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  1. This is just phenomenal work. I've admired Pep since he was at Barcelona but this Manchester City side is just revolutionary. I've had amazing new ideas from your analysis and I do have a better understanding of how the game works now. Thank you. I
  2. Thank you so much. That would be helpful. I'm also following your Manchester City thread. Very curious to see how it works out.
  3. Thanks, Johnny. I don't use TIs much aside from play out from the back. I kinda like letting the play roles decide the patterns of play. As for roles, I just like my wingers holding the width so creativity would most likely come from the middle. I'm thinking about an AF with a "come deep" traits. I need goals from him most of all.
  4. Hi. This looks fantastic. I play both wide men in ML/R slots. I find they stay wider that way in the final third. Your idea looks very interesting. How wide do your wingers stay in their average positions? Do they stretch play or are they too narrow in the opposition's half?
  5. Hi everyone. I know possession based tactics come in different roles and through different ways. In your opinion, which striker role is the best for this system and how do you get your strikers to score goals in it. I've not often had success with possession tactics with lone strikers. I'm attempting to create a tactical system that relies on quick passes and movements. But we'll camp on the opposition's half most of the time. I've thought about the F9, DLF and the CF. I've never had any success with those roles either. I know the striker would have to drop deep and link up with both midfielders and wide men. I guess my main point is I want the striker in my possession heavy system to be the team's top scorer. Please note I haven't created the tactic yet. I'm just playing around with some ideas and would like to build it around a striker.
  6. That's amazing. I liked the interplay between Sterling and Mendy. Could you post of blue print of the tactic? I'd like to incorporate sometimes in my own style.
  7. This was so lovely. I'm getting a bit impatient for the recreation lol. Yours seems spot on. I just have a quick question about the wide roles. Do IWs really hold the width as described in the analysis? I find them moving narrowly when the team is in the final third. This has been my major problem with trying to recreate Pep in FM. I just end up playing a WTM(s) and changing to much shorter passing and lower tempo so the wide men don't get too many long balls. But they definitely hold the width more than IWs or IFs or Wingers do.
  8. I've always been a massive fan of Pep Guardiola. I've tried to adopt some of his philosophies in any tactical style I create. I've never been able to replicate how his wingers play for Manchester City. You see them holding the width as wide as possible, stretching the opposition. They make runs in behind and create space for the midfielders. In FM, wingers in the AMR/L rarely hold the width in the final third. They move very narrowly as they get into the opposition's half. Do you think they'll work on this in the next version of the game? Some of us are actually not fans of letting the fullbacks push up so high.
  9. This is fantastic. I would absolutely love to see how you're going to get the wingers to stay wide and hold the width when you replicate it.
  10. Hi, do you have a db where the league split is removed and clubs only have to play each other twice in the LSPL?
  11. Excellent work, mate. Can you make one where the SPL plays just home and away without league splits? Having to play 4 games with the same opposition gets boring.
  12. Apologies if I posted in the wrong forum. This would be my first time posting anything here. I'm currently looking for a save file or db that has the Scottish leagues playing each other twice instead of 3 times. It gets boring when you have to play the same team four times. Can anyone help?
  13. Hi, mate. I've been looking for this everywhere. Do you have the save file or db I could download. Would be greatly appreciated.
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