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  1. Most of the time we try to create tactics that help us win but to hell with all that here's three tactics that will probably get you sacked in the first month The Widemen Tactic The Reverse Christmas Tree Tactic The 2-2-2-2-2 Tactic I tried my best to make the Player roles as balanced as I can, but honestly, even if you have a GOAT player in every position, you probably still lose 5-0 every time. As you can see, I left the TIs for all 3 mostly blank, because I don't know what to put to make them work. So, does anyone have any suggestions to make any of the 3 tactics viable?
  2. I assume the reason why you started losing after those first 6/7 games is because the other teams realized that you focus build up on the left and thus have adapted to counter your approach. So I'd remove the the 'focus play down left instruction.' I'd also change your WM(S) to a WP(S) since you said that left sided players were creators. welp, there's basically two things you can do IMO 1) Since you are unable to score, try changing your team to an ultra defensive side and draw your way to survival 2) Reload an old save and try to redo it all again Sorry if I'm not much help, others probably can give you better advice.
  3. These are some suggestions, 1) Your right flank lacks width. Try changing the WM(A) to a W(S). I'd change the IWB from a (D) to a (S) so that the IWB would take up the space the MEZ vacates when he makes his forward runs. 2) Remove the 'Distribute to full-backs instruction. You seem to want to play a possession style of football so either add 'distribute to CBs' or leave it blank and hope your keeper can make the right decisions. 3) Change the width to either standard or narrow. In my opinion, having a wide or extremely wide width is more suited for more direct tactics, and less for possession tactics. 4) The team lacks creators, try changing either: the WM to a WP(S), the DM to a DLP(D) or the CM to a AP (S)
  4. Good suggestion, I'll apply it and see it turns out So basically: 1) overload one side to get the opposition to press and commit players there before switching the ball to RMD flank. 2) Increase the tempo and get rid of WBIB 3) have a more restrained midfield player role on the RMD side Thanks for the advice. Yeah, I'm probably not getting the most out of CR7 using the RMD role. If i wanted him to score 25+ goals. I'll play him as a poacher/AF in a counter attacking/Wingplay system to maximize his goal output 1) I know, that's why I was so surprised that the team was somehow first in least in goals conceded. 2) Could you elaborate on the defensive phase problems 3) Pjanic is okay defensively. Honestly, Matuidi would have been perfect for the DM position if not for his player traits (Gets further forward, gets into opposition area)
  5. I've had success with this tactic in an old juve save, being first in the league (Not sure how though; the defensive setup is so risky, I'm surprised that the team is tied for 1st in least goals conceded) I wanted to rebuild the team around a raumdeuter as the main goalscorer (as an experiment) , and so I came up with the following tactic With this setup, am I getting the best out of the raumdeuter?
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