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  1. Maybe... -DC -> short -FB-> direct -MCd-> short -MCs-> mixed -AM-> mixed -IW-> direct -Striker-> ?
  2. I don’t know if it exists or of it has an other name, but in my mind, it’s creating different pass length with players instructions instead of doing it by team instruction. I hope you understand me.
  3. @Experienced DefenderWell, I tried the same set up but with Pressing Forward in Attack duty instead of Support duty during a friendly game against a low block team with five defenders and three midfielders. We had lower possession near 55%. But we weren't creating chances that much. I tried to had "Pass into space". And then, suddenly match way easier for our team, striker scoring 2 goals as Left inverted winger. Seconde match... We're back where we started from... A lot of camping against team that does'nt want to come outsode their box... What about trying a "split pass" organisati
  4. @Experienced DefenderI want my team to have the possession, playing out of defense but with fast and direct passes from midfielder to striker.
  5. @crusaderstar What role would you recommand ? My left full back is more a sort Ball playing full back (slow guy, but good vision and passing, with ppm "try long passes". A Raumdauter ?
  6. I try something a bit different. My team is a bit more direct but still have near 65% of the ball. What's your opinion about that setup ?
  7. So if i understand, you think i should "play wider" or "exploit the flanks" ? Putting them on Attack ? Or use Overlap ? Or both ?
  8. @summatsupeer I removed counter-press against smaller side and it openme a little bit more space. I changed DLP-De to CM-De, it's still controlling team, without having to much balls and so speading a little the game. I leave BtB with the same settings (because he was really well performing). IF-At has now stay wider too. And AM-Su is now shadow striker. I find my team a little bit more "direct" or at least less camping. But for me that's not enough. Maybe i can go for different settings "in defense". Maybe can I try a "mid-block" with Standard-Higher DL and Lower LOE in order to se
  9. @summatsupeer For the 4231 : SK-support WB-support BPD-defend CD-defend FB-support DLP-defend BtB-support-> Stay wider, take more risks IW-support AM-support->take more risks, roam from position IF-attack DLF-attack For 4-3-3 SK-support WB-support BPD-defend CD-defend FB-support DLP-defend CM-Attack—> take more risks BtB-support-> Stay wider, take more risks IW-support IF-attack DLF-attack
  10. In the second tactic we score less than in the 4231, but we have more the ball. I will try without "dribble less" and maybe add some attacking roles.
  11. Oh for sure @crusadertsar! I thought it was in my first post but I surely did a misshandling In the first picture, striker is deep lying forward in attack
  12. Sans titre.html Sans titre 2.html Hi everyone, I need some advice with my tactic. I love having possession and my tactics allow me to have it. But,... It's too much. Im' right first team in term of possession with 63 %, the seconde is only 54%. But my team lacks pentration, i'm too much camping in the opposition half. What i would like is pass ball in my own half but when the middle line in passed, quick and direct passes. It happened in the first match but very rarely and now i'm just camping. What's your advices ? Thanks
  13. Thanks for your answer. But my question was more about the difference between (i give you exemple) a pair of midfielders (dlpS and bwmD) playing both in CM vs both in DM, excempt their height on the pitch.
  14. Hi everyone. Just a small question, what do you think of the différence between a player (for exemple, DLP, BWM or Roaming playmaker) playing the role in CM vs playong in DM ? Is it just a question about height on the pitch or there is mutch more than that ? I'm interesting in your answers, because if you compare their mentalities, their exactly the same).
  15. Hi everyone, I don’t if you know this guy, Jean-Marc Furlan, he is a French manager, known in France for being recordman of promotions from ligue 2 to ligue 1. He tried to played in442 diamond years ago, but since about a decade he mostly play in 4231/442 and 433. He tries to play offensive and risky football based on possession. Here some details on the last seasons : possession 54.8 % offensive actions 51.9/game (45.9% on the left). The team has a high block and he loves his wingers to act in the half-space like playmakers. (Crosses come from
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