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  1. After the new patch and playing for a while, i've decided to quit fm, probably not forever, but for a long time and a couple of versions for sure. I'm tired of this circle of being perfectly happy with match engine, and then all of a sudden nothing is working, if not fully, not working as before, and no matter what i do, i can't get that enjoyment as I did pre-patch. Feels like falling in love and then getting dumped one day without a clue what even happened. I can revert to the older patch, but then there's no youth intake fix, so it's a lose-lose for me. After reading some of the feedb
  2. They believe, i believe so too. They believed they fixed it last time with the patch, but they didn't. I understand that they can't release sensitive information. But some accurate information would be nice. Btw, i really respect your opinion and I know everyone does want this to get fixed, i just THINK that the problem could be communicated better, the eager community could have been used better for testing, or reporting what they need to know, so this vital function of the game that worked before and didn't change much could be fixed faster.
  3. What's unbelievable is you pretending to know more about this problem than everyone else here even when you have no idea. Corona situation affecting it is speculation. What i've meant with my question is what exactly is the problem and why is it taking so long to come back to something that has clearly worked before. It's a normal human reaction coming from confusion, lack of information regarding the subject and wanting to know about something that is damaging to your paid experience. Si can provide this information, they don't. That's all.
  4. Are we seriously waiting this long for a fix for something that has worked so well over 10's of previous fm editions?
  5. This year, ME is amazing. Much much better than any other before. UI is a step back from fm20, but i don't mind it too much and i am getting used to it. Only problem i have, as i tend to play longterm saves, is with game being broken and unplayable due to youth intake problem, and it's really a shame, as i really want to continue playing. Hope you guys fix it soon!
  6. Wolves were pretty insane and unrealistic when they managed to finish 7th after being promoted. Not to talk about that unrealistic RB Leipzig challenging Bayern in a season after they got promoted. I mean, if it's unrealistic to win the title with Chelsea, i don't know what the people actually want, results to be generated in line with real life results regardless of tactics? I really have no clue
  7. When it comes to great teams (not just starting database great, but stronger than those later in the game when newgens emerge and wondedkids develop) it's not overpowered. When it comes to average teams (attribute wise), it's op. That's my experience, attributes don't have enough of the impact, but it's rather subtle, tactics on the other hand have direct impact, when in reality, it's a subtle, indirect impact. That's my viewpoint.
  8. Why would you people argue about all this moments before the game comes out and before you can find out what you'll be playing for the next few months?
  9. Maybe i'm dumb and it's just me, but i had no idea until it was pointed out that the new team talk design had to do anything with players being around you. So constructive feedback, if that's the experience with other players, would be that it doesn't serve it's point
  10. Yeah, also always preferred zonal marking opposed to man marking and hard tackling
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