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  1. One thing i ask for b-teams/reserves and u-18/19, to finally be able to field the exact team and tactics i want even if i holiday it. Something that was bugged to death in fm2019 and i've reported multiple times.
  2. Will i finally stop seeing my 3rd GK complain he didn't played enough games? Hopefully. I just hope nothing goes wrong with this new "playing time" thing, i would hate to sign an average 16 years old for my U18 from a lower division side requesting first team play time in a couple of years.
  3. It is italian. Sub is the abbriviate of "subite", which means the number of goal the keeper conceded. Ago means "agosto" which is august. So yeah, oddly enough he conceded 253 goals somehow while not even being a starter in that game. Weird.
  4. Just checked out this regen i've signed from CSKA Sofia in the 2021 summer and loaned back at them. Only 1 game (and not even 90') and 253 goals??? https://imgur.com/0sPDvys
  5. I've started a save as Italy, and i was quite shocked to see the lack of a shortlist. Why isn't there? Now i have to manually fix every followed player news feed instead of doing it only once.
  6. I have a question, since i've tried something similar. How do you setup the database so the squad selection works as it is now? Because when i tried the game asked to select the squad for the whole competition (1 year long) and that obviously isn't going to work, but i haven't found any way to fix it either in the basic or advanced editor.
  7. As title said i've made this custom database, but for some reasons it freeze at game creation. Never had this kind of issue when i made a similar one on FM18. Can someone try it and help me pinpoint the exact issue? 19.3 European League 1.0.fmf
  8. The problem is that the game freeze during the creation, well before i can even attempt to save it.
  9. @Hugo Mendes Albino I've uploaded a copy of the custom database in question. If you could can you try starting a game with it and see what happens? 19.3 European League 1.0.fmf
  10. Tried and works both with normal database and with a custom database i made for 19.1 dabatase. So i'm assuming it's an issue specific to that database? And what could possibly cause it?
  11. https://imgur.com/P63XtIl When i check the taskmanager, it says that the game is "not responding". It always freeze at this exact moment (i've tried 3 times to load it up). As shown i'm trying to load a custom made database. What do i do?
  12. And we are back to the point of this topic, why reporting when they aren't going to fix them in this game? The thing that annoy me the most is that those bugs are not hidden nor hard to replicate. To catch the double manager bug you just, like, tested two managers for a couple of days and you'd get the game progress when it shouldn't. Same for U23, you literally just need to take control of it, setup and formation and go into 1 day vacation to spot it's bugged. I find mindboggling those kind of bugs were allowed so far (oh a thing, those things were on FM18 as well but i didn't reported them) and that they are still there after being reported.
  13. I paid 60€ for this game and i want it to be functional, not spend another 60€ next year to get it working as it should've been in the first place.
  14. I've reported a number of bugs* back in january, just to find out that none have been fixed for the 19.3 version. Seriously, what's the point? I wanted to take direct control of Juventus U23 but the game keeps changing the starting eleven when i go into vacation despite the checkbox for keeping tactics and formations are ticked. It really annoy me to no end. * https://community.sigames.com/topic/464888-while-controlling-2-managers-the-game-continue-when-you-try-to-switch-managers/ https://community.sigames.com/topic/463384-bug-controlling-juventus-u23-doesnt-keep-players-selected-when-going-on-vacation/
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