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  1. If i set attacking movement training three times before a match, does the "boost" of the training will be bigger? And if i do one att. movement and one teamwork, does the boost will be divided into those two sessions (50% att. and 50% teamwork)? or i will have a complete boost on both areas? english is not my first language. and this is a pretty difficult question to make
  2. @Experienced Defender having be more expressive TI on will make my CM-A make more forward runs?
  3. Is it possible to create a mix of these two roles? I mean, when the ball is in the right side of the pitch, the left back behave like a IWB, but as soon as the ball gets in the middle or in the left side he behaves like a regular WB.
  4. I've wrote about this in the general topic some weeks ago, it's harder to score goals in the FM19 and 20, whether by the AI or the player. FM20 is a game that happens few goals than it's previous versions, @blejdek can you post a screenshot of the amount of goals you scored and conceeded in the season? I can bet that even with you playing with a team full of offensively-minded players and using a high press your total amount of goals conceeded it's lower than the numbers of matches played. Look the amount of goals the teams of big six of PL conceeded this season so far, i bet everyone to post a full Premier League 19-20 season in FM that these teams conceeds more than 30 goals Post May have something to do with this english is not my first language
  5. a way to do similiar to Man City's build up is to don't use play out of defense and tell your GK to distribute to the DM
  6. Is it just me who thinks that the amount of goals conceed by big clubs is completely unrealistic? Here in this screenshot you can see that Dortmund has conceeded 35 goals in this season so far, 1.29 per game, with 80 scored, 2.75 per game And compare with a FM tactic that tries to reply Favre's style of play, in 17 games, BVB has scored 44 goals, 2.58 per game (less than IRL), but conceeded only 10! 0.58 per game, much less than the first in this statistic IRL, which is Bayern, with 0.96 per game Why is this happening? Is the lack of quality in the ME that produces few goals from minor teams? Or it's a AI "failure". that makes the AI managers to don't attack these big clubs, only parking the bus for 90 minutes?
  7. @Columnarius Nice topic, i'm also a big fan of Pep and his style of play, can you share the tactic for download please?
  8. I haven't played the game for three weeks (the last time it happened was in 2012), today i downloaded it to try play again Uninstalled after 5 matches In the last 4 FM's i have 1000+ hours, FM 20 is unplayable, unfornately
  9. Chelsea 7 x 2 Bristol City 6 goals from set pieces 6 Chelsea - Bristol City.pkm
  10. I'm playing with Lazio and my next game was against Inter at Giuseppe Meazza and Conte starts the match playing in the defensive mentality, is that right? After 1-0 he still playing defensively. But after the 2-0 he increases it, to cautious. But then he went back to defense! ! And finally, at the 90th minute, he tries to attack. PKM included, please take a look. Inter - Lazio.pkm
  11. I created a nice 3-4-1-2 with Lazio looking for overload the left and create chances on the right The 3-4-1-2 seems a nice tactic to create overloads, together with the 4-3-3 3-4-1-2 Zhart - CREATING SIDE OVERLOAD.fmf
  12. 93 minutes, San Siro, Milan 1 vs 1 Lazio, Immobile (19 Finishing, 17 Composure) goes one on one with the GK, what's gonna happen? He miss, of course And the game ends 1-1 with 2vs3 CCC's.
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