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  1. Ridiculous. Liverpool have finished 3rd, 5th, 1st, and 3rd in my current save. It's a game. Everyones save will play out differently. Get over it.
  2. To add to what I have just written, I think it used to come up in contract negotiations as well. So if you offer Silva a contract and he will be your top earner, it will show any players in your squad who have match top earner in their contract, just to give you a warning. I might be wrong, like I said I don't think I've seen it so far in fm2020 in my saves yet.
  3. There used to be clauses in s one players contracts to match the top earner. So if Silva came in at 110k, you might have one or two players whose contract says match that....then you might have problems. I haven't really noticed it this year, but I haven't really looked for it. I'm not even sure if it's still in the game or it's something I dreamt of! It might just be worth checking that none of your current players have this in their contract.
  4. I disagree that it's necessary to change tactics all the time. My first save this year was 5 seasons with benfica. It helps me personally to pick a strong team in a league with only a few other strong teams. I do this for the first save and then pick a harder challenge for my second save. I regularly play around 20 pre season friendlies to fine tune my tactics. I then went the first 2 league seasons unbeaten and was losing finalist in champions league both years. Once I had played the first pre season friendlies, I didn't change tactics for 4 seasons and lost a total of 5 league games in the whole time. The tactics weren't anything special and I am not claiming to be a football manager tactical genius. I also often found that immediately after a surprise league defeat I would go on an 8 or 9 match winning streak without changing anything. The most important thing I have found is work on a good tactic or 2 before you start your first season, then it's all about keeping your players happy.
  5. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/01/12/burnley-beat-error-prone-fulham-despite-having-no-shots-target/ https://www.skysports.com/football/news/12038/8645675/no-shots-one-goal Take a look at the links above...teams winning games with no shots on target. This is just the premier league, it happens all around the world every now and then.
  6. Nice! Thanks for the reply, it's good to know it's possible. Strange I always seem to get the same links develop for the same positions.
  7. This is about the lines that appear between players as displayed in the tactics line up for a match. I'm not sure how long this has been in the game, but I don't think I've ever seen a striker with a link to anyone. This year my tactic has had 1 striker and 1 advanced playmaker behind him, plus 2 inverted wingers. The tactic works fine, it's just that I never see any kind of relationship line to the striker, even when playing with 2 strikers in fm2019. I don't buy/sell a huge amount of players over the 3 seasons I have played fm2020. I have consistently developed links between full back to wingers, centre back to other centre back, and centre midfield to other centre midfield, so I know that both vertical and horizontal links are possible. I have never seen a link to a striker or attacking midfielder playing behind the striker, or between a centre back to full back. Also never seen a link to a keeper. Might be nice to see the keeper develop a tactical relationship with the defenders. Are these links possible and have you developed them in your team?
  8. The answer to this minor annoyance is probably really obvious.... Is it possible to lock screens in the last position they were viewed in? For example, every time I look at the fixture list it seems to have gone back to the beginning of the season, so I scroll down to look at upcoming fixtures. When I advance a few game days and look at the fixtures again, there it is at the beginning of the season again. Scroll down, and repeat. It happens with other screens too....I have custom settings for various things set up, like with the squad list I have added other columns like key passes, goals per 90 minutes etc. After every game reload it is back to standard view. This happens on any screen I customise...it seems to return to it's default view. It's only a little annoying, but still. No custom skins involved, just the standard game.
  9. Just to clarify, i still think the green/yellow/red circles have some purpose if you want to make a quick judgement on a players best position and role. If I look at any player from my squad and do the following: Take a forward in my squad who has solid green circle as a pressing forward, some 2/3 full green circles for some other roles, and finally some yellow circles for playing as false nine, treq, or poacher. If you calculate an average of the primary stats for each role, you will see a full green circle will have a higher average stat than a partly filled green circle, which in turn will be higher than yellow, which is higher than orange. I'm sure the algorithm that calculates what colour circle has more involved in it than the primary attributes, although I don't see the secondary attributes having as much of an effect. My point being, the further down list of suitable roles you go for each player, the less green the circle will get, until it turns yellow and orange, the lower the average rating of all the primary stats added together for that particular role are. This is not a hard and fast rule, but it stands in over 90 per cent of the quick calculations I have done. What I'm getting at is that the coloured circles are not meaningless and they will give you a quick insight into that players stats for each role. It's important to note that they might be particularly weak in one of the primary stats, but good in all the others, therefore having a lighter colour, but still being really suitable for that role. I would argue however, that saying these coloured circles is spreading misinformation is a bit harsh.
  10. Defintely agree wit Definitley agree with you, i think the key is making space for the right players and actually working out how you can position and move other players in your team to do this. I have seen it explained really well by other people, and I try do a really simplified version of this. If you have 2 attacking midfielders you want to break into the box to be a goal scoring threat, maybe get your centre forward to move into the channels to make space in the centre. Use inverted wingers or inside forward to make space for attacking full backs to bomb into, these are just ideas, but its good to have a thought process of i want to achieve this with my tactic, and to do it i need to do this and this.
  11. I have seen this argument done to death on forums before with people on both sides who know way more than I do. If you believe in attributes alone and this works for you - great. If you believe attributes plus player roles works for you - great. I personally think the player roles with colour code are there for a reason, which is as a first approximate before you study their attributes, you don't, that's fine. Does it matter if I use a player out of position? The answer to that is a mix of both yes and no. In an ideal world, with all things equal, you’d have a player Accomplished or better in each position. They’ll be more comfortable, they’ll perform to a higher and a more consistent standard and will be less likely to be targeted as a weakness by the opposition. This isn’t to say that you can’t play someone out of position though, either on a regular basis or in times of need. For the latter, you can often plug someone in to ‘do a job’ and they’ll typically perform well enough to get by, particularly if the rest of the team is strong and the tactical structure helps to support them. Playing someone out of position longer-term, on the other hand, can work if the player’s attributes lend themselves well to the position and role assigned to them, and they’ll gradually learn and improve in that position the more they play there The above is from the official football manager 2020 manual, and sums it up pretty well. I espescially like the part that says "particularly if the rest of the team is strong" nothing wrong with spotting attributes of your attacking midfielder would be a good false nine, that's good managing. But too many players put too many players out of position and role - in 1 team could be trouble. Thats really my point. Not saying this is right, it's my opinion, use best roles plus the attributes to make your tactic. If the player information about suitable roles doesn't mean anything, I would like them removed from the game immediately please, so we can all go by attributes alone. Ha ha. Each to their own anyway.
  12. It's not false information, it's a rough guide. Look at your full back. He might have a green circle for wing back and orange for complete wing back. Now check the attributes. They will correlate roughly to the circle colours. Now try the same with every position and role for every player in your team and tell me you don't see the correlation between circle colour and the attributes. Check it out because I have and it's there. It's real. It's a first guess before you check out the attributes. You can argue as much as you like, but it's completely possible to play well and create a good winning tactic using the best role information alone. I do not mean the player should have a completely green circle before you ever play them there, like you say, you will probably never achieve that in 10 years. But if you have a ready made false nine who is way better than your ready made second striker, make your tactic to fit a false nine. It's really simple.
  13. Quite right too. It's not a golden rule or anything. Im no expert, far from it, its just that im not finding it particularly hard this year compared to any other year.Whatever works for you is what's best. It's just that I have seen loads of people's tactics that are really complicated, have loads of players in unsuitable roles and have loads of conflicting ti and pi as well. Of course you were right to sell playing as Bolton. If it was another team who didn't need the money though, I would have built my tactic around 1 or 2 key players and what their best position and role is. That might mean a few of your players aren't always going to be in their best role, but they would not be key players in key positions. I have seen great advice from real masters of this game, and they have said, what is it it you are trying to achieve? How can your tactic do this? My main aim was make space for attacking full backs, because I had good players to do it with, and I reckon a lot of players still just play random tactics - trial and error, with no real idea of what they want from their team, no focal point in the team, no real strategy or style of play to aim for.
  14. You are quite right of course the attributes are very important, but I think the colour coded circles can be a useful approximation and use this information alongside the attributes for each player. I think my key point was really that I see loads of players with tactics set up poorly balanced, false nines here, mezzalas there, and players who can't play the position. If you want to play a certain tactic I think you should wait until you can either play the role well already, or have time to train your own players for the role. I would disagree that the green/red circles do nothing, I think they give you a good rough guide before delving deeper. I think most important is that you should have at least 1 decent tactic sorted well before you ever play a league game, using a few full matches to watch how it works.
  15. 2 full seasons for me. Won the league by miles both years. Failed to get out group stage of champions league 1st year. Losing finalist in champions league second year. Not too bad playing as benfica I think. My last challenge for myself is to create a second tactic specifically to play the bigger European teams, keeping it all much tighter and narrower, and relying on counter attacking. I'm not seeing the same problems some others are seeing with the difficulty of the game this year, honestly it took me longer to get going last year in fm19 than this year. Having said that, after my third season at benfica I think I will move on to a real challenge, like Bolton for example. The point is, if I inherit a team with 3 strikers all of whom has the strongest position and attributes of an advanced forward, then that is what I will player my strikers as, until I can sign my own players. Really simple and effective for me anyway.
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