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  1. As per the title, I have never had more than 3...is this the maximum or has anyone had more?
  2. That is some record! He is still at Chelsea in my save too but its only 2027 and they finished 7th last season...his job was insecure but he survived and carries on for another year.
  3. OK thanks for that reply, I didn't know it was a known issue. Its not causing any problems, its just something that seemed odd this year. It might make it hard to get a top club job I guess as my rep increases, and all the same old managers are still there! The only top club that has changed more than once in my save is liverpool.
  4. As per the title, something seems unusual in my fm21 save is that out of the top ten reputation clubs in the games, only 3 out of 10 have a different manager since the start of my save which is now in its 7th season. So simeone, solskjaer, zidane, guardiola, Koeman, tuchel etc are all still in charge at the same clubs...its seems...unusual. is this happening in your save? Even if Real Madrid consistently finish 3rd and don't win in Europe...Zidane is still there.
  5. Ha ha, its a work laptop that I use outside and in tunnels, and it would be filthy again in 10 minutes!
  6. I have been playing fm and before that cm for years, and this year I have seen far and away the biggest transfer fee in any of my saves. Its in fm21, season 27-28, and Barcelona have just bought a player from Chelsea for £247 million. His name is serrano, a newgen forward i think. I've never seen a fee anywhere near this in game. Now at Barcelona, he is the only player valued above 100 million, the next highest value player in game is mbappe at 96 million. Whats the highest transfer fee you have seen?
  7. Thanks for the answers, they make perfect sense. It could take quite a few seasons to increase club rep high enough to sign top level players i guess.
  8. An example of what I mean is....I have just finished 4th as wolves in the Premier league and qualified for the champions league. Liverpool have finished 7th. For the second season in a row, they have finished below me. I had a bid accepted for one of their players, who needs wolves to improve their standing before considering joining. My question is - is it ever possible to get these players to join, or is there no hope until your teams reputation raises? He won't negotiate the contract, just refuses. I understand that Liverpool are the bigger club with the bigger reputation, but in my game th
  9. I can't remember - I think you are right though, good point!
  10. OK thanks for the reply, that makes some sense...but I don't understand why my club was rich when we had 31 million, but 1 month later after the season ended, only secure with 95 million. Same division, same league position, and not much time passed in game. I'm only interested because it helps judge whether to take a job offer from another club, it would be interesting to know how much money they have without using an editor.
  11. Update....so it doesn't seem to be a definite amount of money in the bank that makes your club finances "rich" or "secure", because I just finished a season and got lots of income for transfers and league placing....I now have more money (95 million) but the club finances are listed as secure, but when I had 31 million the club was labelled as rich...so I have more money but club is no longer labelled as rich... So is it relative to how much other clubs have?
  12. The team i currently manage has £31 million overall balance. When you look in job security in the staff menu, each team has a label for how good their finances are. The finances can be rich, secure, okay, insecure or in debt. Without the editor, I don't think there is a way to see exactly how much each teams balance is like you can with the team you are managing. (Or is there?) So, does anyone know what the cut off point is for each of these labels? For example for a team to be rich do they need 10 million? 20 million? 30 million? When does okay become secure, when do insecure
  13. As an addition to my post, I just thought I'd have a quick look at home advantage and how its been affected by covid this season, and according to a couple of websites the Premier league has home wins at 37 per cent and away wins at 38 per cent so far this season. So this year is maybe not the best to compare anything to!
  14. I've played fm and its predecessor for years and usually do alright with a single tactic for home and away games. It ends up that I can go through the divisions, win titles, no problems. This year for the first time, i have really felt results away from home much harder to come by. I've played 3 seasons so far with a team that is skint. First season - promotion from league 1 via play offs, but only due to very strong home record. Second season - just below mid table in championship with 2 away wins all season. Third season nearly finished - in bottom half and only escaping relegation when I de
  15. I'm enjoying fm21. The me is pretty good. The ui doesn't bother me as much as it seems to others. The bugs are mostly things that I can overlook personally and still enjoy the game. If I could change just one thing though, it would be the constant blocked crosses leading to corners. I've just played 2 games on full match and seen a total of 51 corners in 2 games. Aaaarrgggh! I felt like I was playing corner kick manager 21, please somebody make it stop! Seriously, if anyone can tell me how to stop your wide players beating a player, then waiting for the player to catch up so it can be hit
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