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    Have 1 child also a step son and a child on the way!

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    This time next year well be millionaires !


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  1. I use messi as trequista , hows he performing in the AP role mate ? I've won my 1st 11 and drawn 1 also. Lol
  2. Alright its weird but my results have NOT been bad in pre season every player has a role and certain instruction. It's not not my best tactic it was just an idea.
  3. Well just because everyone plays a certain way why dose that have to be right. Implementing your own style I thought was one of the whole points in playing football manager. I may use 3 at the back but ask the wing back to sit narrower I aslo use the definitive midfielder as a regista that stay back .. now in pre season I wouldn't say it the formation that I'd use ... but it works.. All I'm saying is everyone has differnt views and that why I asked.
  4. So when you create your own custom view everytime I change to a separate player it goes back to nothing or like its default it's so annoying ?
  5. This is the squad I inherited... I never signed son or jota I have busquests , godson fernandes, Maguire and timo Werner. Also. I've got new formation that's working almost perfect now. Thanks everyone...
  6. I was just trying something differnt, and fitting the players in I know where I'm exposed, I've just never really played with 3 at the back and I'm just trying to find a system that works with the above players ?
  7. I've just taken over as barcelona manager I'm struggling to find a formation that works dose any one have any advise for accommodating the likes of messi,griezmann, coutinho, de Jong and Eriksson haha ? Any ideas would be appreciated lads.
  8. Ok I've just loaded my save with two managers ? Only my second manger it wont allow me to relinquish control of him it says I have to enter a password yet I've never used a password is this a bug or what no one has access to it so no one can change anything and I've definitely never used a password !!!
  9. I had a son once a long time ago, and at the time I knew nothing of the feature, and thought it was pure coincidence haha
  10. Yes I've had a noticeable impact through changing mine. I'll show some pics later but usally involves talk CBs with good head on the far posts. Also I use whilst defending corners I keep 2 players up the pitch so there extra option wen wen win and go on the counter. Also whilst defending using certain players with either high marking ability after a certain opposition player & having them in the right place and marking tall opisition player can be useful aslo.
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