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  1. The council appears as the owner of the Levante stadium (Ciutat de Valencia), this should be changed as in real life the owner is the club. Also the build date is wrong, this should be 9/9/1969: https://eldesmarque.com/valencia/levante-ud/208056-el-levante-cumple-110-anos-y-el-ciutat-de-valencia-celebra-su-50-aniversario-2
  2. Aitor Fernández has extended his contract until 2023: http://www.levanteud.com/es/info/aitor-fernandez-renueva-su-compromiso-con-el-levante-ud-hasta-2023 Also Paco López has recently extended his contract until 2022: http://www.levanteud.com/es/info/paco-lopez-renueva-su-vinculacion-con-el-levante-ud-hasta-2022 Cheers.
  3. Hello, The kits were already updated in the yesterday's beta update, but the stadium issue is still there. As stated by SI staff in the following post, this is an issue for the researchers to solve: I put the images here as well: Levante stadium in FM19 (right design): Levante stadium in FM20 (wrong design): @Zoiberg could you get this fixed for release? Many thanks.
  4. Hi @Jack Joyce, I have uploaded the images again: This is Levante stadium in FM19 (right design): And this is Levante stadium in FM20 (wrong design): I also raised this issue in the research forum (as I were not sure if this was a data issue or not). I've checked it again after today's update, and the issue is still there. Would it be possible this to be solved for the release? Many thanks!
  5. Hello, I've seen that Levante stadium architecture is wrong this year and has nothing to do with his real counterpart. Ciutat de Valencia has no open spaces in the corners in real life, and in the FM20 Beta the stadium has no stands in the corners. This is weird because the generated stadium for Levante was ok in previous FMs, similiar enough to the real one, so this issue is completely new. And I've also seen more cases like this one playing the beta, something must have happened that has caused some stadiums to stop being generated or assigned correctly. Here some images from FM19 and FM20 so you can see the difference: Levante stadium in FM19: Levante stadium in FM20 beta: It would be important this issue to be fixed for the release, as this makes the immersion much worse when you play with the 3D view. The solution should be easy, just assign the same stadium as in FM19. Cheers,
  6. Hi, some more suggestions for Levante: Data issues: - Not sure if this is related to data or not, but Levante stadium architecture is wrong this year and has nothing to do with his real counterpart. In FM20 the stadium has no stands in the corners, when Ciutat de Valencia has no open spaces in the corners. This is weird because in previous FMs the stadium generated for Levante was ok, similar enough to the real one, so this issue is completely new. I think this would be very important to be fixed for the release, because this makes the immersion to the game much worse when you see the matches with the 3D engine. The solution should be easy, just assign the same stadium as FM19. - The kits are not updated, and 2nd and 3th kits are completely different this year. Attributes/positional suggestions: - Morales should have more familiarity as Striker and Midfielder Left and Right. Since last season, he has played 28/46 games as ST, and the other 18 games have been mostly as M(L) or M(R) in 442 formation. Also suggest to increase his Composure (13), he is a calm and reliable player scoring goals and decisive in last meters situations. - Campaña should have some familiarity as Midfielder (Right and left). He has played some games in wide positions in 442 this season. - Bardhi: His dribbling (15) seems too high for him, he is not a player as good at dribbling, suggest a downgrade here. - Vukcevic, he is a very defensive midfielder but in FM he seems better attacking/in possession than defending, so I suggest some changes in order to reflect him better in game: Should be decreased: Long shots (13), Passing (15), Technique (14), First touch (14), Flair (13) Should be increased: Marking (12), Agression (15) - he is specially a very aggressive player, it would be fine for him a value of 17-18. - Radoja, he is a good defensive midfielder because of his great positioning, but also and specially he is a technical player and good spreading the ball. My suggestions: Should be increased: First touch (12), Passing (13), Technique (11), Decisions (13), Vision (11) Should be decreased: Marking (14) And a couple of changes suggestions for hair colours: Postigo -> Black Clerc -> Blonde
  7. Hello, In the Staff Search tab, I tried to filter staff members by the attribute Negotiating, but this filter is not working. Cheers
  8. Hello, Agustín Urzi appears as right-footed, he should be left-footed. His height and weight should be changed: Height: 1.68m Weight: 61 kg I also suggest to increase his First touch, agility and balance. https://clubabanfield.org/inicio/plantel-profesional/
  9. Hello, The default crests are generated randomly? I know this is not very important as later you can download the real ones, but I think it would be good if default crests were assigned to make more sense. And it seems there is some kind of bug regarding this, when you start a new career you can see ones default crests while selecting your team, and then when you go to "Quick start" or "Advance setup", all the crests have changed and are different. Cheers.
  10. Hi all! Some things I have spotted regarding Levante: 1) David Navarro is not the Director of Football of the club, he is the coordinator of the scout team, position below the DoF in the org chart, so he should appear as Chief Sout. The Director of Football should be Manolo Salvador, he returned to the club this summer after 3 years: http://www.levanteud.com/es/organigrama http://www.levanteud.com/es/info/el-levante-ud-presenta-su-nueva-area-deportiva 2) David Salavert is not the Head of Youth Development, he left the club in 2016. The Head of Youth Development should be Sergio Gómez Galiana, he has been in charge since 2016. Previously, he was in the club since 2006, with different roles in the youth teams (fitness coach, manager, coordinator). He should be good at Working with Youngsters, Judging potential and mental attributes. http://www.levanteud.com/es/organigrama http://www.levanteud.com/es/info/el-levante-ud-presenta-su-nueva-area-deportiva http://www.levanteud.com/es/info/sergio-gomez-nuevo-director-de-la-escuela-del-levante-ud https://www.ceroacero.es/coach.php?id=16160 3) Levante starts with a club culture of "Sign players under the age of 23 for the first team". This should be removed as the club is not known by this. Moreover, this year Manolo Salvador has returned as DoF, who already was in charge from 2008 to 2016, and he is known for signing veteran players. This year the only signing u-23 for the first team was Borja Mayoral (and he's on loan from R. Madrid). The last year only Victor Moses and Dwamena: https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/levante-ud/transfers/verein/3368/plus/0?saison_id=2019&pos=&detailpos=&w_s= 4) Aitor Fernández is underrated, and worse than Oier (the sub gk) in the DB. Aitor should be at least within the top 5 players in the Levante squad, and definitely better than Oier. He's being the best Gk so far this season in the Spanish First Divison (objectively, he is the GK with more saves made and best gk according Sofascore and Whoscored ratings, see images attached). Some attributes that should be increased imo are: Reflexes, One on ones, Agility, Concentration, Anticipation. 5) Iván and Toño appear as Team Leaders in the Squad Senior Hierarchy. This is weird as Ivan is a young player who has spent some years out on loan, and the 3rd option for the RB position this year. And Toño is not a leader or influential player in the team at all. It would make more sense to see Morales, Campaña and Postigo as team leaders. 6) A minor thing but I would like to mention, Levante colours for the generic badges are wrong, they are blue and purple in game and should be blue and red. Cheers,
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