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  1. The video looks cool. Still disappointed that there was no stuff on international management.
  2. This file crash the game for me at january 2016.
  3. I just hope this isn't the final version, because it's so buggy it's not even funny.
  4. From the tests i've run with both my old save and a fresh new one with the new patch i can see nothing changed for this issue. When it's going to get fixed exactly?
  5. Was this issue being fixed with the patch?
  6. Was this issue -> fixed?
  7. I've uploaded the save to your ftp fm game saves, it's called DMaster2_Assman_doesn't_sub. I've already Holiday the game after saving and i won 3-0, but the assistant only subbed 3 players at 90°. If you check my matches history, except some friendlies i've managed personally the rest of the official games (all left to the assistant) have no subs or 90° subs. Which should not happen.
  8. I Holiday during the day of the match, setting the starting eleven, the subs then going Holiday until next day. I noticed that in all of the games i let the ass man handle he doesn't sub players or do so at 90°. Is this a bug?
  9. I tried to create a world League system (with 19 leagues composed of teams from all over the world, similar to one already released) and when i try to validate the rules it say the following: "The following competitions cannot have teams linking to them both using both next division and other division fields eeeeeeeeeeeeeee" What the heck is this eeeeeeeeeeeeee and how i do fix this error? Also when i try to create a new game (yeah without the rules validated) the game create the divisions and leagues ok, but then create 99 reserve groups and 127 u19 groups (in the editor i set the reserve and Youth leagues as "use main team divisions". Why is that happening?
  10. You already have the option to make the director of football make the signings. I prefer to decide myself who to buy, when and for how much, be it for first team or youths.
  11. Still i don't think it's worth the 40+ euros i have to pay. At least last year was worth it for me due to the fact that the co-ownership were shut down, the new italian's Lega Pro was at the start and because italian's transfers of free agents was bugged to death in fm 2014. So i don't think it's worth it for the new game. If it costed less then it would be another matter, but at full price for now it's a no.
  12. I don't see the point to purchase this year's version since i have fm2015. Disappointed with the new "features"
  13. The question is, with the new club option can you create your own club and manage it yourself (and never get fired since you are both the owner and the manager)? Or it's just another option that doesn't let you own a club so imho pretty much useless since you can already add clubs with the editor?