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  1. No i'm talking about qualities. Ex. tactical, attacking, working with youngsters, determination, etc... I can't find the search option for those any longer.
  2. Just as title say. Started a save with Italy and noticed that the scouting report for the players, which until last year i could assign to anyone i wish (namely someone with good JPA and JPP) now i'm stuck with whatever the game decide.
  3. Make sense. Thanks, i'll give it a try in this new fm and see if i can make it work.
  4. Question: how do you manage the international call-up of the players? I've tried to do a custom yearly world cup in fm 19 but had to give up due to the calls being made once per year instead of every time a fixture come up and those called wouldn't played in their club because they are considered still playing for their nation (altho they aren't).
  5. My issue is that new signings are due to being home grown in 3 years... but the (0-21) type instead of the (15-21). The first is completly useless in the UCL registration. The players i've purchased are all less than 18 (Domazet joined at 16 years and is now 17 and Voisine joined at 17). Both are gaining the (0-21) type instead of the (15-21). Btw this is a custom database if it makes any difference (and if it does, i would like to know what i should change in the editor to fix it...)
  6. Other than my loan guy taking over every time i load up a save (which should be under review now), i have a problem when offering players out on loan. I have the following as preferences saved into the responsability panel: - 100% wage if playing - 100% wage if not playing - status: first team (or better) - nation: any - league: any - structures: average (or better) And yet whenever i offer someone on loan my starting point is: 0% wage if playing, 100% if not playing, status not set (big deal), structure not set.
  7. Same, every time i load up the game it reset to being controlled by the loan manager. I wish i never signed it :/
  8. Man everyone's here on fire about match engine and graphics. Meanwhile this filthy casual is still waiting for improvements on transfer AI, international management and finally being able to properly control U20 and U18 teams (since now if you go on vacation the game doesn't keep your formation and tactics). Oh and another thing, a proper randomization when you choose to play with fake players, not just the real ones with other names.
  9. One thing i ask for b-teams/reserves and u-18/19, to finally be able to field the exact team and tactics i want even if i holiday it. Something that was bugged to death in fm2019 and i've reported multiple times.
  10. Will i finally stop seeing my 3rd GK complain he didn't played enough games? Hopefully. I just hope nothing goes wrong with this new "playing time" thing, i would hate to sign an average 16 years old for my U18 from a lower division side requesting first team play time in a couple of years.
  11. It is italian. Sub is the abbriviate of "subite", which means the number of goal the keeper conceded. Ago means "agosto" which is august. So yeah, oddly enough he conceded 253 goals somehow while not even being a starter in that game. Weird.
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