roles and duties?(e.g. possesion,direct counter attack,wing play) I think that want to create a possession style.
  10. Hello sir @Justifiedcan you explain what is wrong with these roles?What did I think wrong?Did I do illogical choices?I didn't determine any playing but I want to determine what we play on the pitch for these roles,duties and your thoughts.I will select the playing style what these roles can play together well.
  11. Hello again! Sir @Experienced Defender and @Justified I worked a new tactic and I care your thoughts about new tactic.(I made some research) Mentality:Balanced/Positive SK(d) CWB(Su) CD(D) CD(D) WB(Su) WP(Su) CM(Su) BWM(D) IW(A) AM(Su) P(A) First question is that are these roles sensible and coherent one another?That is so weird but I didn't select any playing style. Here is team instructions:In possesion:Shorter passing,narrow,lower tempo,pass into space,be more expressive.In transition:Regroup,hold shape.In defense:None If you find the roles are coherent one another we will edit a new playing style for these roles and mentality.
  12. Sir @Justified I am sorry but I cant' explain myself.Winger(S)and Mezzela(A) as a combo.Opposite winger is IW(a).What should be my striker's role?
  13. Sir @JustifiedI have a question for you.I tried a 4-3-3 DM like @ThomasHK1979My midfield three HB(d)-DLP(Su)-Mez(A) left winger is IW(su),right winger is W(Su).As you said that when Mez and Winger play on the same side,striker's duty should be attack,but I appointed my striker as a DLF(su).Is it nonsense that my striker's role is DLF(su)
  14. Sir,thank you for advice,but I am not good at English,sorry.Youtube videos are very useful.
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