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  1. One thing I have just noticed. I won a match 4-0 and praised my players. After the game I received a news item saying tempers flared in the dressing room and I wasn't happy. I happened to also single out my striker for extra praise, I wonder if this had an effect? Strange!
  2. Only managed 2 games so far on the new patch but no complaints from me. My 4-4-2 thankfully doesn't seem badly affected and managed a 3-1 win with Crewe against top of the league Crystal Palace No penalties in those 2 matches either
  3. The player will weigh up his options, including his current contract with you. I usually offer a new contract anyway if the player is in my long term plans.
  4. Choose a club and stick with them. 4-4-2. Never rotate. Hate the board. Sir Sean Dyche
  5. Release on a free - you pay the player's contract off to make him leave (usually the most expensive option) Mutual termination - You ask the player how much money he would require to end his contract. Depending on how much the player wants to leave, he may ask for a smaller amount than 'Release on a free'. Set for release - The player will leave for free at the end of his contract. If he has quite a while remaining on his contract, it might be worth offering him out to clubs for a reduced fee or even for free, to hopefully drum up some interest
  6. And this is where our conversation ends when ridiculous claims like this are made. Have a good day
  7. And yet he is now playing for Bayern rather than Stoke.
  8. Again, players and staff don't always know it's just a bruise or just a niggle until they have been able to assess the injury in the coming hours or days. Especially in the last few years, clubs and players tend to err on the side of caution. A bruised shin can cause severe pain when walked on. Maybe if Andy Johnson had been looked after more carefully, he would have had a better career and earned more money. As it is, he's actually now an electrician. Clever players don't care about appearing to be macho for the sake of their team mates at the risk of their career and
  9. Professional footballers are a lot more cautious with injuries than semi-pros. The player could have thought the injury was worse than just a bruise, as may the physio and/or manager. A player won't risk his career for 25 minutes. Agree on the blisters point though.
  10. I imagine that is more down to him being a 'yes man' to Woodward and the owners Again, United sacked Mourinho when they were 20 points behind the league leaders after around 15 games. Maybe the United board are now wanting some consistency in their manager dealings. After all, it took Fergie a few years to win the league too.
  11. Nonsense. Their most successful manager, Mourinho, was sacked after consecutive draws against Blackburn and Rosenberg and a loss against Villa, as well as having numerous disagreements with Abramovich. Also never won the Champions League which Roman wanted. Mourinho left the second time due to taking Chelsea to relegation candidates. Ancelotti didn't retain the title and didn't do well in the Champions League. Di Mateo just wasn't good enough. If Lampard suddenly starts playing long-ball defensive tactics, but wins the league and Champions League, he wo
  12. If Chelsea won the league for the next 5 years running, while playing like Burnley, I don't think Roman would care.
  13. Maybe log as a bug? Not a very big bug, but nonetheless still strange.
  14. Zanzala at Crewe currently has 26 goals in 31 games for me. So much better than FM20.
  15. I'm currently managing Crewe and really enjoying it! Building my team around Harry Pickering whilst trying to keep Southampton and Everton away from poaching him
  16. I used to like him until I found out he was a thief He was once on loan at Burnley who I support. I remember him coming off the bench to score the winner on his debut, brilliant goal. But then, as you do when you're a professional footballer, he decided to steal mobile phones from a nightclub. I will forgive him in the virtual world good luck!
  17. "It's definitely weird to see (insert brilliant player) starting here" Fan comment before every single match
  18. I have raised in the bugs forum that we can't switch between tactics and team talks at half time and I have so far been ignored Please tell me this is a known issue and will be resolved? It's so annoying making a half time substitution but then being unable to give the oncoming player an individual talk
  19. In my current save they are 18th after 15 games. Their only victories have been away at Burnley and Chelsea (who are also struggling in 10th place).
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