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  1. Definitely buy the touch version gets rid of lots of features your clearly saying you don't want. Buy the full version as I'm sure you get touch for free? And try both.
  2. I get very bored of the top leagues too quickly too easy to dominate quickly. I like journeying through the minor leagues in Europe. Great saves in Sweden, Norway, Belarus, Czech, basically all over. Find the challenge of dominating the league and then competing in Europe really good.
  3. I can't remember which FM it was but a Brazilian AM Lulinha might have spelt his name wrong.
  4. I have sympathy with SI, not everyone can be pleased. It's impossible everyone wants something different from the ME. Last few posts talking about the gegen press tactic which we all know has been overpowering since FM 18 I purposely avoid using as to me it feels like I'm cheating. Unfortunately other tactics just aren't anywhere near as affective so takes a lot to get a 442 or a low tempo tikka takka to work. Even a sit deep counter rarely gets results.
  5. Okay I'm having to join the 1 on 1 and clear cut chances group. I start a new save, and the game is becoming to frustrating to play. I'm going back to my FM19 save for now. Because I just can't play this at the moment.
  6. Agreed, until recently I was playing with a Pentium J and 4gb of ram with roughly 10 nations loaded and 75k player database. Ran smoothish got slower as game went on but I played into 20seasons plus with it on saves.
  7. Firstly I acknowledge their are some flaws with the ME. However reading through some people's comments it's like they want a game you can plug a perfect tactic in and win every game... Sounds very boring. FM 20 is definitely harder and I'm enjoying the challenge. Feel like there are a group of people who play this game who just want the satisfaction of plugging a ready made tactic in and winning the lot. Where is the fun in that?
  8. Ive had this save from the start of the release of the game. Can see from my career history I've had some success. And uploaded the tactic I have been playing, scoring a variety of goals. I've uploaded my strike history at Hacken and you see my first choice striker always scored goals for me. And last season with Molde my striker got 22 goals from 25 apps. In general I am happy with the game, runs a lot smoother and quicker than FM 19 and the ME yes needs some fine tuning but I'm happy with where it currently is.
  9. I've been playing FM since 00-01. Plenty experience. The ME has its issues but I'm having success. I'll up load my tactic. I've managed to get my strikers to score goals. I am experiencing lots of chances, some games I'll score a few some just one. So there probably is a chance Vs conversion issues. I've had games where 25 shots 2 goals and then the AI have 3, shots 3, goals. So there is a problem. But overall I'm happy. When I'm home I up load my tactic.
  10. I actually really like the ME but guess I'm alone in this.
  11. I think its harder than previous but I think that is a good thing. The AI actually know how to defend and will adapt to your tactics. I'm not one for getting a drop and play tactic form online because well whats the point?
  12. People just want a plug and play tactic that wins but surely that just gets boring? I have to agree with you. I've had success but I've had to adapt several times too because surprise surprise the AI now adapts and defends better. People don't have patience to work on it.
  13. Very very similar to the tactic I'm playing with my BK Hacken side 6 games left unbeaten and top of the league.
  14. I feel like gegen press is a cheat tactic being so powerful so I have created a possession based tactic I'll upload later. Im enjoying this ME as it's a challenge. Not due to flaws but because the opposition can actually defend! I found previous versions could be easy once you find that magic tactic go exploit ME flaws.
  15. To add to the positive posts, I am really enjoying the game too. I think the ME is very good. The features I bemoaned before the release as minor have really added to my game experience. I think you can see SI really trying to polish the game off as a whole. I really like the Club Vision and didn't think it would add much to my game experience but it has. Also the contract "squad status" feature has made it easier to manage players. Signing a young striker and him knowing he will only be used as a "Fringe player" has been good.
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