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  1. And what about the passing maps bug? You guys need how much time to fix something that you broke?
  2. I suggest the team width team instruction be splitted into two sliders, one representing the right side and the other the left, this will give us more control on how we handle our tactic. And i also suggest the "play out of defence" TI be transformed on a slider dividded by two parts, the first is the TI as we know and the second is a more "intense" version of the instruction, meaning that your CBs will never hoof the bal, they would try to play from the back regarding the opp press, risking to lose the ball
  3. If i could give the CB role the dribble more PI, it would be the perfect role for a possesion based system IMO. You can achieve this playing with the CB role with the Brings Ball Out of Defense trait.
  4. 98???? hahahaha, and i was thinking to download the game again. thank you pal. and i'm sorry
  5. you know, sometimes i think that some SI developers don't know some rules of the sport
  6. i've started a save with Real Sociedad Playing a 3-4-3 attacking with very high press and lines, i conceeded 3 goals in 4 matches, 0.75 per match In real life Bayern conceeded 18 in 12 games, 1.5 per game Or my defense is better than Bayern or i'm not beeing attacked by the AI
  7. i'm pretty dissapointed with myself that i've not refunded the game when i have the chance FM18 it's better than 21, maybe you can play it
  8. It's impressive that this problem don't occur in FM18 and happen ever single time in the last three games
  9. I dont even speak this language but i can see Real Madrid with 22 corners Sad
  10. @Neil BrockAs we are the manager, i think we should be able to tell to the winger to not drop deep, to stay forward to create a counter-attack Last year, at Libertadores 2019, Gremio x Palmeiras Palmeiras lined up in a 4-2-3-1 with the ball, but when we lost it, Willian drop deep to help defense but Dudu (the best player of the team) didn't, he stays near to Luiz Adriano and this creates us a lots of opportunities via counter-attacks in the 2nd half 7 work rate: Lionel Messi defending vs dynamo Kiev.mp4
  11. It's a game issue, theres not much we can do. Try SK-D with take more risks and distributes do CBs and FB's
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