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  1. This is a subjective opinion but I feel I don´t like how much the ME is changing from the one we saw at the beta. It is starting to feel a bit like FM20 in terms of attacking fluidity and predictability. I´m still on my first season cause i play slow (and didnt play since a few days before full game release until this week) and gameplay has changed a little bit with the same team and same tactic. Now i see a little bit less central play and too many crosses. In fact, I didn´t changed my attack width and with beta ME my right winger positioned himself very narrow to be a goal threat and now wit
  2. For the 1st question. It means the player will move the ball more in central areas. The players will search for teammates in the central lane as their first passing option. It also affects on how they move in the pitch. But this doesn´t mean there wont be side plays. It´s more about the construction phase of the game. As the players will look to move the ball in this area during the transition between your own half and their half of the field. What happens in the last third of the pitch is affected by many more instructions. But, as always, the instruction on itself means little. The role
  3. This is why i wanted to create this topic. Great insight you gave me there, never thought of pressing players with low composure.
  4. I'm happy with this if it's done by increasing the aggressiveness of AI Coaches as I'm finding them too cautious and passive. I would be pissed off if they do it by unnecessary ME tweaks or by changing the effectiveness. Everybody will be angry if "suddenly" they see they score half the goals with the same xG
  5. Wrong. Possession means a lot. What you do with it it's what matters in the result. Besides of that, most of the teams who won you average 44% of possession. So you didn't even dominate them. And seeing xG and the amount of shots it seems that you were using possession as a defensive strategy and they were using it forward.
  6. Hey guys. In recent years ive felt a little stalled in the game so i have increased the amount of responsability i take as a virtual manager. One of those things is setting by myself the opposition instructions. Something that it´s almost a must do when yo manage in lower leagues where the assman doesn´t set any instructions because "he doesn´t feel tactically comfortable" or whatever it says. So i started by studying the op report with the expected formation and the roles the players will have and begin a journey of trial and error based on logical reasonings like thight marking for target ma
  7. Spain-all playable leagues loaded England- Till League 2 France,Germany,Portugal, Italy, Belgium- first 2 divisions Poland, Netherlands, Denmark, Argentina, México, Russia- first division Rest of South American first divisions- view only And then, depending of the save, i add one or 2 leagues out of this common database, like Austria, Ukraine, Switzerland, Serbia, Sweden... All this in medium size
  8. Hi again mates. I´m coming with useful information about my local team which is wrong ingame. Sorry to be such tiresome zoiberg. CULTURAL Y DEPORTIVA LEONESA-Segunda B group 1-subgroupB Eric Montes: The game shows him as a 1,93m centre-back. The correct info is that he´s a 1,77m DMC/CM with a role of ball wining midfielder/box to box. He has played regularly in that position for the last 2 seasons, the CB/RB positions are also correct. (https://www.transfermarkt.es/eric-montes/profil/spieler/293383) Dioni: His contract info is wrong. It shows his contract expires in 2021 but he
  9. A lot of teams don´t have some information about them correctly updated. Salamanca CF UDS reached 5700 season ticket holders last season (https://salamancacfuds.es/el-salamanca-uds-supera-la-cifra-de-3-000-abonados-en-menos-de-un-mes-desdse-que-se-lanzo-la-campana-2019-20-y-es-que-esta-temporada-jugamos-todos/#:~:text=De los 3.000 abonados%2C un total de 295 son altas nuevas.) but based on the game they are still on aprox 100 since FM19. This season they have at least 1000 season holders according to official sources (https://www.lagacetadesalamanca.es/deportes/futbol-local/el-salamanca-
  10. So, I think xG it´s a great new feature. It adds a lot of depth to the game and it´s a fantastic stat to measure your performance during a game. But as I said in the title, I am a bit disappointed cause I´m missing a lot of things related to xG that actually makes it such an useful tool for analysing the game and scout for players. OK, i can see in the league players stats the players with the most expected goals. But why can´t I see this stat individually on players (rather from my team or others)? Why can´t I see a ratio of goals scored/expected goals. Or why can´t i set a filter with xG whe
  11. Yes, you should. Condition and exhaustion are 2 diferent concepts. The second one has a hiden value (although your physios may point it out if it reaches an extreme value). Even the game tells this to us in some of the onscreen tips. As someone above said, rotate and lower the intensity of training on those last months of competition. I know it sounds appealing to do a full 3 sessions 6 days of training after you lose a game you shouldn´t do. But at the end of the season this only make it worse.
  12. My save will be with any team from spanish third tier. I want to see if devs implemented the absolute chaos in that category for this and next season.
  13. Theres a lot of diferent variations of ofensive playstiles. Gegenpress IRL is the most complex of them and requires a type of players and a preparation that is incredibly dificult to find. But in FM you can be succesfull playing gegenpress with a team clearly not capable of playing it 90´2 games a week.
  14. Let me doubt you are using the strategy that works best for your team, and let me think you are using it cause it´s the "most OP" in the game. You started this thread because you are winning so easily and you ask us for a challenge. Well, there´s our challenge. Beat the game using a different playstyle. Here´s a few more for you: start on a lower league with less financial support like the spanish 2d and 3d tier, or the italian ones (so you can´t easily sign the greatest and well known wonderkids and you have to scout for other options). Let your DoF sign players for the team in an attempt to
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