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  1. Or straight at the keeper- the amount of point blank headers that are held is ridiculous.
  2. Easy to do at lower levels- no park the bus every game. Lets see you try it when you have a high reputation...
  3. Reguillon for Davies worked. But as you can see I have Bale and Ndombele on the pitch and the subs bench, and it says 2 subs remaining and the option to sub is greyed out: After match shows subs performed: PKM attached. Leicester v Tottenham.pkm
  4. Never had this kind of efficiency- the xG i feel is way out as 3 of the goals were inside or around the penalty spot. Surely worth more than 1.02 XG!
  5. Agree with all that- I look at some and it just seems every option is selected and every slider to the max! Ive found it frustrating with my own tactics once I get successful and hit the park the bus barrier, and never found a decent mix of attacking threat and not leaving myself open to the AIs laser like counters, or secure and blunt in attack. Tried it in season 1 as Spurs and first game was City away where I normally get trounced until I can get some better defenders in- anyway won 1-0, and it was so comfortable, dont think Ive ever played City away and seen so little threat from
  6. Looks brilliant- tend to avoid downloading as most have get stuck in so very happy to try one that doesnt use that!
  7. Was a little premature about the fouls and yellow card distribution. Hmm:
  8. Ah bugger. Must just be the new save then and lower reputation, gonna be a few weeks till I hit the wall at least! Well assuming I win things that is.
  9. No idea from the notes if wideplay has been improved but thank you if so as seems a lot better, so thank you for this! Really seeing a difference in what wingbacks do over setting up fullbacks up with similar instructions, they stay wider and vary their crossing, and certainly also cross from deep or early if asked to. Also one bugbear of mine was the AI fouling a lot but seemingly not getting punished, this has absolutely changed to for the better:
  10. So much for an early night after reading this. But yes seeing this, and less blocks, crosses going in but being defended in the box. Shame I forgot to change my tactic to account for the AI being able to do the same. Also just noticed I wasnt noticing throw-ins as my team are throwing them to my players.
  11. Good way of looking at it, makes sense to have one list of what is going to be changed for the final update rather than do some in one patch and have the goalposts moved inbetween if people spot new things.
  12. So a rare occasion when a wide player isnt closed down and can get a cross in.....so shoots from an impossible angle despite 3 men available:
  13. Agree- its why its annoying when people say its your tactics as its clearly not, and consequently hard to avoid the blocked crosses / too many crosses issue.
  14. Cant attach PKM as game crashed loading highlights. Alli can pass onto Bale: Decides to lump it forward to Chilwell, nowhere near Bale:
  15. 29:52 CD (Not BPD, set to shorter passing according to his PI, and play out of defence on) 2 options to pass: Whacks it long to AMC and over his head, he could at least be aiming for Kane as would see some logic in that: Tottenham v Man City.pkm
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