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  1. I was just about to ask this question. Thank you!
  2. Really cool designs! I think I prefer option 2. It looks more fitting for a celebration year.
  3. I have just got to my first cup final at Wembley with Sunderland (Checkatrade Trophy). I know the stadiums aren't modeled on their real-life counterparts, but I feel Wembley could at least have red seats. The tiers are also tiny, it looks no bigger than the Stadium of Light. Another thing is the attendance. I played Portsmouth in the final (a re-run of the real life final from last season) and the attendance in-game was 19,000 compared to the real life figure of 85,000. I won the match, it just feels underwhelming to play at an empty stadium that could have been at MK Don's for all I knew.
  4. The game ended 2-0! Got battered 6-0 by Man City in the next round
  5. Has anybody ever scored/conceded 2 goals in the opening 2 minutes of a match? I am playing as Sunderland and was handed a tough draw in the Carabao Cup 3rd round at home to Man Utd. Somehow we scored after just 28 seconds and again after 1 minute and 30 seconds after a misplaced back-pass from Phil Jones! Sorry for the poor quality photo!
  6. @andyeast31 You will need to give more details such as the amount of RAM and processor speed if possible. If you already own the laptop then maybe download the demo and see how it runs.
  7. I'll more than likely buy it. For the price and the hours you get out of it, I think it's worth it. It's definitely going the wrong way though. The game has been going downhill pretty quickly over the last few years... and as long as mugs like me keep buying it then nothing will change. It's catch 22. There desire to make a brilliant game seems to be slowing on SI's part. I run my own business and sure making money is at the forefront of my mind, but you have to at least maintain standards and aim to improve them every year.
  8. Thank you for the explanation, I appreciate it!
  9. Maybe a stupid question, but what does turning up/down the detail levels actually do in terms of gameplay? Played FM since 2006 and never noticed detail levels
  10. @Gangor @Smurf Thank you for your answers, it's appreciated!
  11. Sorry if this is a novice question, but when PC's have a base Ghz and a Turbo Ghz, what is the difference? Does the PC automatically use Turbo when needed? I have a new PC on the way that has 2.9 base and 4.1 Turbo so I'm just curious. Thanks
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