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  1. I´m on this boat. Northern African leagues would be great not only for managing, also to load them and having more regens from them.
  2. I imagine they have a big data base of names classified by nationalities. Regens have one first name, sometimes a second name and then only one surname. This leads to a repetitive and unoriginal (due to lack of nicknames) combination of names for regens. It's very difficult to have the variety of real life names.
  3. Not really. Real Madrid fans see Atlético in a condescending way. On the opposite, Atlético fans really see RM as their eternal rival
  4. It's as fun as frustrating. I want to see this things happen "more" frequently. As SD says, things similar to this one happen in modern football.
  5. 10 points behind them with the third position secured. It was a meaningless game for them (as meaningless as a derby can be).
  6. It's the scenario what surprises me. I don't see Liverpool giving away the league for Manchester United, or AS Saint Etienne to OL (or whatever biggest rivalry in a country or a region). Any Spanish fan will understand me. But this is getting to a nonsense point, and my intentions were you to tell what have you seen in the game that would never happen IRL.
  7. Real Madrid winning Atlético on purpose to give away the title to FC Barcelona? You don´t seem to be very aware of spanish football.
  8. I want to show you something that happened in my current FM save which i found hilarious and bizarre. As many of you know, Atlético de Madrid are very solid in this game. In my save they won the first 2 leagues undisputed..and they were on their trail to win it for the third consecutive time. This time was a bit more contested in the second half of the season. And then, this happened: Real Madrid giving away the league to Barcelona. This is the kind of things that only happens here. So, by the way, I invite you to tell some bizarre stories you have seen in this game which would never happen in real life.
  9. Will FM 21 include the absolute caos in the spanish third tier and beyond for next season? For those who don´t know what i´m talking about, with the coronavirus crisis, the federation made a decision for the segunda B: no relegations and more promotions than ever, rising the teams to 102. The next season will be a temporary one, with the creation (in 2021/2022) of a new division called "Segunda B Pro" in an attempt to emulate leagues like Sky Bet League 1 or Bundesliga 3. The promotion will be incredibly difficult to be coded in a game like this.
  10. Yeah, it´s so cool. I follow Spanish football and every season i check the Segunda B (the third tier) and sometimes there´s some beautiful stories out there. In my current game, CD Ebro got their promotion to the second division. And they are an incredibly humble team. It makes the game feel unique.
  11. How alive its world feels (despite being pretty predictable based on teams reputation). I usually spend some time during season, and at the end of it, browsing the different competitions to see how teams are performing and who they sign.
  12. Regarding the B team: as far as i know, Flat Earth (god why did you choosed that team) doesn't even have a B team so you can't have one. I don't know rn if you can ask the board to create one. For the u19 teams, it happens the same as the fourth division teams in vanilla game. Only the "División de Honor Juvenil" exists so the u19 teams who promote there are chosen randomly. But given that you are playing with Flat Earth FC (who aren't in base game) i assume you downloaded a custom database including fourth division and maybe more (the regional ones). I think there are databases in Spanish FM forums who include the mentioned divisions plus the second youth tier, so you can have more chances to influence the destiny of your u19s team. But please, Spain is full of interesting teams, don't play with that group of clowns
  13. If you win Ponferradina 0-5 in real life, you would be the most loved person in León
  14. OMG my local team in this forum, i love it. Few things to mention: first one, the Copa Federación and Copa del Rey received a lot of changes this season and most of them are very difficult to implement on the game. Yes, teams qualified to Copa Federacion are the ones who didn´t make it to Copa del Rey, but the 4 teams that reach its semifinals get a qualification to this major cup. Normal qualification to copa del rey (in the third tier) is by finishing in the 7th first places excluding B teams. So Cultural Leonesa shouldn´t have played the CopFed in the first place, they directly qualified for CdR. Second one, to this day the partnership with Leeds is broken. What tied this 2 teams was Ivan Bravo and he left Aspire project in Cultural Leonesa to enter a new one in second tier Alcorcon. But hey, free great players for FM. A lot of things are outdated in this game regarding Segunda B, it´s completely abandoned by the game researchers. Speaking about domestic cups, the Spanish Federation established some money prizes for both of them depending on the rounds played, and they did it in a very clear way, everyone can search them in the federation webpage. But the game doesn´t care about that. Most of the teams of the division have no fans according to the game (Salamanca has like 150 fans and 300 people attending to the stadium in game while in real life they average 4,5k people in their stadium). If Segunda B is a though division because it has almost none money intakes, in the game is a torture. No money intakes at all, so be quick in your promotion to the second tier. In real life, Copa del Rey is key for a lot of teams; taking cultural leonesa for example, this year we beated Las Rozas, Huesca and Atletico de Madrid and lost in penalties against Valencia. Those last 3 games, with the tickets money, the sponsorship , TV rights and cup prizes gave Leonesa so much money that this season is covered despite it couldn´t be ended. You can´t get that in the game cause no one on SI cares about Segunda B. Some player roles on the team and even things like player position and heights are a joke hahaha So enjoy the experience with my team!
  15. This. If you don't know, go search it. That's something we love about FM. It makes you learn a lot of football culture
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