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  1. What a joke. What we are getting is basically improved match engine (shouldn't even count as a new feature in the first place, since it should be always improving every year anyway), a repackage of the analysis section, a new role and the "last transfer day drama"? What about actual juice like transfer system overhaul, international management overhaul, AI squad building and man managing overhaul, stadium editor, etc... ? Even better, how about fixing the editor? I've reported this bug 3 times in the last 3 consecutive years and it's still present in the current version. And no one even bothered answering. Is there any point reporting at all? Since we can't even get decent features at least bug fixing???
  2. I've tried building a custom world cup. In theory it should work like this: there is a competition called world preliminary where 224 nations face in a single knockout round. The 112 winners would go into the World Cup, the 112 losers would go into the World Trophy and from there the standard stuff (14 groups of 8 teams, the knockout stages). In practice the game doesn't generate the two cups and only the preliminary competition gets created. test.fmf
  3. So basically some of the headline features are a new role and a couple of extra stats? Well great...
  4. I hope so, because they would be worse than last year and it was already bad (fm21 for me was literally saved by the improved performance)
  5. If those are all the "big" features this is a fat joke. I've been waiting years for a transfer system rework, international management rework, etc... and the big features are a big fat nothing again like last year? I think i'll keep my pocket close for a while.
  6. Not him but yes, the whole media/press conferences is a huge waste of time (for both players and developers) and resources for something most people (myself included) just delegate to the assman.
  7. I've been extremely critical last summer when the headline features for fm21 were a big fat nothing, but since i'm an die hard fan of the game i ended up purchasing it again... And honestly the only good thing about this year is the optimization in terms of time saved when loading/saving and going through the season. Stop, that's pretty much it. I'll watch closely what the new features are this year and what got fixed and what didn't, before buying this time.
  8. Considering this year i think they could use an improvement on the staff of the "main" game as well... But i guess since there is no competition they aren't in a hurry to improve the game i guess.
  9. 1) When there aren't major issues with the ME, gamebreaking bugs, etc... that don't require 3 patches to sort them out? And let's not mention the lack of reworks needed for years now like graphics, transfer system, international management, etc... I'm not moving anything and i don't have any issue with them adding ladies football but this year's version has been a disaster (imho, before someone wants to argument on this) with basically nothing new substantially, a broken ME that took 3 patches to sort it out and a broken transfer system that isn't sorted out even after those, so i would be rather annoyed if the next game end up similar to this due to a focus shift. 2) But it's not a feature that will be delivered on the next version which is my top priority atm, while they are indeed spending time and resources for something that will come at 2023 at the earliest. Again if in the new features highlight i see quality stuff i'm more than happy, if i see something similar to last year not so much.
  10. Except i did? This part "yet i'd rather see those new staff and resources used for the "main" game...). " it's literally above the part you quoted. Yes, i'm aware they expanded the staff to take care of the woman's football, yet i'd preferred if that staff was used to deliver a quality game first and then when groundwork for the "main" game is ready they could focus on the female part. Let's be honest, this year the new features has been nonexistant basically and the transfer system was a mess. If we get another barebone "new feature" next year it would be quite disappointing.
  11. I was expecting it sooner or later, but honestly i'm not sure the game can afford it. We had a FM21 with basically no new feature of impact, with a broken transfer system and a prehistoric graphic (and features requested for years and still to be implemented, the need of a complete overhaul of the international management side of the game, etc... And let's not even talk about bugs. I've reported one basic editor bug like 2 freaking years ago, last year and this year and it's still yet to be fixed...) and i'd rather see SI focus on that well before sparing time and resources on the women's part (they may got staff exclusively for that part, yet i'd rather see those new staff and resources used for the "main" game...). I'm ok with it but first i'd like to proper improvement on all the areas of the man's part, which is what like 90% of the FM players will focus the most time on (let's be realistic...).
  12. Only if we have a proper replacement for that disgrace called Ciro Immobile. He's been awful for years in the national team and he's been a liability in every game except the first of this european tournament. We need a proper striker (or find a tactical alternative that don't need one) if we want to repeat ourselves. Now teams will start to take countermeasures and it will be even harder.
  13. Well deserved tbh. He's got the biggest share of the merit for our win.
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