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  1. Same issue here .... I'm guessing this save is ruined? Spursnonregister Tottenham (V03) for hopefully a pre-bug save
  2. Really? It should just be an "I" to a "We" in text? If manager has deferred responsibilities? Completely understand if it is a big change of course. It just really sticks out. You wouldn't have an assistant manager for example using "I" or a director of football. The manager would go nuts. It just really stands out as being "wrong." I won't add it to feature requests - I'm at work too Just trying to help. Game is great btw - all hard work by you all appreciated
  3. Hi - In press conferences the Director of football - or whoever you have assigned to take the press conference - will claim responsibility for everything. And it looks ultra-unrealistic and can be solved very easily. For example my director of football has told a post-match press conference when asked about our style of play - "I play this way to win." Note the use of I. He isn't the manager. A Director of football would never say that. It's easily solved by using "we" instead of "I" in all similar interactions when a member of staff has been assigned to take a press conference inste
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