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  1. Premier League's average corners per game (both teams) is around 9~10, so FM21 is really having problems with this England Premier League Corners Statistics - WinDrawWin.com
  2. The MLS it's set to minimun detail My savegame is upload as "Palmeiras.fm"
  3. I really don't know if this is the right forum to post I'm playing in brazilian league right now and look the amount of CCC's created by the teams in the league And now, look at the MLS numbers, for example: Should i upload my savegame? How do i do that?
  4. You know, i really thought that they improved the AI managers, i'm playing Palmeiras, and compare with my save on the beta... i'm liking it
  5. Steam says that the pre-order discount will over at 7pm of my country, which is 10pm in UK
  6. it makes them not drop deep, yes, but disrupts all my high pressing system
  7. it should be a manager's choice if the wingers (or which wingers) will help defense, sad from SI
  8. I wrote wrong, i was playing messi as a AMR and what i'd like to see, is him waiting side-to-side with my striker when defending, because even with this position i still see him tracking back the opponent left back, which is very unrealistic in my opinion
  9. After playing with some Barcelona in the beta i was wondering, why we don't have a option to make our wingers not drops deeps to help defense, to make at least one of them to stay high up the pitch for counter-attacks. I was playing the default gegenpress tactic with Messi (7 workrate) at the right wing as a Inverted Winger on attack but when we are defending, he drops deeps to help defense like a world class right back. The same happen to Dembele at the other side... In FIFA we have a option to choose whether our wingers will help defense or not, if i'm not mistaken, in some version
  10. You're saying that the best way to not conceed goals is to defend inside the opposition half?
  11. The easiness of the game happens mostly because of the lack of intelligence from AI managers Playing with big sides, you can play 90min with very high pressing, much high DL and LOE, attacking mentalities etc and you still are gonna conceed few goals, sometimes 0.5 per game in a full PL or Bundesliga season Such thing that even Bayern last season didn't do it I challenge someone to give me a print of a save where Bayern conceed that amount of goals: Man City last season scored 102 goals and conceed 35, were they playing with a exploit tactic? No, they were just playing
  12. this happens due to players getting into the backline, waiting for a opposition player to come to mark him and then kicking the ball directly to his legs hit early crosses dont work, they still do it
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