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  1. You may be right- I genuinely don't know. What I'm accepting as I go is that there will be changes in the game, so need to learn as I go. I try to avoid looking at updated game features etc as I want the game to feel a little less... like a game 🤣 ill certainly be keeping readers updated as to what happens with our players development.
  2. PART 4: RECRUITING FOR SUSTAINABILITY Something that has been a real enjoyment from this project so far has been the development of the youngsters we have at Arsenal thus far in our first season. To be transparent with you guys, initially I wanted to sign certain young players in FM21 and develop them into Arsenal players. I now no longer want to do this, and recognise the immense talent that we currently have at the club. So now we have to change our ideas - something that will commonly happen with me, as I get a million ideas in a day. Something I have immensely enjoyed from playi
  3. Hey mate, no worries thanks for the question. Because our team philosophy abs individual responsibilities on the pitch dont change drastically, it enables us to be more flexible with where we put players on the pitch. The 442 shown in the "game of the season" saw me play two players further up the pitch, with a strong central press to keep Wolves 3 centre halves honest. However, in order to keep our progressional play down the middle of the park, we use a false nine so they drop in to the space in front of the three. To be honest, the false nine didn't behave how I liked, so we rever
  4. That was definitely the result of that particular Wenger team, Wenger ultimate philosophy (in my opinion) was that he gave his teams the ability to express themselves on the field. You saw that present itself in different ways depending on the era, I guess you could say! Most of Wengers iconic teams played differently, the 97-98 team eventually evolved into the invincibles of 03-04 which were aggressive counter attacking teams, which again was completely different to 08-12 where we again completely shifted our playstyle to accommodate young, creative playmakers such as Fabregas, Nasri, Wi
  5. PART 3: RESULTS. Full disclosure, the start of the save wasn’t pretty. At that time, I wanted to explore this system but with three defenders. That’s all i’ll say about that for now, because eventually our system of Wengerball will evolve to that point. But we weren’t there at the start, and it cost us a lot of goals! Conceding 8 goals in our first two games was brutal, but the game at Liverpool was a truck load of fun. Once we reverted back to our more conventional shape, we started getting some pleasing results...But I didn’t expect our football to be this good. OCTOBER
  6. PART 2: IMPLEMENTING THE IDEA To create our system in the football manager engine, we start to look at the core-attributes (stats) required to be effective in the way we want our team to be - the main things that are non negotiables in our system are: Composure, decision making, determination, teamwork, work rate, off the ball, vision, technique, passing, first touch, strength, stamina In central defense and deep lying midfield positions, we need strong athletes that read the game well. They also need to be able to maintain comfortable possession in our build up play. When we
  7. I'll be writing up part two today all, after we continue to implement our structure on today's playthrough. Feel free to come and watch the progress if you're that way inclined, otherwise the write up will be later. Can also follow through the google doc, where it's best to read: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mMsQn59UjPZPQ2q8GWAqKaYxfj630fQNiljzhklNU0o/edit?usp=sharing
  8. As am I! Hope to continue to see you along. Keep an eye out for the full release of FM21 where ill be doing another series exploring the murderball philosophy with the two Uniteds... Both clubs had a disgusting failure in leadership after the departures of their respective managers. Looking forward to having you along! Next part out soon which focuses on making player role decisions within a system, and basic training regimes.
  9. ***So sorry, I had to reload as I accidentally deleted initial post.*** --- “IF YOU EAT CAVIAR EVERYDAY IT’S DIFFICULT TO RETURN TO SAUSAGES” ARSENE WENGER (...also how I feel watching Arsenal these days.) Arsenal is a club that, in my opinion, lost its soul when Gunners legend Arsene Wenger left back in 2017. A series of failed restructures, an inability to transition club legends into influential club roles, average players on big salaries to name but a few. Though perhaps most profoundly; Arsenal’s biggest mistake was a failure to implement a philosophy tha
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