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  1. I don't want to say it's your tactics. But it's your tactics.
  2. Hi, I've started a couple of saves and keep getting this same problem. At half time during a match, if you make your team talk and then decide to make a substitution or alter tactics via the tactics screen, you are unable to get back to your team talk. In past FM's you were free to switch back and forth between team talks and tactics at half time, but there's no option for this on FM21. It's the only thing wrong with the game at the moment in my opinion. Fingers crossed it can be fixed
  3. If I could buy a new car for the price of FM, I wouldn't mind a few defects. There are no game-breaking bugs in FM21. Any bugs that are found are fixed as quickly as possible. ...Also, most of us enjoy testing the game You're free not to.
  4. As soon as I can freely change between tactics and team talk at half time, I'm certain this will be the best-ever FM. Well done, SI
  5. In that case, I'd go for Milan and try to dominate Italy again.
  6. I would go with Villa or Rennes for the biggest challenges
  7. Maybe the lack of English players IRL means Levy wants English players to be signed in-game. Brexit is coming up after all.
  8. I can start playing in a couple of hours! But does anybody know if you can now switch between tactics and team-talks at half time? Thanks
  9. Thank you Fingers crossed the match engine stays as good as the beta though
  10. I love the positivity of this thread Thank you all! ...Also, Burnley finally won AND FM21 is due to be released within hours. Today is a good day
  11. Ah, good! Does the result actually change? As in, you gain/lose points? Or is it more of a cosmetic issue that doesn't affect the league table?
  12. Nope, never! Do you have any examples of this happening that you could show SI?
  13. Absolutely! I've had a really bad year with not much to smile about... and then a stranger thousands of miles away manages to change that. I won't forget it
  14. I can't promise no hate mail from my wife, but the rest I will endeavour to do Once again, thank you so much. You made my year mate!
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