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  1. Aye I'm aware of how many goals he got in the league. But the OP didn't say that...
  2. Ok thanks for suggestion. Sadly it has not worked. Have uploaded my save game with the file name "Rodri Carlos Alejandro - Man Utd.fm".
  3. When looking at the kits on the club info screen, the logo's are not lining up correctly with the kits. This is whether I am in window/full mode, no matter what zoom level/resolution I'm on, etc.
  4. Oh look it's that time of year again where people bitch about users in GD.
  5. Haven't played cricket for years now, but prefer going to watch my brother play for second XI at our local club so I can look after my nephew.
  6. Ahhh the old early finish on a Friday....I used to do that when I worked Fridays - straight to the pub thereafter!
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