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  1. Like I wrote, I don't know what you're doing wrong. (Probably import old file) And you are only one who have a problem. I'm sorry, but I can't help you.
  2. I don't know what you're doing wrong, or what's wrong with your game. But I can still see the old view in the screenshot. After SV% must be SAVES/90, like this: But there are other changes in the view (e.g. Open Play Crosses). The errors I've seen are clearly due to the use of the old view in the game. The fault is on your side... Because I will print these 17 filtered players into HTML and insert them into the app: Thats all. But one important note! It is necessary to use the Czech or English language. The application does not convert positions from other languages.
  3. Yes, this is right file. But in game, you use old version. I see it in your screenshot. First - delete all my views, what you are imported to the game. Second - import new version of all views.
  4. But you still use old view! Delete all my views and than import the new ones.
  5. @milenec11 If the error persists, send me a screenshot and HTML file.
  6. 300 kB per file. Around 150 players The error is about filesize or Server Error like as picture higher?
  7. OK, send HTML again. But 3 other people tested it with new views pack, and no error
  8. @milenec11 My fault, I'm so sorry. I shared old views pack. Here is right one - https://www.mediafire.com/file/6qhzc5j1ndtuv9y/FM24-views.zip/file
  9. Yes, link is in post... or here - https://analysis.fmseries.cz/
  10. I don't think this is possible, with the current version of the game stats. What we need to know is expected Saves (can't get from game via views) and xG per Shot faced. Maybe even Shots Faced and how they are counted. Only then your ideas could be implemented into a formula. But even I would know how to use these metrics 😂😂😂
  11. Hi everybody again, especially @st4lz @milenec11 Here is post about my online tool for evaluating players - https://medium.com/@FMPanda/panda-tool-veřejná-verze-3abd4c46d3ee (yes, Czech lang again 😂) Enjoy it, if you want. Or only use percentile table - https://analysis.fmseries.cz/front.analysis/ - for your tools.
  12. What I have is an online application (PHP - Nette). It will be publicly available. I want to deploy it by the end of this week. Of course, I'll pin you And if you have an idea how to better evaluate GK, or how to replace ShotPerConc, please help me. Even the discussion itself is important. It helps to find an interesting idea (solution) that I wouldn't have come up with otherwise. I'm not omniscient. I like to read other people's thoughts.
  13. This is absolutely not true, within Moneyball you have to look for undervalued players who will perform well and won't cost you a lot of €. And the second thing is that Average Rating is offensively minded! So a CB who scores goals (e.g. from SP) will have a better AR than a CB who defends better. But which CB is better? I've tried searching for players by AR and you often get a hit, but you pay a big price. But if you're looking for a specific player (good defender/tackler/header), AR won't help so much to you. That is why this post was created and why I am finding KPIs. As for goaltending, that's a longer discussion, but I also agree that it's a lot about luck. I still need to fine-tune the GK ratings and their KPIs.
  14. To moze spotkamy sie w Biedronce 😉😂😂😂 Good point. The problem is that I didn't edit the GK this time, I just added Clearances into others metric. But if I remember, I wanted to differentiate that the goalie has 75% SV and it's 1 goal from 4 shots. But then there's GK who got 5 goals, but from 20 shots. The expected save ratio and xG faced metric would be a great solution for this, but unfortunately you can't get them from the game. I'm afraid I didn't get the result right. Maybe it should have been the Shots Faced Per 90 metric. I'll have to take another look at it. I would like to publish a tool that will process an HTML file and then say these numbers. And from what I've tested (so far), those numbers can be trusted. But as I've written before, the final decision is always on manager
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