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  1. All the italian leagues plus top leagues of england, france, spain, germany, portugal, netherland, belgium, brazil and argentina. I see honestly no justification for this kind of behaviour of the AI regarding transfers.
  2. The AI regarding to transfers and squad building is just awful. I'm italian hence i usually do a save per game with the Italy national team, and watching AI teams is sooo bad. Squads of literally 50+ players in the Serie A rotting because no one is loaning anyone. I mean do the SI guys even checked a single transfer market in Italy? Ton of loans of young players so they can get some first team football, especially since the finances of clubs of Serie C and D are a disaster so those loans help both.
  3. I'm afraid he seriously thought that the media revamp and confettis are the "strong features"... Of course i hope they left something big for later, but honestly who can believe this.
  4. We are in 2020... people are used by now to have realistic expectations in terms of graphics depending on their own system. I have a GTX 980 and i'm not expecting to run Cyberpunk 2077 on ultra 4k graphic, i'd be estatic to run it at all on minimum settings... If anyone on a potato is disappointed they don't get the same performance as someone running FM on a 3080... it's honestly on them at this point. This argument isn't holding water anymore...
  5. I hope that at least they will present the game with a pre-game editor that isn't broken. Had to give up building a custom Champions League this year because the freaking editor won't allow me to make preliminaries without bugging and letting teams eliminated enter the next stage.
  6. Oh wow new stuff to say to the press (except i won't even use it) and now i can see confettis. Meanwhile i'm still waiting for a revamp for a broken transfer system (AI offer pennies for your top players, meanwhile ask you 150 millions for a 17 years old) and a full rework of international manager. And still not possible to play as a director of football or U21 manager. But hey, at least we have a nice screen at the end of the season now. Hugely disappointed.
  7. I hope the bug that plague the editor where if you make a competition with a preliminary turn the teams eliminated are still qualified gets fixed, because it made me livid on fm2020.
  8. Yes if my parents as usual gift me a copy for xmas (they know i love this game), otherwise i'll stick to 2020.
  9. I just tried this and i'm still affected by the bug. Beside it's ridicolous it wasn't fixed earlier.
  10. Maybe it's already been asked and answered, but for mentoring it's better a small group (ex. 4-5 players max) or even large groups (8-9 players) are as good?
  11. The same happens with international rules, i had the same problem while trying to create a custom champions league. Isn't there any way to fix the problem?
  12. I have an issue. I've tried to made a custom champions league, using only the winner of each nation. I have 54 clubs in the cup, thus the plan was to start the 12 worst league's teams in a preliminary round and then the 6 winners would've joined the other 42 teams on a 48 teams group stage (8 groups of 6 clubs each). Now the problem lies on the fact that once the game finish the preliminary round and draw the groups, instead of working how it always did until last year this time they use clubs that have been eliminated in the preliminary in the group stage instead of the six teams from th
  13. No i'm talking about qualities. Ex. tactical, attacking, working with youngsters, determination, etc... I can't find the search option for those any longer.
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