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  1. This year is particularly bad, where you struggle to sell or even loan out anyone. Now people will come in with "it's realistic covid blah blah blah" except in my save i'm well past the first years and most clubs are rich or close to (none of the clubs in Italy where i'm managing are below okay finances, majority are either rich or secure) and it's still the same. But what annoy me to no end is how they lowball every single one of your players. I have a squad player worth 7 millions and they offer 2, he's not even transfer listed. You have a promising youngster and they offer you a few hu
  2. I see they still didn't fixed the bug in the pre-game editor where eliminated teams in a preliminary round gets to advance instead of inserting the correct teams. For f sake i've reported this bug in last year's version, how come they still haven't fixed it? What is the point of reporting bugs if they simply ignore them anyway?
  3. I've made a custom database where my team have a reserve team that play in a lower domestic league, but the match doesn't appear when i press continue and i get to see the calendar. There are two pictures, in the first the normal calendar when you click on it, showing the game, in the second the calendar when the game is progressing which doesn't.
  4. Yes, i was definitely working on the ingame editor when it happened. Resolution is full screen 1920 x 1080
  5. Uploaded the file "youth system challenge.fm", you should easily replicate it by trying to add a sport scientist in the board request Btw any info on this? Have been reported last year as well...
  6. This is on the basic editor. The advanced editor works correctly but i'm not good at it and i want to use the basic one...
  7. Currently not, the issue disappeard a week ago. But for a couple of days the nationality was missing. Wasn't even able to edit it with the in-game editor, it was just not there.
  8. Sorry to bother you, but how do you make a league record past winners and runner ups in the advanced editor? I've tried to check your gold league but didn't found anything.
  9. Thank you In theory year interval is when the competition is run, i've set 1 because the tooltip of the editor said that 1 was "every year" and that's what i wanted. Now i'm going to run some test files and see if it works right.
  10. Going to upload the database i'm working on, hoping someone can check it out and give me some hints. Custom World Cup 1.1.fmf
  11. I have a problem with this database i'm making. Basically it's a yearly world cup, where 198 nations join a preliminary round and 99 qualify for the group stages, along with 29 "seeded" nations for a total of 128 teams (divided into 16 groups of 8 nations each). Here's the problem, when i try to test i get an error that only 29 teams are picked up out of the 128 needed. So the game doesn't recognize the 99 that should qualify from previous round. Any idea why it doesn't recognize the 99 from the preliminary? I've setted the competition and ID of the previous round correctly i think
  12. I'm trying to do a yearly world cup, with all the 227 nations in. Basically my idea was a preliminary round of 198 nations (!!!), 99 qualified to which 29 gets added (should be the 29 with the best national ranking on paper, but ofc for the game it isn't even if you select "seeded by world ranking" since i get nations like France, Brazil, England, Italy and co. in the preliminary when i've tested) for a group stage of 16 groups with 8 nations each. 32 qualified (top 2), then normal elimination round until the final. And unfortunately i'm no good with the advanced editor, i've tried checki
  13. So i see we still have the same bug i've reported LAST YEAR. I create a custom cup with a preliminary round, and the teams that lose the preliminary instead of getting elimated are promoted to the next stage instead of the teams that should properly join in the following stage... When is this going to get fixed?
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