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  1. I am desperately trying to get a ‘creative 10, goal scoring 9’ working too with very little success so will be avidly reading this thread for ideas....
  2. Thank you all for the responses, particularly ED and summatsupeer for the thought and effort that went in to yours. I enjoyed reading them and it gave me food for thought. I have since watched and tinkered and ended up with moving the AM to the striker positions as a false nine. He now joins the advanced forward in pressing high while the wingers and box-to-box midfielder are all now part of the split press. This, combined with a higher line of engagement has seemingly improved performances and results although it is early days.
  3. I have a totally different tactic from when I got promoted as I didn’t have the players for the system I wanted. Fair enough with regards the pressing....I will experiment with a higher press and see if that bring me more luck.
  4. Posted 23 minutes ago Two things initially jump out to me with your tactic. Work Ball Into Box Lower Tempo These have actually only just been adding as faster/direct football wasn’t working at home! So not sure that is the problem.... Justified Posted 25 minutes ago Personally I think your roles are too passive and your Ti's are too slow of you're trying to b
  5. I am Boro, but 4 seasons in and have a top 6 squad in terms of players. I am having huge problems winning games (and scoring goals) against lower teams at home. I know they will sit back more and be harder to break down but I can’t find a way through it. Tactics uploaded below. I don’t want to change my shape but happy to compromise on instructions and roles. I use a split block with the front 2 and (sometimes) the wingers. Any suggestions? Thanks all!
  6. Ooh, just seen your reply too Fflow. Will look in to some of these role suggestions and keep tinkering. I thought about using a box-to-box and a MEZ but thought this may make me too narrow on one side. Have also used a TREQ in the AM role before with no success! Perhaps it was due to the imbalance elsewhere that it did not work. I shall have a tinker. Have others made similar shapes work on FM20 or al I fighting a losing FB battle? Thanks both for your replies.
  7. Well, I have played varieties of this system for 3 seasons and bought players specifically for the roles so I know I have the players for it. Therefore it must be my tactical ineptitude.... I play on balanced mentality but adjust depending on opponent. i have tried variety in roles before but never had success. Do you have suggestions for a more balanced set up of roles and duties?
  8. Hi guys I’ve been desperately trying to get a 4312 formation working as I love the football it plays in real life and I can get all my favourite roles in the formation (attacking full backs, mezzalas and an attacking midfielder). Howerver, no matter what I try I cannot get a consistent performance out of my team and good results. I’m Middlesbrough, season 3, and have a squad that I think is at least good enough for top 10. However I am consistently hanging around the relegation zone and when I do win, I scrape results and often don’t deserve it. I look
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